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Lulu Guinness Cross Hatched Leather Eva

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Brand: Lulu Guinness

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    1 Review
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      28.12.2012 14:16
      Very helpful



      An amazing bag from a fabulous brand.

      I have owned three Lulu Guinness handbags over the years, this being my third. I have also had a purse from the brand and more recently a black lips shopper tote (all previously reviewed). I absolutely love the products created by this unique brand and am so very pleased with my most recent addition.

      It all started years and years ago when someone I did a temping job with happened to work at the London store. She offered to get me a Lulu bag for well over 60% off. In fact the bag I chose retailed at £250 and the girl I was friends with got it for me for £40 which is a crazy discount!

      I had never owned anything quite so nice or quite so expensive before and I was totally in love my with first Lulu bag. Since then I've had a Cherry coloured Pollyanna bag which I've now been using for just over a year. Though I love this bag I have been looking at the site regularly and had spotted the new Eva bags and fallen in love. These bags retail at around £450 which I could never justify spending on a handbag so I decided to wait for Christmas and the sales and see if the prices were knocked down at all.

      On Christmas Eve when I got home from work I decided to check and found that the cross hatched leather Eva was on sale for half price! I wasn't sure if I could justify buying this even for £225 but decided that I might be able to ebay my previous bag and hopefully bring back some of the costs. Half price was too good an offer to turn up so I purchased the bag.

      This bag is a classic 1940s style frame bag but unlike my previous bag it has a very thin frame. It is also much more square shaped than my previous purchase and this is something I really like about it. Otherwise the shape is pretty similar, it clips on top to close and then tapers outwards towards the bottom to afford you that much needed space.

      This bag has such a sense of vintage glamour about it, it is like something out of Madmen. I think a lot of the inspiration for this bag has come from these TV shows which hark back to the glamorous 30s/40s/50s and this is an era I've absolutely fallen in love with. What is even better about this bag is that it is designed with the modern woman in mind. It has a short strap which can be placed in the crook of your elbow, very stylish, or a detachable shoulder strap which is great for practical use. The bag also opens really really wide so you can fit just about every thing you could ever want in there.

      For me a big issue with my previous bag was being able to fit a book in it. I'm a continuous reader so I always have a book on the go so this is really an important point for me. Obviously I hadn't tested this bad out before buying but I watched some videos on QVC (who also sell some of the range) and felt that it would definitely be able to accommodate a book, even a hardback. I was completely right and everything that was in my previous bag fits in comfortably with space for a book or two.

      Inside the bag has the classic Lulu strip lining which is black and cream. These fabrics are really heavy wearing as I know from my previous two bags. I love how durable it is and also how stylish and fun, whenever I open the bag people always comment on how quirky and nice the lining is. Inside there is also an inside pocket which zips up, perfect for your phone and lip salve. the only slight issue for me is that in my past two bags there has been an inside pocket on the other side which is sort of phone sized, I always kept my mirror and headphones in this bit for easy reach. This one doesn't have a second pocket which initially bothered me but actually I think makes the bag seem a little cleaner inside.

      There are also fantastic finishes on this bag. The metal loops for the handle on top are in a beautiful shiny gold coloured metal. Inside the zip pully for the pocket is a little gold hand mirror with the LG engraved into the mirror part. The best bit though is that when the bag clips together on top the clasp is made from a 3D set of lips, synonymous with the range, which are made from the same gold metal and have the cross hatched black leather set into it.

      The fabric for the bag is really quite lovely. I did umm and ahh quite a lot about whether I wanted the patent leather, standard leather or this cross hatched leather when I first saw the bags. My instinct was to stick to the patent leather as this is what my previous two bags have been. However, the only one that went on sale was the cross hatched leather which actually has a slight patent effect to it. I actually think this would be my favourite anyway if I saw all three together because it really has the most amazing finish to it and gives it that added bit of style and elegance.

      This bag retails at £450 which is an extreme price to pay for a handbag. I got mine for £225 which is amazing considering how much it costs originally. My recommendation would certainly be to wait for the sales as the purse I got for my birthday has also ended up in the sale, with £40 off the price. I think there is something even more gratifying about owning a fabulous handbag when you've managed to get it for a bargain price.

      Overall, this is a fantastic vintage style handbag but you really have to love the price too.


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