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marc B Brooklyn Camel Ostrich Tote

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Brand: marc B / Type: Tote

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2012 11:03
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      despite my capacity issues for what it is it is totally worth 5 stars!

      I like many other ladies can never have enough bags. Whenever I am going out, all my bags are either old, or don't match, too big or too small! I can never seem to find a bag perfect for the occasion, you know what I mean? So I threw out about 4 handbags, shoulder bags etc that were no good and I bid myself I would start a new collection of bags.

      Marc b is a brand which started in Asia creating a range of affordable but mid-range deluxe bags. All bags are complete with the branding's recognisable trademark gold heart, so you know when you are buying an imitation piece! I have always been a fan of Marc B as they look quite stylish, high quality and elegant at a fraction of the price of luxury handbags so I browsed their website and saw this Tote bag which I thought was gorgeous. I chose this camel colour as I recently bought a pair of boots close to this shade which I love and have been wearing daily and I thought it was a good match and meant I would get daily use out of this bag too!

      The exterior of the bag is really elegant, of course it is not made from leather but it looks amazing quality and I have had this bag about a month and it has got some decent usage and it has not faded or worn, or any of the edges frayed in the slightest, whereas with some River Island bags I have owned this would have shown some wear and tear by now! The design is a apparently ostrich thread which is across the lid of the bag, down in a strip design over the clasp and also the trim along the bottom of the bag on the front and back. This ostrich design material also is on a long strap which goes around the side of the bag, with a belt type clasp. I thought these strap would undo and I could elongate the length of it so as to make the dimension of the bag a bit bigger but alas I discovered that without piercing a hole in the belt this wasn't going to happen and it is there more for design as to practicality!

      As can be seen in the picture it is a typical Tote shaped bag which has 2 handles which fit snugly so the bag can be carried in the crook of your arm. It cannot fit comfortably up my arm to carry on my shoulder, but I don't mind this too much as the bag looks nice enough carried on my arm or held in my hand and would look squashed under my armpit! Inside the bag is a long strap with 2 clips at either end where it can be carried over the shoulder but to be honest I don't think this looks attractive and is not the usage the bag is designed for as it looks rather odd this way, especially with the 2 handles sticking up.

      Inside the bag is the usual trademark leopard print lining (I do love a bit of leopard print anyway!) which looks exotic and adds some more quality to the bag as it isn't thin and flimsy like in some other bags I have. There is a stitched Marc B label on the side of the back of the bag, with a zip pocket. The zip pocket is really deep and I tend to put my toiletries in it such as a tube of lipgloss, some sanitary products, a pack of tissue, chewing gum and mascara etc and my phone (which isn't small considering it is the Samsung Galaxy S III) and it doesn't feel full or a challenge to zip it closed. On the opposite side inside the bag there are 2 open pockets which are generally smaller in size. One is bigger than the other, and in the bigger pocket I put my oystercard, and headphones and in the other side I can only fit my keys to work (which literally is a ring with about 3 keys in it!) or a small brown envelope with money in (don't ask!).

      As much as I love this bag, when it came it was smaller than I hoped with dimensions of H 27cm x W 32cm. It is a bit of a struggle to get into as the bag is bigger at the base and considerably smaller at the top where it counts! At a max I can currently fit in the bag my hardback book which I am reading, my purse (which isn't small!) and my usual extras like house keys, spray, hand cream, vaseline, a small box of pain relief (currently paracetemol and codeine as I haven't been feeling too well!) and a small pack of Belvita breakfast biscuits lol. Now this may sound a lot but I am used to bags which can fit all this in plus my lunch to take to work which would normally be a rectangular food container and a small travel umbrella. So basically this bag is more apt as a fashion statement and to look nice more than for someone like me who wants to carry everything but the kitchen sink in it!

      Closing the bag is easy, and has a zip closing as well as the flap at the top with a clasp to secure it closed. I like this as I am not too fond of open bags which just seem to be easy access for pick pockets on a rather packed tube or bus to work!

      The bag costs £49 and I initially was trying to buy it online from marcbbags.com but their website seemed to be down and being impatient (I had tried numerous times that day) I ended up purchasing it from topshop.com and paid £3.95 for delivery (it was £2.95 delivery on the Marc B website!) so in total about £53. I think the bag is really good value for money, and I have worn it numerous times to work, out to dinner and out for drinks and it is really versatile and looks totally glamorous and I get my friends telling me they love my bag which makes me well happy!

      As well as the camel colour it comes in Black, Tan, and White. I would definitely recommend this bag and think it would suit any woman with a handbag fetish like me as a lovely addition to their collection! It is good value for money and looks more expensive than it actually is!


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