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Matthew Williamson Orange Leather Cross Body Bag

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Brand: Matthew Williamson / Type: Cross body bag

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2012 20:35
      Very helpful



      A bright orange cross the body bag from Matthew Williamson

      It's a bit unlike me to write about a handbag here on Dooyoo, but I came across this subject matter quite by accident and then I started to have a search and herethat I found my current favourite handbag was listed and well if ever there is a need to write about it here we go.

      I love handbags, just as the Mister, infact no don't ask the mister because he might then begin counting how many handbags I have got and then I will get into trouble, sadly you wont see or read about any Hermes handbags or Chloe Paddington's but I do have a few Radley's and a Louis Vuiton. I have handbags of all shapes and sizes and naturally a handbag for most occasion whether it is a clutch bag, over the shoulder bag, a cross the body bag, a tote bag, an evening bag and so the list goes on. I have handbags in all different colours and some more designer than others and by that I mean I found one I liked in Primark, bought it and then grew bored with it and bought something else. In my whole collection of handbags I probably have 4 favourite ones which I tend to use more often than anything else I own in my collection - my Fossil across the body bag which is like a satchel and really handy when I have a lot to carry. My Osprey shoulder bag which I use quite a lot as it is so handy, my Louis Vuiton small little handbag which I rarely use but love and my Matthew Williamson, bright orange, cross the body bag which I simple bought on a whim because I had some Debenhams vouchers to use up, it called my name as I walked passed it and the colour is simply brilliant.

      Matthew Williamson is someone I became aware of through shopping at Debenhams, it is my very favourite department store and it never lets me down, if I need something, Debenhams will always be there to help me out. Matthew Williamson is one of the 'designers at Debenhams' and he was born in Manchester and his collection was founded back in 1997 and he joined Debenhams in 2002 and his 'Butterfly' collection features women's and children's clothing along with jewellery and of course shoes and handbags.

      Anyway this orange leather cross the body bag is 100% leather and on the front of the bag is the 'Butterfly' branding on a gold coloured badge, which looks like a luggage tag, is clear for all to see who the designer of your bag is. As I have said the bag is bright orange and the inside lining which is polyester is really bright bold colours in an almost peacock design and then hidden inside is a pocket with a zip which again features the bright orange colour of the outside and again there is a little leather strip with the word 'Butterfly' printed into it. On the side of the handbag is a gold hook which is attached to the handbags strap and dangling off the hook are tassels which host the letters M and W to signify Matthew Williamson and the letters themselves are a gold and black colour and are actually really nice and stylish. The downside however to these letters is that they clatter against one another as you walk which some people might find annoying.

      The exterior of the bag at the front is what they refer too as being textured. The best way that I can describe it is that the centre is shaped like a 50p piece and you may need to look closely at the bag to see where I am coming from. Around each edge of this imaginary 50p are what is called scalloped and perforated trims, something you and I might call frills, but admittedly scalloped and perforated does sound much better, and they run along the bottom of the 50p and along the top parts it is less frilly or scalloped and the backside to the bag is pretty plain, but then no-one really sees that anyway. Also given it is made of 100% leather this bag is really easy to keep clean by simply using a damp cloth with a little amount of washing up liquid on it and then a cloth to dry the water off it keeping it looking as good as new all the time.

      The bag is opened and closed using a zip which is the same gold colour as the buckle on the strap and as the zip featured inside the bag on the inside pocket. The strap to the bag is adjustable and it is designed to carry comfortably, so once you have the bag at the right carrying point it is really nice and easy to carry. Inside the bag it is much more spacious than the pictures give it credit for. On any one day I can be carrying numerous items, though I did tend to switch and chop and change what I carry depending on my bag size. But I can comfortably carry my Iphone, travel brush, Ipad in its case in this bag along with my glasses case, purse and two sets of keys, plus my lip balm, travel wipes and my oyster card and even with all of that it isn't bulky looking like I have too much jammed in there.

      As well as being an over the body, you can also carry it off one of your shoulders if you find that more comfortable and either way or carrying is really comfortable and nice.

      This is one of my favourite bags, I have only had it for about 5-6 weeks now and I bought it from Debenhams using the last vouchers I had left over so instead of paying £65 for it, which I still think is a brilliant bargain and definitely worth the money, I actually paid £25 making it even better value for money as far as I am concerned and I have no doubt that this bag will remain one of my favourite bags.


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