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Next Washed PU Bag

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2 Reviews

Brand: Next / Type: Shoulder

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    2 Reviews
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      13.08.2012 10:39
      Very helpful



      Great bag for a busy mum by NEXT

      I love handbag that are big enough to fit the kitchen sink into. Having a 3 year old child means you have to bring along spare clothes, wipes and a juice cup whenever we go anywhere so the bigger the bag, the better! I also see it as a workout. Carrying a big bag full of stuff for "just incase" can be heavy and does feel like a free gym session.

      The handbag by NEXT:
      This bag is the perfect size for my needs. I usually hold it in the crease of my elbow as I always fill my bags up with anything and everything so having it on my shoulder can be awkward due to it being bulky.
      I've had this bag on my shoulder when it just had the necessities inside and it was very comfortable.

      The PU bag comes in tan or navy. When I was searching for a bag in the shop, It was the navy one which caught my attention first. I liked the size and the very soft faux leather. The other thing was the price. £23 for a bag in Next is considered a bargain. My friend works there are got me 20% off the bag so I paid much less than £23 afterwards which was even better.

      When I was just about to pay, I noticed a woman holding the same bag to pay in Tan. I was so excited as most of my ankle boots and belts are tan and it would be a much better idea to buy that colour since I don't wear much navy anyway. I scoured the shelves and finally found the tan bags which weren't in the bag area but hanging up by the clothes instead. It was so much better than the navy option in my opinion. The tan bag looked so much more "expensive" than the navy did and the softness of the colour made it look much more appealing.

      Inside the bag:
      Inside this bag there are several compartments to keep things in. It has small side pockets in the lining to be able to store things that are small and would just get lost in your bag otherwise. I usually store my lipstick, trolley tokens and any receipts or vouchers I want keeping safe inside.

      The bag has 3 large compartments to make it easier to separate your things inside. I don't really commit to this any more like I did when I first got it. I just throw things in and spend 5 minutes trying to find it again. The lining is very well sewn. As a seamstress I always look at the sewing quality before I buy something because I don't want it to fall apart after a few uses. It has a lovely next tag sewn into the bag also which just makes you feel satisfied that you have a better quality bag rather than something from the market. Previous bags have always broken on the zip part of the bag which has been such a pain and can't be fixed. The zip on this bag seems very hard wearing and will last me a while!

      I've had this bag for over a month now and I haven't seen any signs of wearing on the lining or on the handles or zip. I have been using this for everyday use since I bought it and it's had it's fair share of bashings and getting wet in the rain yet the faux leather fabric it's made from doesn't absorb the rain or ruin the fabric in any way.

      The main reason for me purchasing the bag was for keeping my daughters things in when we go out for the day. I have to have a bigger bag and this one was perfect. The design was beautiful and the size was just right. It's big enough for me to even store a towel and swimming costume for her when we go to a friends to go swimming. I find it much more handy to be able to put everything into one bag than to have handfuls of bags which make finding things that much more awkward.

      My Thoughts:
      I really love this bag. I have had lots of next bags in the past, and this definitely has to be my favourite.
      The handles are sturdy and comfortable for where I hold it on my arm, and it's not showing any signs of wear. The bag is perfect for everyday use and the size is great for anyone who has a lot of items they need taking around the place.

      I really enjoy using this bag and even though I can never find anything in it, it feels safe and secure with the zip and I know no-one is going to pit-pocket me in the near future.

      It's also really great for shopping in the supermarket. I can take shopping bags with me and put them into my bag instead of forgetting them in the boot of the car which I quite regularly do. Next time I'm in the store I will definitely be checking to see if the navy one is in stock and buying myself an early Christmas present.

      I would say this bag has quite a bohemian feel to it and with my own dress sense, I think it works brilliantly with whatever I wear. I always buy bags which will work with other colours too and this tan does the job.

      I am giving this bag 5 stars for being a girls best friend and a carry around wardrobe for my daughter.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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        13.08.2012 09:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a fab bag

        ==Next Washed PU Hand Bag==

        Handbags are something you can buy even if you are having a "fat" day or a "bad hair" day which probably goes a long way to explaining why I have so many handbags in my bedroom. This Next handbag was in actual fact a much needed purchase due to the fact that my last tan coloured bags handle broke and it was used so much as it coordinated with a whole heap of my outfits.

        This Washed PU Hand Bag can be bought in either a navy colour of a tan both of which are the same price of £23 from either online at Next or in store. £23 is not a bag price considering I know that Next hand bags usually do have a pretty good life expectancy as the tan bag I had before which was from Next was worn so much yet was lasting so well (until I broke the hand on a door handle).

        The bag itself is a really nice soft type of leather material, which is actually 100% polyurethane but feels very amazing and since I had it it has been easy to keep clean and looking just as good as new. What I like most about the bag is that fact that it is a really good size and inside the bag there are three large compartments which make it easy to store all the hoards of stuff that I seem to accumulate when wearing a hand bag yet I still know where things are when using this bag. The whole of the bag is sealed with a large and rather sturdy zip and there is a smaller pocket inside the bag for items such as car keys or my phone so that these don't get lost at the bottom of the bag.

        The handles on the bag are strong and sturdy and can be worn over the shoulder, which is how I prefer to hold the bag, or as they are not too long the bag can either be worn over the elbow as well without looking too long or too silly.

        The lining inside the bag gives it a nicer feel than a lot of other cheap bags which tend not to be lined so nicely. The lining is made up of 100% polyester but this seems not to attract to much bag dirt and is very strong and durable.

        There are a couple of open type of pockets on each end of the bag and this is perfect for popping a pack of mints or something similar inside. I wouldn't actually put anything of value in thee pockets as they are not in the least bit secure and it would be easy for something to fall out of even be pinched.

        All in all as far as relatively cheap bags go, this one is an absolute gem of a purchase. You really get a good bag for your money and I can't find a single fault with it. There is plenty of space in the bag and you can keep your bits relatively organised. The bag is secure in the fact that the sturdy zip does the job well and the handles are both strong and of a good size. The colour tan which I have is a good one and matches well with other items such as shoes and boots that I have.

        I think that nothing less than a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a very high recommendation is deserving of this bag. It is still available from Next so if you are in the market for either a tan or navy bag which has everything you could want I would strongly suggest this fabulous one!

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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