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Pavers Butterfly Bag Jon1301

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Brnad: Pavers / Type: Handbag

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2012 18:19
      Very helpful



      I love it! Suitable for everyday and holiday use and adds a bit of sparkle!

      I love butterflies and have a variety of clothes and accessories with them on. For Christmas, my parents bought me this lovely handbag, which lots of people have commented on how nice it is. My mam is a fan of pavers and often gets shows from there. I've had a couple of pairs of shoes from Pavers and always find them to be good quality and last well.

      I like to have a handbag that I can just use everyday until it wears out to ensure that I always have everything I need in it (if I keep changing bags you can guarantee that I will forget to transfer something I need!) - and this one does the job perfectly. I also need a bag with a long enough handle that I can quickly throw it onto my shoulder, without then being too long, so that the bag sits comfortably under my arm. Again, this does the jobs just right!

      Mine is grey in colour with 4 butterflies on the front (purple, black, silver and pink). There is also a cut out patterned design around the butterflies and as they aren't completely attached, it looks like the butterflies have just landed on my handbag (which looks pretty).

      I need a handbag which can fit a lot in without being too big, as I do need to be able to carry it, and this one is an ideal size for me.

      The bag has three large compartments inside (the middle of which is zipped). There are also 2 small zipped compartments (one on the inside, and one on the back on the outside). Inside there is also a place to put your phone and perhaps keys, but these 2 'pockets' are not zipped.

      The lining feels strong and so far has been very durable. When I buy a cheap handbag, sometimes they only last a few weeks before they fall apart, due to the amount of stuff I carry round in it - but so far this is exactly as it was when I started using it 2 months ago. I've used it everyday and sometimes carry a bottle of water and lunch in it too.

      I do carry a lot of things around in my bag, particularly when I'm at work or doing my voluntary work with a speech and language therapy team. Due to this it is often heavy when I'm carrying it around, but so far it's as good as new!

      The outside of the bag feels a bit like leather and is soft. The grey colour is nice, as it goes with lots of different outfits, and the butterflies add a little extra colour.

      The compartments allow me to organise the contents of my bag so I can (usually) find whatever it is I am looking for quite quickly. (I sometimes find that things easily get lost inside large bags, but due to the compartment down the middle of the bag, it is much easier to find things in one of the 3 main parts.)

      Sometimes I do overfill it slightly and have difficulty fastening the zip, however, this doesn't happen often, as I know how much is a suitable amount to carry in it.

      When I first got it the outer zip wasn't great (didn't always fasten) and we thought we were going to have to take it back. My dad said he thought it just needed to be 'worn in' and he was right; the only time I have a problem with the zip now is when I overfill it.

      I've accidentally not put the lid on my bottle of water a couple of times before putting it in my bag, and whilst everything in the bag gets wet, the outside stays dry (and so my clothes haven't then got wet). I think this is good as with other handbags I have ended up getting my clothes wet too when this happens. (However, it does mean I don't notice until I go into my bag again).

      I think bag is ideal for everyday use or holidays, as well as meals out or day trips. It is perfect for what I need and lots of people have complimented me on my 'pretty bag'.

      The RRP for this bag is £49.99 and it is currently available in the sale on Pavers official website www.shoe-shop.com for £17.99 - which I think is a bargain! They only have it in black, but it looks just as nice as the one I have. I am tempted to order one in black for when this one does wear out, or just in case I decide I fancy a change!

      Height - 28cm
      Width - 42 cm
      Depth - 15cm
      Handle length - 52cm


      * Good size - lots of compartments to easily keep things
      * Handles are a good length
      * Butterflies add lovely detail
      * Good quality
      * Fits lots of things in
      * Good value for money
      * Style suitable for a range of uses


      * Zip can be occasionally temperamental
      * Easy to put lots of things in leading to a heavy bag

      If you haven't already guessed.. I love this bag and would definitely recommend it! Thanks for reading!


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