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Tula Erin Medium Shoulder Handbag

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tula / Style: Shoulder Bag

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    2 Reviews
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      28.01.2011 18:02
      Very helpful



      worth every penny

      I never used to carry a handbag when I was younger but then we never had mobile phones and my money was always kept in the pocket of my jeans when I went out. Nowadays I seem to have aquired lots of asessories and gadgets that follow me around and must be taken with me when ever I go out.
      For these things I need a handbag and bought Tula Erin shoulder bag about three years ago with some birthday money my husband had given me and my daughter talked me into buying a handbag.

      I bought the handbag from TK max and it cost me £55 which I thought was a lot of money for a shoulder bag when I had never been in the habit of taking one out with me before, but I soon found that it came in use for trips out and carrying all the essential things a woman needs with her everyday or for out on a journey.

      This handbag is a shoulder bag which slips over the right or left shoulder whee your carrying it, I find that it is the right length of strap as I have tried to use my daughters shoulder bags which she has got fed up of, for some reason she has lots of them and constantly wants to palm them off on me, but I find that as I'm small in height some shoulder bags sit to low down or they slip off my shoulder when I'm carrying them.
      This Tula shoulder bag sits just right, it feels comfy to carry and I'm used to slinging it over my shoulder and walking around with it.

      The shoulder bag is made of soft leather and over the years I have tried to keep it in good condition by using leather conditioners and cleaners on it, bees wax is good and lightly shining it with leather cleaner or drying it when I've been out in the rain and then coming home has helped to keep it in good condition.
      You can buy these leather cleaning and conditioners from the shoe shops or handbag shops in town. I have even used shoe polish on it when I have run out of leather conditioner but it did shine the bag up but the smell of the shoe polish lingered for ages and it darkened the leather for quite a while after so I wouldn't recommend this but the shoulder bag is still in good use.

      If you do get the bag wet you can always dry it and pack it with newspaper to hold it's shape but don't put it near heat or on a radiator as this may crack the leather and damage the bag.
      I find that if you dry it straight away with a cloth the condition of the leather stays good.

      The bag has plenty of room for my everyday items and more. It has a lining inside that has a zip compartment for storing your purse or mobile but not enought room for both at once.
      The colours of the bags can be bought in green, black and red but I got the black one as it goes with everything you wear. The size of the bag is 37w x 30½h x 8d and the top zips up nice and secure.
      The stitching on the bag is heavy duty, mine is three years old and has been hammered, dropped flung and swung around and the stitching is fine.
      This is a stylish fashionable handbag that any woman would be proud to own and it's long lasting so is worth every penny of it's price.

      You can buy the Tula shoulder bag from online at £75 which is an average price from different sites but you may find them cheaper in TK Max at bootsales or outdoor markets. I love the handbag as it comes out with me everywhere I go, over the years it has had many more things added to the contents of it from mobile, kindle, pens, notes pad, diary to make-up bag, wet wipes and purse this holds all my essentials that I need to go to work with and on a long journey with.

      I wouldn't be without it and am happy to recommend the bag to you.


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      01.10.2009 09:02
      Very helpful



      A bag that will be a friend for years to come.

      A good handbag is worth it's weight in gold, if funds will allow then it is far better to invest in a decent leather handbag that is going to last for some time. I always seem to choose the classic styles that never date and in fact I have managed to pick up some very good bargains in the charity shops.
      I have a couple of Radley handbags that I have been given as gifts but my favourite bag is a black leather Tula handbag that I found by stroke of luck in Help the Aged.

      We were browsing in Help the aged in Belper when I spotted this good looking leather handbag, I went over to take a closer look and I realised that it was a bag that had the Tula label.
      I examined it, as you do, and promptly put it back on the shelf because the asking price was ten pounds.
      We walked out of the shop and down the street and something inside of me said `Don't be so silly, even at ten pounds that bag has to be the bargain of the century!`.
      So I handed over my ten pounds and became the owner of a lovely soft black leather Tula shoulder bag.

      This Tula handbag is what you would call a good everyday handbag, it is 27cms wide, 21cms high and 8 cms deep. The black leather is soft and supple and the bag is large enough to carry all of my everyday needs.
      The lining inside of the handbag is plain black and there is a small pocket in the cloth for you to safely store your mobile phone. On the front of the Tula handbag there are a couple of slip pockets , then the trim is made of twisted leather.

      The handbag has a classic shape that will never really date, many of the bags now have a scoop top but I prefer a straight top, I find that they are easier to carry.
      The shoulder strap isn't very thick but it is comfortable and it sits well.

      I looked on the John Lewis website and found that my Tula `bargain` had saved me £70, the RRP for a new Tula medium shoulder bag is £80.

      I know that my bag is second hand but only I and a few thousand Dooyooer's know that and I intend to make it last for as many years as I can. So the soft leather needs to be well looked after, I have waterproofed the leather by using a Scotchguard water repellent spray which you can buy from the supermarket or the local shoe repairer.
      They always say that when your leather handbag is not being used that you should `stuff` it with paper to make sure that it keeps in shape but I never seem to get around to that ! But it is better to stand the bag up when you are not using it, if you just sling it in the cupboard then the leather is likely to crease and those creases are very hard to get out.
      Every couple of months clean the bag using a good quality leather cleaner and above all a soft cloth so that the fabric doesn't scratch the leather, Kiwi do a very good quality leather polish for about £4.

      This may seem a lot of work to put into a second-hand Tula handbag but that work will pay dividends, over time the leather will weather and it will develop a patina as the grease from the air and your skin is transferred onto the surface of the soft leather and this patina is what gives handbags that `lived in ` look that is so desirable nowadays.

      I am thrilled with my Tula handbag and I am sure it will be with me for years to come.


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    • Product Details

      It comes with 2 slip pockets on the front, a twisted leather trim and an interior phone pocket.

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