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Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G 16 GB

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  • Reliability
  • A tad heavy
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    2 Reviews
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      02.08.2014 18:13
      Very helpful


      • "Simple to use"
      • "Aesthetically pleasing"


      • "A tad heavy"

      Fantastic tablet with unique qualities

      Ipad 2 has to be be one of the best products Apple has brought out yet, and that is after trying out a range of their other products too!

      I had been looking at buying a new tablet for a good while, as I only had a laptop and thought it would be a refreshing to change to have a new gadget. I started off, as I usually do, looking at different people's reviews on a whole range of tablets, from Samsung to Kindle, but nothing really looked the part. I came across the Ipad range on my search, and was a little put off about the idea, simply because it just looked like a bigger version of my phone.

      After doing a little research into the Ipad, I decided to go for it, although i originally thought it was going to be exactly the same as my phone, the 9.7" screen took my fancy! I had to do a great deal of shopping around to find a good deal, it seems the difference in price from site to site is huge! It makes no sense to me how sites can charge such a vast amount more for the same product!!

      The Ipad is available in black and white, but I opted for the white with mine, simply because it is the same color as my phone! The white looks great but it does have its floors. The white shows dirt and god-forbid scratches much easier than the black, so take that into consideration!
      Eventually, I found a reasonable price, which was £320 including delivery, which i thought was quite good really. The item came within three days, which I was happy with.

      ~~Setting up the Ipad~~

      I thought the set up of the Ipad was straight forward. The device comes with an instruction manual anyway, but the whole process was very easy to follow. The main step to setting up is registering the product with Apple. To be able to download from the app store, you will need to set up an account, which again is very straight forward, just follow the on screen steps, register your account and off you go. The whole process, providing it runs smoothly, should only take around fifteen minutes, unless of course you already have an Apple account which makes this step even easier! An optional set up point is to install a screen protector, not essential but I would recommend it, just for safety. The last thing you want is to scratch your screen and it not to work properly!!

      ~~Using the Ipad~~

      General use of the Ipad is very easy. As with most apple products the device is touch screen, so you can simply navigate using just your fingers. I think that the device is quite heavy, which isn't really a bad point in my opinion. My main advantage of the Ipad 2 is the speed of the device. I find this is a very fast machine which can be used for a whole manner of things. I personally use this to browse the web and play games, but I have known people who use them for work, by making presentations on the Ipad itself, which I think is very clever! using the Ipad is very easy and can be used by anyone!

      The screen clear and precise, it is a good size for a tablet, especially if you plan on reading on it a lot.

      ~~Features and specs~~

      The Ipad 2 has a number of features, my favorite being the multi-touch, which makes gaming so much better. The device uses a Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9, which gives it its amazing speed, and the tablet runs on the Safari browser. It benefits from a whole range of features, to name just a few:

      ICloud cloud service
      Twitter and Facebook integration
      Audio/video player/editor
      Photo viewer/editor
      Voice memo
      Document viewer
      Predictive text input


      Overall, the Ipad 2 is a brilliant product. Although it is quite expensive, I do believe it is well worth the money paid for it, I will get a lot of use out of it!
      My only down fall really is that I cannot use my printer with it! I like to print of coupons online,( I love to save money with coupons)! Unfortunalty, there is no way of plugging my printer into the Ipad, but to be fair, I don't think there are any tablets with a USB port yet. perhaps its something to look at in the future for these companies.

      If your looking for a great tablet that is easy to use, this one is definitely a winner in my book!


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      29.11.2011 22:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      The best gadget purchase I have ever made. Easy to use, portable and so much more!

      The iPad 2 is a 9.7" touch screen tablet computer designed and developed by Apple. It is in my opinion the best tablet computer on the market. To find out why I believe this is case please read my review below:

      I ummed and arred for weeks before purchasing the iPad 2. You see, I already own the iPhone and the iPod was it really necessary for me to have the iPad too?
      I gave in to temptation and embarked on a quest to find the cheapest option... Websites up and down the globe were visited until I found what I considered to be a good deal. In fact after wasting all that time searching I decided to purchase my iPad 2 from the Apple store website. Not only did £499 seem reasonable but the store itself was easy to navigate and was broken down into step by step sections making it much easier to understand and select the appropriate choices. For example you ticked the colour choice for your Ipad2 (black or white), you ticked the memory option and at each stage of selection you could view your basket to see if this had an impact on the price.
      Several days after ordering the iPad 2 it arrived and I couldn't wait to get it set-up and ready to use. As you know with most things these days there are a number of steps you have to take before you can start playing with your new toy!

      When I switched the iPad 2 on for the first time I was initially asked to select my language and country choice (these were very long lists and if you are not use to using touch screen devices make sure you take your time as setting up your iPad in a language you don't speak a word of; could have interesting consequences!

      The next step asks to enable location services this allows maps and other applications to gather and use data to indicate your approximate location.
      My iPad has a wifi facility meaning I can connect to the internet through a wireless network. I am yet to try connecting to the internet using a Micro Sim Card but I was given the option at time of purchase to order a sim which I may use at a later date. This will ultimately depend on cost.
      After you go through these initial steps it's time to activate the iPad - I like that sound of that!

      ::: My first impressions of the iPad 2:::
      I was quite surprised how big and heavy the iPad 2 actually was. I never read up on speciation's beforehand (silly me) but after using it a few times I'm quite pleased with the size (not so sure about the weight though).

      For sensible people like yourself:
      Item Height : 9 millimetres
      Item Width: 24.1 centimetres
      Screen Size: 24.638 centimetres

      The screen is lovely and clear. It has an automatic rotation system whereby if you turn the default portrait screen to landscape the display will automatically display information in landscape mode. At times on the iPod and iPhone this became quite frustrating as it wasn't always my preferred display settings. So when I purchased the iPad I researched on google to see if there was a way to stop the rotation. I was very pleased to find you could lock the rotation to your preferred setting by going into the 'general settings' and using the mute volume switch as a 'locked' screen switch instead...

      ::: Keyboard :::
      I was quite amazed how large the keyboard characters come up. Interesting there are some small marks (like you have on your computer keyboard) to identify where the home keys are for touch typist. This for me just didn't work as they were visible marks not tactile. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one day these keys were tactile? I do believe this will happen one day as the technology already out there on specialist devices for braille users.
      With the already said rotating screen the qwerty keyboard rotates with it and is so much easier to use in landscape than portrait as you have more space for your fingers!

      ::: iTunes :::
      If you purchase an Apple Product having an iTunes account is pretty essential if you want to download; music, videos, applications etc... I already had an account set-up so this was easy and straight forward I just needed to enter my user name and password and I could download whatever I wanted to. (this is account is linked to my bank account).

      ::: iCloud :::
      iCloud what is this? That's a good question to be honest I haven't use iCloud but I understand it's a backing up system for your iPad over your wifi connection.
      Another feature I haven't played with is 'find your iPad' which is like a gps facility which will show you where about your iPad is; if you happen to lose it or worse still it is stolen!
      The following is what your iPad displays on its home screen when you first press that power button on:
      Top line: Messages, Calendar, Notes, Reminders
      Second Line: Maps, YouTube, Videos, Contacts
      Third line: Game Centre, iTunes, App Store, Newstand
      Fourth line: Facetime, Camera, Photobooth, Settings
      On the shortcut task bar: Safari, Mail, Photos, Music
      When you use app store and download your first app instructions pop up on how to manage applications.

      ::: Accessibility:::
      Apple have really excelled when it comes to ensuring their products are accessible. There are facilities on the iPad 2 which give you the option to have either the zoomed text feature on or VoiceOver. Unfortunately it does not allow you to have both features at the same time. Is this necessary? Well yes as I familiar with individuals who use such systems some people like to have the option to hear what they are reading as reassurance.

      ::: VoiceOver :::
      If you have the speech facility on, you learn slightly different finger strokes to that of the standard way of operating the iPad. For example rather than tapping on an icon once you tap once to hear what the icon says and then again to confirm you'd like to continue with this option.
      The speed of the voice can be adjusted to speak faster or slower.

      ::: Zoom :::
      You can zoom the text on the iPad 2 up to 500% which is great for those with low vision. Although navigating around the screen can be interesting! However at least the facility is available and at no extra cost!

      You can also zoom text without switching the accessibility feature on; if you are accessing your mail for example and it's too difficult to read comfortably you can use two fingers; pretend you're pinching salt (on the display) the text will then enlarge. Just keep doing this action until you reach your desired size. To switch back to the original font size just double tap the iPad's screen.

      You may not be aware but for some products to be accessible individuals have to purchase 'add ons' such as certain Nokia products which have the operating software to run speech programs but they do not come with the device. Therefore you have to source the screen reader and pay quite a lot for the privilege of seeing/hearing what we take for granted!
      Another aspect which the iPad has incorporated is the facility for individuals with hearing impairments to access the 'Facetime' application. The iPad comes with two cameras where hand gestures, visual cues or a dry erase board can be used to enhance communication.

      ::: Conclusion :::
      I am delighted with this purchase and although it costs a small fortune I know it will get a lot of use, I'll get my money's worth! I've even managed to get my mum and dad interested in one because using an iPad is so intuitive it's technology they are not scared of!

      Like anything there are down points... buying accessories takes the cost up quite considerably. I knew before buying the iPad 2 sooner or later I'll need a bluetooth keyboard (this has happened sooner). Touch screen typing just doesn't work for me.

      A USB port for transferring information would be useful. My partner tried to send me some videos via bluetooth the other day and although he found my iPad the connection kept dropping and it came up on my partner's laptop as a music device so we were unsuccessful!

      However the good points far out weigh the bad. If you have a very generous family then I'd highly recommend you being good and asking for an iPad for Christmas 2011!


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