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Apple iPad 4 MD526B/A 32GB

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5 Reviews
  • apple product
  • ease of use
  • A little heavy
  • Bit big
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    5 Reviews
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      25.08.2015 12:23
      Not Helpful


      • "It can update to the latest iOS "
      • "Look smart "


      • "Bit big "

      Great, you will love it.

      I love apple products and I definatly love the iPad! It's great and you can do lots of things with it. The audio is on point, screen is big and it's good if you are watching a film. I got my iPad in black and it's perfect! It's fast and it's good quality I think I have been using it for about a year or two now. You can get tons of apps and you can update to the latest iOS and I think the earliest iPad generation can't do that. I totally recommend it if you want to get your kids an tablet but thinking of tthe cost and if it's safe enough like would they smash it i think iPad four would do a great job. But it is a bit heavy and big tho.


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      19.03.2015 04:04
      Very helpful



      Great tablet~

      There have been refreshingly few issues that have surfaced regarding the iPad 4. Nothing like the “antennagate” of the iPhone 4 has afflicted the iPad 4. However, the iPad 4 has been recognised as a moment of downturn for the 9.7-inch iPad. In January it was reported that Sharp had severely cut-down the production of iPad screens as sales of the tablet were eaten up by the iPad mini, its smaller sibling. More recently in March 2013, David Hsieh of NPD suggested that Apple had re-worked its expected sales figures for 2013 to account for the huge popularity of the iPad mini. Where Apple had predicted 60 million full-size iPad sales and 40 million iPad mini sales, it has moved the goal posts to 55 million iPad minis and 33 million iPads. Is this bad news for the iPad 4? It’s no reason not to buy an iPad 4 if you’re certain you are after a larger tablet. As the tablets run the same operating system, there’s no chance of the iPad going suddenly, irrecoverably “out of date”. However, the iPad Air is now released and some of you may want to consider opting for that instead. The iPad Air has an extensively reworked body that is a good deal thinner and lighter than the iPad 4. It has a slimmed-down screen bezel – rather than the chunky screen surround of the iPad 4.The iPad Air makes the iPad 4 look extremely chunky. But then so would an iPad 2 – the second-generation iPad is still the thinnest and lightest 9.7-inch iPad to date. Still keen on an iPad 4? As is the norm for Apple products, the iPad’s price has not dropped since its launch. However you can pick up a cheap iPad 4 these days using our price tracker. Apple also offers models savings on refurbished iPads and they can be a great deal and come with 12 months warranty.


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      05.01.2015 16:52
      Very helpful


      • "Fast & Efficient "
      • "Good app choice "
      • "Clear display "


      • "A little heavy "

      Perfect Pad!

      I purchased my ipad 4th generation 32GB with retina display two years ago and will say it is the best gadget I have ever brought.

      I paid £479 for my ipad from John Lewis. It came with a two year guarantee and I also purchased the apple smart case to protect it.

      The ipad comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with charger cable and adaptor plug included. You do not really get instructions but a small leaflet directing you to apple support online for any assistance you may require.

      It is very easy to set your ipad up, simply turn it on and follow the onscreen instructions which only take a couple of minutes to follow. I already had an apple ID so used this but it is easy to set a new one up if required. If starting from scratch you are given a few apps to begin with including safari to get you straight onto the world wide web, itunes to allow you to listen to all your music downloads and the app store so you can add your own apps.

      Your apps are displayed as tiles on your home screen allowing you to easily scroll through them or you have the option to store your apps in folders if you wish. The display is very clear indeed which makes it great to play games on or to view pictures and articles on the internet. You can also customise all settings and apps to meet your own needs, for example customising notifications, privacy and sounds.

      The ipad has a built in camera to allow you to take photos, screenshots, make face time calls or use apps such as Skype. I find the camera very easy to use, you can also edit your pictures afterwards if required.

      As this is a touch screen tablet rather than a PC or laptop the keyboard is also fully touch screen which is not perfect for typing a long document but works perfectly well for typing the odd phase or sentence and it is possible to purchase a keyboard to attach to the ipad if required.

      I find this ipad fantastic just to use to browse the internet and to play games. It is a little on the heavy side so in my opinion more suitable for use at home rather than on the move but it is very fast, has a good battery life and does everything that I require a tablet to do and looks stylish too.

      Overall I have been extremely happy with my ipad it has been well used within the 2 years I have owned it and I have never experienced any problems. I think the only downside is the weight of the device which would sway me to upgrade in the future but meets all of my needs for home internet browsing and gaming at the moment. Highly recommended from me! 5 stars


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      07.11.2014 16:34
      Very helpful


      • "apple product"
      • style
      • "ease of use"


      • price

      Best buy!

      One of the best purchases I have ever made. As an Apple product lover (I have a 10 year old Mac and a recently purchased mac, as well as pods galore) I purchased this for my oldest due to his wish for a tablet. I can firmly say its one of the best purchases I have made. I have set up passcode which disallow him to add games without my permission and I can monitor what he is playing on - a huge benefit for any parent. Although I have to limit his use, he uses it for a great deal of things; playing games, design work, homework, social media etc and the FaceTime app is great for contacting friends and family free of charge. Im also quite partial to using Siri which is an interactive tool which you can input questions and it can search online or map a route etc. We have an iPad 2 and though my youngest was more than happy with this and doesn't really see the difference, I can see the improvements.

      I also use it to listen to music and take pictures or videos when were out and about and can honestly say, I could give up all my other products, including my phone if I had to and be able to manage, not something I could have done with my I macs, so I am a convert to iPads and would recommend one to anyone if they are willing to pay a little bit more than the usual tablet price.


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      04.12.2013 13:17
      Very helpful



      An ok device, can see why some like it

      I have seen many people go on about iPad's so yes I ended up purchasing one, am I the only person who thinks there not all that? I just do not seems to be getting a long with mine at all no matter how I try!

      Apple iPad 32GB - Wifi and 4G - White:

      So when it arrived I did feel a little excited but at the same thinking am I really going to enjoy this? So doubt from the start really. The ideal thing would have been to have a played with a friends rather than just purchasing one I think.

      What's in the box? Well opening the box I had the iPad, charger and a small information leaflet. The charger is one of those multi-chargers where it doubles up for wall and PC or Laptop USB. So I plugged the charger in straight away and started to read the information instructions provided.

      It doesn't really say much other than for the user guide go to www.apple.com/support. See now what if this iPad was my only way to getting on the internet? Without setting it up first how can I log onto that page for the user guide? I think a better detailed information leaflet should have been given.

      Unlike with a mobile phone it didn't say anything about charging it for several hours before use so I turned it on by the small circled button on the bottom. The iPad lighted up straight away, and went straight into a user set up.

      This was rather straight forward typing in my details and my wifi password etc. Once the wifi was connected it then prompted me to make an Apple account this for the likes of iTunes and their own apps. I will try and balance this review out but I am just not connecting with is device at all.

      Now that I am all set up which only took me a few minutes to fill in the details it asked of me, I was ready to have a play. On my display screen which would be the desktop for a PC or Laptop I have several tiles to start with. All of which you can change to suit your personally preference. This tablet is completely touch screen so a screen protector I would fully recommend.

      From the top -

      iMessage - this app is like BBM (Blackberry Messenger) this is for your friends that have registered with Apple so you can send messaged, photo's free of charge kind of like Whatsapp. But with Whatsapp you are not restricted to what device you use.

      FaceTime - Facetime is like Skype for Apple you can talk with people from your contact list face to face well kind of. I personally use Skype as more of my friends and family use it.

      Photos - Self explanatory this is where it stores your photos you have taken so you can look back at them.

      'Camera' - The camera I will give good marks for, very easy to use soon as you click the camera tile you're able to take photos. The picture is very clear there is a small icon of a camera you press to take your photo, you can zoom in doing like a pinch effect with your fingers on the screen. The camera can be changed around to face away from you or to face you by a tab on the bottom of the screen. You can also record from here again at the bottom of the screen you have the option to record.

      Playing video's back you have recorded again the picture is brilliant and sound quality is really good. For a device I do rate this one part highly.

      'Maps' - I have this on my HTC and an app I use it a lot when going to new places, it is a navigation system where you can find places and it will direct you form where you are. (long as you have your location turned on)

      For in the car use I think this is fine, but I wouldn't feel safe walking around Birmingham with my iPad following the map. My phone is much smaller so easy for me to hold onto.

      'Clock' - This shows different times around the world not something I will use really.

      'Photo Booth' - This is where you can take photos of yourself and change them slightly the options are.

      Light tunnel

      Not sure why they added this into the start up package, not sometime I will use but my two year old nephew loves playing with that one.

      'Calendar' - You can guess what you do here, but I do like the lay out they use and it is like a page view diary. You can also break it down to see key notes in day, week, month and year.

      'Contacts' - all the people you have added and can contact to them via different platforms.

      'Notes' - A place where you can jot things down is needed, but may as well use the calendar.

      'Reminders' - A handy tool if need to remind yourself of plains, dates and you can also set an alarm to it. All very easy to use by submitting the date and time it is needed for.

      'Newsstand - This is where you can download magazines and newspapers to read. I have not used this tile app as I don't read either of them.

      'iTunes' - This is an app where you can download - songs, books, TV series, films, ringtones etc. 99% are chargeable so remember to pay attention of what you are able to pay for.

      'App Store' - Here you can look through the different apps they have on offer, all different kinds.

      'Game Center' - Where they have a different set of games and for your friends registered you can play with them.

      'Settings' - here you can change all your settings like what photo you want for your display, start up etc. So all down to your own personally preference. passwords parental control some handy settings.

      Safari' - This is how you go on to the internet only they call it Safari.

      'Mail' - the mail address you added you can see all your mail here.

      'Videos' - the ones you made and downloaded you can view here

      'Music' - tunes you have downloaded you play through this tile.

      So that is how my basic set up began, within the set up it also asks you to set up an app called iCloud this is allow you to access your photos, music etc on whatever Apple device you are using.

      I guess for me with this product I feel somewhat restricted and I have ended up sticking this back in its box, sadly as I paid a lot of money for it. But with my Laptop which was cheaper I may add I think it is a lot better and I can do what I want without the Apple blocking!

      On the hold the iPad is a good size it does surprisingly have a bit of weight to it. You have your home button of the bottom of the screen and this will take you back to your display screen each time. On the side you have your volume control and on and off button.

      I can see this being handy for business users that are on the go, it is certainly handy for date and reminder setting. I have tried hard to like this device but I guess I'm just more of a Laptop person, although I even rate my HTC higher than this iPad.

      The battery on the hold I think is rather good but if running low and in need of charging you will need to sit close to a plug socket and the cable isn't very long at all. The display screen I think the quality is great, whatever you're watching the picture is amazingly crisp and you can see all details. This is a setting that I haven't had to touch at all.

      When this is not charging it is completely wireless this is something that I like and handy to take to work with me. As it is smaller than my Laptop, it prompts me when in wifi hotspots too which is good free internet is always good!

      I think personally Apple iPad is one of the most expensive tablets on the market but it does have a rather fast processor that some other tablets may lack on but that being said you are Apple restricted so you have count that too.

      Price and Availability:

      I paid £539.99 from Amazon you can get it a little cheaper from places if you want to shop around but not much cheaper. Now I have and been using it a while I personally don't warrant the price tag.
      I had the 32gb as I found that to be enough for my needs but you can get smaller like 12gb or bigger but you will pay more.


      I am certainly on the fence with this one, on one hand I can see how this will be suited for some but for me I can take it or leave it. I guess money I could have spent on a mini holiday and had more fun at that too!

      If you didn't want to rely on just using wifi you can have this on a sim, either pay as you go or a contract where if you are in a place where you don't have wifi (which most do nowadays) you can use the internet from your sim card.

      The keypad it like any touch screen phone and what ever way you hold this up it faces the right way for you.

      I give this three out of five stars.

      Thank you for reading.


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