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Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB Black

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10 Reviews

Whilst some questioned the need for it when it was released, the iPad mini only really makes sense once you hold it. Sleek looks, intuitive usage, unlimited apps - all fitting perfectly into your hand.

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    10 Reviews
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      01.08.2014 18:46
      Very helpful


      • "Amazing Screen"
      • "Many Accessories "
      • Light


      Great for old folks!

      Bought this for my parents (60-70 years old). Used together with their iPhones, It really adds to their Apple experience. The larger screen size makes it easier to read through their emails meanwhile the gorgeous retina display makes browsing becomes a more pleasant experience. My parents also enjoy using the camera to take pictures and the captured images are easily shown to their friends by simply passing the iPad around. The two of them seem to enjoy using the Photo Booth application - taking all sorts of distorted images of themselves and having a jolly good laugh about it. On top of that, they also use iCloud's photo stream to show photos from the iPhone's photo stream.

      From what i've noticed battery drain is also acceptable as their low-ish usage only requires the device to be plugged in once a week. However i'm sure if they were playing games or other battery zapping applications it would discharge a lot faster! Another great advantage of the product is its comparative mobility. It can be slipped into a handbag or simply carried around in its case being barely noticeable which is an advantage as it doesn't attract prying eyes hoping to steal a seniors device.

      The new iOS 7 also surprisingly didn't seem to be that great of a hurdle for my parents to get used to; credit to the designers for the intuitiveness of the OS. I have to add that it is a lot more pleasant on the eye compared to the version it replaces. One of the great strengths of an Apple device is the App Store, it is easily manoeuvrable especially the part where the new and noteworthy apps are displayed prominently making it easy for my parents to just click through and try out any apps they fancy. It is so efficient that my parents were busy playing with the 2048 app before I had even heard of it!!


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      29.07.2014 22:52
      Very helpful


      • Reliable
      • "Great for the whole family"
      • "Brill App Store "
      • "Easy to use"
      • Quick


      • None!!!!!

      Brilliant all round tablet

      For anything from gaming to writing to just searching the iPad mini. As a smaller and less expensive version of the iPad it compares in every way. It works just as we'll does the same things all in a more portable size and for a lot less money. If you can't carry around a laptop and need something bigger than a smartphone this is the perfect gadget for you. The App Store like on its full sized counterpart and the iPhone leaves little to be desired for and even on the 16GB version there is plenty of storage for your favourite music, games and photos.
      The iPad is extremely light and thin even with a protective case it could fit into a normal sized handbag no trouble. There is also the app for amazon kindle on the App Store which allows you to read on your iPad this means you don't have to have the kindle and the iPad but can combine the two which is very handy.
      The new iOS system is very quick and easy to use making the iPad easy to use for any age from grandparents to toddler and everything in between. I have an iPad and am a student, my Mum has an iPad and is in full time employment and my grandparents are about to buy one just to use for things like Skype and google. This shows they are perfect for all ages.
      I would highly recommend an iPad to anyone and everyone it is the perfect all round gadget


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      29.01.2014 00:03
      Very helpful



      Superb tablet

      I bought the ipad mini as an upgrade as it was time to get a faster tablet. This one won me over because one, apple products are addictive and I can transfer all my pictures, music and contacts swifty from one item to the next, Two, I do not have to read lots of boring instructions. Three, The Apple store is very helpful and finally, they are just the best looking tablets on the market. I really enjoyed setting this up and finding out new tweaks and things. I have bought some great new apps to personalise the machine and obviously transferred my old ones over.

      The latest application I have bought is an app that scans your DVDs and puts them in a library so you can access film details on IMBD and lend them out. I have lost so many films as I forget which of my pals borrow them. This makes it easier as you can add notes on them. I love the apps, The iPad Mini is compatible with over 275,000 apps. The loaded apps and software is Safari, Mail, Messages, Photos, FaceTime, Newsstand, App Store, iTunes, Videos, Maps, Music, Game Center, Clock, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Camera.

      So firstly, the cosmetics... the design of the tablet is improved as it is slimmer and smoother. The ipad looks like a mini ipad and it does every thing you would expect an ipad to do. This one has a 7.9 inch screen, full LED that is so bright. You really don't need 3D as this machine shows you depth. I have watched a few movies on this and not only is streaming smooth and fast, the picture quality is actually better than I imagined. It is better than the cinema.

      That is exactly how I feel, I just have not been able to beat this image. The graphics are on a Dual Core A5 chip and it has max pixels of 5. The ipad is quick and everything responds really quickly. From opening up an App, playing a game to general usage; the machine is quick. Even when you turn it on, it fires up to the home screen within seconds. It is also quick to shut down which is good.

      It has ultra-fast wireless capabilities, with a WIFI connection that is up to twice as fast as any previous-generation iPad, This makes it quick to download content, stream videos and browse the web at amazing speeds. I have mine on a contact where I get access to high speed data network provided by EE. This is good and it is really fast and luckily I get a massive data package as it is sooo easy to go over a small allowance.

      The camera is excellent and I have taken some good shots around the home. I do find it a little bit uncomfortable to hold as a camera but as it has a built in webcam, facetime is a much better way of making use of the cameras. Facetime allows a user to contact anyone who has an ipod touch, ipad and iphone over wifi and have a conversation with them. This is amazing and allows me to have free calls with my family which is nice as they do not have a landline anymore.

      The ipad comes with IOS 6 which is much better than IOS 7 but you can upgrade for free. IOS 7 is the format I have now and it is quite different to the other one. It takes some getting used to, for example apps are rounder, pages didisplay differently and overall it feels a little more child like. No one likes change though!

      This is a great purchase and it allows me access to all my music, the speakers on this are superb and are very loud. They can easly play and fill a full room. I am more than happy to use this without a dock in my bedroom which is good and you can definitely see the improvement they have made when compared to the last ipad.
      The glossy screen, the amazing speakers and the quality of the super fast processor mean that for me this is money well spent. Gaming is enhanced on the cool speakers, flash screen and speed. The quality of the ipad is high and it sets a new precedent in tablets. This has 16gb of memory which is average, but thanks to the cloud you can store things remotely. I am over the moon with this purchase, it is expensive but it is really worth it.


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      22.11.2013 12:59


      • Reliability


      Make sure you're clear on what you'll use it for before buying

      When Apple launched the original iPad, it was a revelation. Over the years however competitors attacked the market by releasing smaller tablet computers and it was only a matter of time before Apple entered that market.

      As with the iPhone, the iPad Mini is made by the software. iOS 7 is quite the simply the best mobile software out there and when combined with the iPad Mini, it makes a great device for the right things. So, what are those things?

      You should buy the iPad Mini if you want to do the following things: browse the web; read/write emails; listen to music; post to Twitter/Facebook; and read books. If you want to play games or watch videos, the iPad Mini is not for you. Yes, it can do these things, but the experience is much better on the full size iPad.

      The main issue with the 16GB model is the lack of space. If you want to listen to music through the iPad Mini, you'll find that the space is used up very quickly and with you having less songs than you'd think would fit. Any decent sized music library will leave little room for books or apps. This model is also constrained by the lack of 3G. This is less of an issue than it used to be with wireless hotspots (particularly those linked to broadband accounts) and the availability of tethering to phones being more prevalent but there will be occasions where the lack of 3G access will be frustrating.

      For the older generation who might just want something easy to use and on which they can keep in touch with the family, the Wi-Fi only 16GB version would be perfect. But for individual uses, there are better solutions e.g. if you just want to read books, buy a Kindle. For other, more advanced uses, better options both within the Apple range and outside of it exist.


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      30.08.2013 15:03
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A fantastic device to sit somewhere between an Iphone and a laptop

      I got this earlier this year with the idea being something of a halfway house between my Iphone 4s and my new HP laptop - something portable to take out and about but also big enough to do some general typing and web browsing too.

      I'm not a fan of the white Apple products so it was an easy decision - a black Ipad mini, I chose the 16 GB variant but you can also get them in 32 and 64 GB. Where I wasn't so sure was whether I wanted just the Wi-fi Ipad (which can only connect to the internet when you are in a Wi-fi zone, e.g at home or in a coffee shop like Starbucks for example, where there's free wi-fi) or to go for the 3G option where you have data sim-card with say, 1GB of data. I think all the major phone companies like O2, Vodafone etc. do one of these as well, this means that you can connect to the internet anywhere, like on an Iphone so long as you have a 3G connection.

      In the end I went for the Wi-fi option, 16 GB, black Ipad which was £269.00 from Apple.

      Since then, I have been very happy with the Ipad. First of all, it's light. My father has a regular Ipad and after I while if you don't have anything to rest it on I find myself getting a bit of cramp in my hand - this is no such issue with the Mini however, it is much lighter (it only weighs 308g) so is a doddle to use and just like holding a book or an Amazon Kindle.

      Like all Apple products, it is a thing of beauty (well, I think it is anyway). Since I opted for the black one, the back has a lovely slate finish with the Apple logo in the centre in a darker black colour, and the slate is also nice to touch as well though it can slip from my hand sometimes (this is something I have rectified however - more on that later).

      The operating system iOS is fantastic to use, and if you have used an Iphone or Ipad before you it will come naturally to you, the home screen has all the standard icons, like Itunes, App Store, Email, music, calendar, weather etc. These are the features that come as standard on all Ipads and Iphones. One area the Ipad does excel in over the Iphone is when it comes to watching videos and films - the screen is 7.9 inches and the sound is clear and crisp. When we went on holiday last month I had a 9 hour flight to Florida to endure, this was no problem and I didn't even touch the films or TV shows on the plane - I had it all stocked up on my Ipad mini which was fantastic.

      It's also great for gaming, many games have a HD version like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja which have a better screen resolution - the only downside to this is the apps are usually double the price of what a standard Iphone app would cost, for example Angry Birds costs £0.69 in the Iphone store, Angry Birds HD is £1.49 for the Ipad (this is from memory, don't quote me on it!) But for example racing games, and even down to simple 4 in a row or the fantastic Flow Free game are much more fun on a bigger screen. And like the Iphone, the App Store is fantastic - better than that on an Android or other devices, it has over 375,000 apps so whatever you could want - the Ipad has it.

      There are a few niggles however - the screen resolution for one, it's not bad by any means but unlike the regular Ipad, it doesn't get the retina display, so when you have come from an Ipad back to a mini it's quite a difference. Secondly, the Ipad smart covers are expensive and in my opinion aren't worth the £29.99 (or £55.99 for leather) price tag. If you go coverless, I often find my hand slipping on the slate on the back. I have since brought a non-Apple cover that goes around it. I actually brought it from a phone cover stall in a shopping centre for the bargain price of £15 and since then it hasn't let me down.

      To sum up, the Ipad mini is a fantastic bit of kit - it does everything you'd want - and more. I certaintly don't regret my purchase but if I could turn back the clock I think I'd pay that little extra and go for an Ipad. It has a much crisper retina display and I think films and TV programmes would be even better on the bigger, clearer screen.


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        14.08.2013 10:02
        Not Helpful


        • Reliability


        Love it,haven't found a fault yet!

        Now, if you want the full technical spec I would advise you to read the product information. From a purchaser user point of view it has all the memory you need to store books, music,lists and more. With the addition of "the cloud" for storage I can't imagine why you would need more.
        Size- from a woman's point of view it is ideal. Fits into most handbags with room to spare. Slim, light weight and incredibly convenient for use on the go.
        Ease of use- buy a magnetic cover of some sort! Protects it from daily use and means it turns on the instant you open it up. The screen is clear and precise to use.
        As an e reader- I cannot praise it enough. Small enough to hold like a book,the font can be changed in style and size and the brightness of the page increased or dimmed depending on where and when you want to read.no more keeping the other half awake with the bedside light.even better,unlike most e-readers,the pages actually "turn" rather than blink to the next,and with page marks its great. No flicking to and fro to find your place.
        At home- instant access to check info and facts. Who was that actor or where was that filmed.who exactly was....? So easy.
        On the road- so many places have free wifi that I have ever had a problem connecting when needed but according to my son if I use my iPhone as a mobile hotspot I can use my iPad anywhere!
        I love the fact that all my photos,lists diary etc are shared between my iPhone and my iPad. I no longer use a paper diary and can set alarms for waking up, appointments, to do lists!
        Long winded review but I cannot fault it! Enjoy!


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        08.08.2013 00:59


        • Reliability


        Apple's usual quality design and product, good value.

        Im a real lover of good design and this is another good example! This 16 GB version has a multitouch, touchscreen LED thats 7.9 inches running on IOS 6 with a lithium-polymer battery that last for approximately 10 hours! There are two cameras on the device, best used for FaceTime and video recording in 1080p. The rear camera is 5 megapixel and the front is an improvable 1.2. The main difference from the old full size iPad is two things, the new Siri device within that is a voice recognition divide ((improvement on voice control of IOS 4/5) although doesn't work amazingly in Europe or with certain accents) and the new black slate aluminium back in this case in black. The device remains thin (7mm isn) and is 20 cm by 13.5 cm exactly. The size of the iPad mini is appropriate, it makes the device easier to carry and store.

        The device is rather good value for the money, it sells for around £250 depending on where you are purchasing. Considering this is essentially the same as a current iPad with a sleeker nicer designed back and Siri with a more usable size its worth it!


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        17.07.2013 15:05
        Very helpful



        Overall, I love my iPad mini...

        iPad Mini (16 GB, Wi-Fi)

        I received an iPad mini as part of my graduation present (for getting a First!) from my parents. I have wanted an iPad for a while, although they are really expensive and I am a student. My sister has an iPad mini and I loved it - my parents also have an iPad 2 which is the large one and I am so glad I received the iPad mini.

        - Product description (from Apple UK)

        "Right from the start, there's a lot to love about iPad. It's simple yet powerful. Thin and light yet fully featured. It can do just about everything and be just about anything. And because it's so easy to use, it's easy to love."

        - Product specification

        *Height: 200mm, Weight: 308g, Width: 134.7
        *Storage, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb
        *Wi-Fi, Bluetooth enabled (cellular available)
        *7.9" LED screen with multi-touch displayed
        *Apple A5 duel core processor
        *Facetime camera: 720p video, face detection, backside illumination
        *isight camera: 5mp photographs, autofocus, face detection
        *Video recording: 1080p video, video stabilisation, face detection, tap to focus while recording
        *10 hour battery, lightening cable, built in speakers/microphone

        - About the product

        An iPad is basically an iPod, camera/video, computer and aspects of the iPhone in one package! I use my iPad mainly for apps, the camera, the internet/email, shopping and TV/film. The iPad mini I have is the 16 GB version although it is also available in 32GB and 64 GB memory sizes. The iPad is also in Black and White - I personally hate the white Apple products, they looks a bit tacky in my opinion although I know a lot of people like them and it is an iconic feature of Apple products.

        - Setting up and restoring

        For setting up my iPad, I just followed the on screen instructions, it is so quick and easy. The set up took about five minutes maximum, including selecting the language/location, internet and Siri etc. The internet set up is very easy, if your internet is secure like ours is, you just need the router password. When I reached the end of the set up, I was asked whether I wanted to use the data/information from my iCloud account/Apple account or to start as a new iPad. As I have had an Apple account for about eight or so years I used the information from my iPod touch so my iPad started to download all of the apps from my iPod which is fairly quick and easy. Music and video recovery is a bit more time consuming, I will talk about this more in the iTunes section. You can also delete everything easily and start again.

        - Screen and bevelling

        The screen on the iPad mini is almost the same size as the screen for the larger iPad 2; the only difference is the bevelling on the edges of the screen. The bevelling for the mini is so much smaller than the iPad 2 which does make a difference as the bevelled edges is where you hold to iPad - now with the mini I have to hold part of the screen although all iPads apparently have a feature whereby you can hold the screen partly and still scroll and click on things but this sometimes doesn't work for me particularly when typing and holding the screen. The screen on the iPad mini is not a retina display but the screen is sharp, clear and video/photographs are great! The screen is not retina which would make the iPad mini perfect in my opinion but if you are not used to retina displays you will not notice a slightly poorer screen quality when compared to retina Apple products such as the iPhone 5. The only negative I have for the screen is that in sunlight the glare is definitely noticeable and it can be really difficult to view the screen, even with the brightness turned up - this happens with my iPod too and I wish Apple would stop the screens becoming fairly unusable in sunlight.

        - Typing/keyboard

        I have an Apple iPod touch so I am used to the 'notes' app, the keyboard and typing on a small screen so I found the transition to typing on an iPad easy. The screen is obviously bigger on my iPad mini than my iPod so I find it easy overall although it can be a bit annoying sometimes - when compared to an iMac or PC keyboard. I can type fairly quickly and easily on the mini and auto correct does help, for the most part, but it can get words wrong. The keyboard appears across the bottom of the screen and if you have small hands like me then you may not be able to reach the letters in the middle of the screen but you can split the keyboard into two so all of the letters are easy to reach - to do this you just hold the iPad mini vertically/normally and use your thumbs to pull each side of the keyboard apart at the same time and the keyboard will divide and become smaller and easier to reach which I do find useful. Although I mostly type with the full keyboard and lay the mini on a flat surface to type. There are symbols on the keyboard for punctuation, there is a Siri button too so you can speak type - you can press the Siri button, say that you want typed and then press the Siri button again and it will type what you said - for the most part!

        - Siri

        Siri is the voice command feature of Apple products - the iPads, iPhone 4 and 5 (I don't know if all iPhone have had this feature). My iPod touch 4th gen had a feature like Siri called voice control where you can tell it to open apps or play songs and it will but Siri is more advanced than that but it is nothing new and amazing, in my opinion. I have used Siri to open apps, programs such as iTunes, to type with (although this isn't always successful depending on your accent and background noise!) and to ask questions - such as measurement conversions, to set calendar reminders and general questions. I do find that Siri is a useful feature but I don't like the voice and it can be incorrect sometimes.

        - Camera, video and audio

        I use the camera on my mini a lot for photographs to use on my reviews, my blog and to keep. The back facing camera is the one I use the most although I use the front facing camera for facetime. I have used the back facing camera in bright artificial light, natural outdoor light, dim light and it works really well - it is fantastic for close up shots in natural light (see photographs of flowers below). In some settings such as outdoors, bright light etc I am surprised at how good the camera is and how easy it is to use. Although in dim lightings the camera isn't amazing and photographs can look fairly poor/unfocused/grainy and there is no flash. The camera is easy to use, as is the video - although I don't use the video so I cannot really comment on it.

        I don't have any songs on my mini, I keep them all on my iPod touch, so I don't really know how iTunes downloaded songs sound on the iPad mini but I do watch catch up TV, YouTube and Netflix on my mini. The volume range is really good, easy to change and it can get really loud - it has in built speakers. The sound is great with or without ear phones, there is no tinny echo or delay in sound. My sister has an iPad mini too and she has songs/iTunes downloaded music on hers and she says that the sound is good and clear.

        - Itunes/Apps store

        I have been using iTunes for about eight years or so now so I am used to it, although it has definitely changed since I started using it, iTunes and Apple updates occur every month or so and I usually don't download them straight away so that if there are any problems they are corrected. For any Apple product you need an Apple ID and that is what you use to sign in to iTunes and to purchase items. iTunes and the App store are already loaded on to the iPad/iPhone/iPod and they are both quick/easy to navigate and buy/download from. I usually just buy/download from the app store on my iPad or iPod but you can through your pc/mac too. Some people think iTunes is fairly expensive and I do agree but you can use iCloud to transfer your purchases/downloads onto your mini from your other Apple devices - also just a note on the Apple customer services, the Apple protection that we have for the mac is great and the customer service is really good. Also I lost all of my songs, I think because of an update or virus on my iPod, and Apple just gave me all of my songs back for free. Also there are some free apps, songs, pilot TV episodes and extras/behind the screen footage too.

        - Apps

        Most of my apps are free but I have bought some apps/games too. My favourite iPad mini apps: Facebook, twitter, eBay (eBay for iPad), A Beautiful Mess (a new photography app which I definitely recommend), YouTube, Kindle, Pinterest Netflix, BBC iplayer, eBay. Some apps that were restored from my iPod were only for iPod/iPhone, not iPads - not all apps are suitable for the larger iPad form (mini or the other iPads). For example, the Instagram app is not suitable for iPads so the instagram app screen is a lot smaller than the screen - you can still use it but it doesn't fit the screen. I have around 26 apps currently, they do not take up too much space, there is a really wide range to choose from and the actual process of downloading them is really easy but I find that compared to my iMac or my iPod touch, the apps on my mini seem to take longer to download for some unknown reason.

        - Portability and ergonomics

        One of the main issues with the iPad 2 and the other larger iPads for me is the size and weight of them. My parents have the iPad 2 and or me it is really quite heavy and too big, especially with its Apple smart cover on (we do not recommend the Apple cover!). I find the iPad mini to be a lot lighter, easier and more comfortable to hold and it is easier to type on because of the size. I think that the mini is just the screen from a larger iPad basically and I like the more compact, portable, travel friendly size - and it looks less weird/obvious if you are taking a photograph/using the mini in public when compared to the larger iPads. This product to me is just a larger iPad screen with a little bit of bevelling on the sides, which I wasn't sure about when it was first released but I do really love it and I definitely prefer it over the larger iPads. This mini ipad is great for students, in my opinion, it is great for everyday use and it is thin, sleek and there are lots of cases available.

        - Battery and storage

        I have the 16GB version, which is the smallest battery size available, although while in the Apple store one of the members of staff said that the battery size can be upgraded/improved, obviously for a price but it is good to know that it can be made larger if need be. I find that with the apps, photographs I have on my ipad my storage capacity is reduced to 9.8GB which isn't amazing. I am used to 32gb which is my iPod storage size so I cannot have the TV/video that I want on my ipad all of the time, I have to alternative what I want on my ipad mini so that I don't use up all of the storage capacity. I do wish that the storage was larger, and I may increase the capacity in the near future but for everyday use it is fine. The battery life for my ipad, I use it every day for watching Netflix/TV/YouTube, for browsing the internet, online shopping, looking through photographs, social media and using apps - my battery lasts for a couple of days on a five/six hour charge which I don't think is amazing but it does depend on how much you use your ipad and also myself and my sister found that the screen brightness really drains the battery life.

        - Overall

        Overall, I LOVE my ipad mini, I am so happy with it especially the size, camera, screen, apps, sound quality and I also love the sleek, thin design. When compared to the larger ipads (eg, ipad 2), this one feels a lot more portable, thin, compact, lightweight and more structured/put together in a way and I definitely prefer the mini to the larger ipads. Although despite all of the positive points, which do out weight the negatives in my opinion, there are some flaws. In my opinion the main negative point with this product, and the ipad 2 and my ipod is the screen glare - in bright sunlight such as we have been enjoying in the UK for the past week or so, you cannot see the screen well at all, even with the screen brightness at its maximum. Also there are other negatives such as the fairly poor app downloading speed for mine anyway, some apps are not made for the screen and show up as small screens and typing may be difficult for some. As for the price, yes it is expensive but it is an Apple product and all Apple products are expensive - also one point to note is that I could not get student discount on this product, Apple only have it on certain products unfortunately. In conclusion, do you need an ipad mini...no but if you want one for yourself or as a gift I would definitely recommend it!

        - Price and availability

        I have the 16GB black ipad mini which is priced at around £269. I believe my parents bought mine from Tesco (instores) but it can also be bought from Apple UK online, Apple stores, Pc world, Argos, Staples, ASDA, Amazon and John Lewis. There is also ebay. There are two other sizes 32gb which is priced at around £346 and the 64gb which is priced at around £429 - also if you want your ipad mini to have a cellular/3G connection that increases the price for all three storage levels. There is an iPad mini 2 being released sometime this year too, which may have the new A6 processor and a retina display but that is one thing I hate about Apple as they only released the ipad mini late last year and about a year later they are going to bring out another!

        - Conclusions


        *Size and portability - fits well in the hands, fairly light weight (especially when compared to the iPad 2)
        *Great screen, really sharp but if you are used to retina displays (eg. iPhone 5) then you may see the difference
        *Apps - lots of apps that are easy to download and there are so many apps!
        *Easy to change settings, good battery, durable/sleek design
        *Very good audio - films/YouTube/catch up TV apps
        *Lightening cable charger - charges up a little bit quicker although not as faster as I thought it would be


        *Apps seem to take longer to download on my iPad mini when compared to my iPod Touch and iTunes on my Mac
        *Typing may not be easy for some people
        *Some apps are not made for the iPad so they are smaller on the screen and some of the apps are not available in iPad form
        *Price but in my opinion it is definitely worth every penny
        *Glare from screen/unable to see screen in bright light even with full brightness setting on

        Thank you for reading my review - if you have any questions about the iPad mini, Apple, iTunes, Apps etc then leave me a message in my guestbook.


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          06.06.2013 22:05
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Great product that I am not regretting buying!

          I was so sceptical about tablets before but I had come into some money and bought one because my friend had one and I used it pretty much constantly so I decided to get one maybe simply because I wanted it and for no other reason.. at the time. But then again at the time I personally never saw a use for tablets. Simply because they weren't better than a desktop, laptop or console. So what is the point? But you really have to try one out to understand at least I did.

          Now I have a completely different view I use this all the time, to watch TV, Movies, play games browse the internet etc.

          I chose the iPad over any other tablet as I have an Android Phone (HTC Desire C) and I will continue to so. I wanted apps individual to the App Store as I already had apps individual to the Play Store on my phone. The reason I got the 16GB is simply because I wasn't going to use it for that much so I wouldn't need a 32 GB storage. 16GB is more than enough for a wide range of games and man many songs. I'm no where near the full storage of it yet and I have 450 songs and around 15 games 30 apps overall.

          The main reason I got the mini is because I want to go around using it, the bigger iPad is not convenient to do so. It is very light and you can do pretty much whatever, listen to music, read books, play games etc. You could also go on the internet and browse Facebook if you got the version that also has mobile internet I unfortunately did not but I didn't feel I needed that functionality. Would be nice though. The only problem I would have with the carrying it around is the worry of it being stolen which is a big possibility. Apple does offer a year warranty with the iPad and after you can get third party insurance for it if you so wanted.

          Are there differences from the 'normal' iPad? Yes there is a few nothing massive though, obviously the smaller screen size, it is lighter, it is thinner. The components are slightly scaled down but it is still lightning fast, I will give all the specifications later on in the review.

          Here are the specifications and features:

          -Wireless and Mobile: It is 2.4GHz and 5GHz this may sound like gibberish to most basically the Wifi works perfectly as does the Mobile internet.

          -Bluetooth 4.0

          -The display: 7.9 inch LED multi touch, 1024x768 resolution 163 pixels per inch and fingerprint resistant coating. It is very durable and will last.

          -Processor: Dual core A5

          - HD front facing camera, 720p HD video, 1080p HD video recording

          - Facetime is a feature that is intergrated so you can talk to anyone with an Apple device past 4th Gen. You do obviously need WiFi or Mobile Internet for this.

          -Face detection software

          -Backside Illumination

          -Autofocus through the camera

          -Built in 16.3 watt-hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery

          - Up to 10 hours constant use

          -Charges via the lightning cable from main plug power of a computer

          -Has a digital compass

          -Supports all types of mail and attachments

          - Can be connected to external sources like a TV or an Apple TV

          -All audio formats are supported (you wont need them all but they are supported)

          -Comes in a range of languages already built in I wont list them all

          -Siri actually works on the iPad! You can control it by voice most of the time if you so wish

          -Full screen zoom magnification, when you zoom in on a webpage text you can easily see it and it loads quickly

          - Operates at up to 35° C not that you would need it to get up to that temperature, it also doesn't overheat no matter how much you use it. In the unlikely situation it ever does a warning will come up and it will shut down

          - If you don't have an Apple I.D or don't want one you will be disappointed as you need it for any app to be downloaded

          - Apple have been environmentally friendly as it is easy to recycle once it reaches the end of its life, and it has these environmentally friendly features (if you are interested)

          Mercury-free LCD display

          Arsenic-free display glass



          Recyclable aluminium enclosure

          The iPad mini comes with these Apps already installed (you cannot remove some of them)

          -Safari (the web browser)


          -App Store

          -Maps (google)

          -Photo Booth (Editing and taking photos)

          - Reminders









          - Newsstand (All news into one app)


          -Game Center (tracks your progress on all games through your apple I.D and any friends are also shown to you, great social app)

          -Contacts (Apple I.D for face timing and E-Mail contacts)

          Sorry for the dull tide of features but there really is that many and you will need to know before you decide which tablet you would want. Deciding if a particular feature is something you could not live with or if you need a particular feature that this tablet does not offer etc.

          Overall I would recommend an iPad to anyone that is looking for an all round entertainment device, you will be very happy with the iPad.

          I have not come into any problems so far it has been lightning fast, screen has not faltered or cracked, no app problems or crashes etc. If I do come across any I will update this review.

          £270 may seem a bit steep but it really is worth it, anyone who is sceptical about it should seriously research and consider a tablet. The only thing I would say is the Mobile Internet feature is something that anyone who is very integrated with social media will need, if you are out and about a lot. Also for the feature of watching movies, YouTube videos or TV on the go.


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        • More +
          26.02.2013 12:40
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A long-term purchase that have a poweful processor, access to thousands of Apps.lighter and thinner

          To choose a computer tablet has become a head-scratching ordeal nowadays as the market has been clogged with different brands from luxury types down to budget types which to be honest is a good thing for consumers when compared to before when the iPad was dominating with an iron fist.

          To buy your desired tablet all comes to what and how you want to use it for and for me I did choose the iPad mini Black 16 GB over the kindle fire HD and the Samsung Galaxy tab even though initially I wanted to go for a different brand rather than Apple as I have already own the iPhone 3G and 4 series before. While I veered to this choice simply comes down to the entertainment options that are available with the IOS support system and the Mini's hardware configuration and design.

          The iPad Mini being smaller and lighter in the iPad family is ideal for carry around especially for long distance travel such as reading books, newspapers or comics books on their dedicated apps. While the current trend for commuting is mostly the Kindle ebook readers but it my case I do found the Mini more useful. Let just say if you are bored of reading, you can switch to music, movies or games and the 16Gb is more than enough to hold what you required . Viewing web pages on the 7-inch screen is mostly comfortable on the mini as it it has the same effect as holding a magazine or newspaper even though it does not have the retina display of the newest iPad.

          The tablet has basically the almost same functions and features as a normal Ipad with the only difference for me is the smaller screen size and being a wee lighter and thinner and even if you have not use any Apple brand device or its operating, it will not take long to get used to it. Terms like Itunes, Apps Store,Facetime and Genuis playlist will not sound strange or alien.

          The biggest draw of the Ipad Mini is the App store with over thousands of apps to choose for your own specifications and even if you do not have the bigger iPad, the processor will be able to handle most of them and you will not feel you are being 'shortchanged' with the device.

          The Ipad Mini is something you can use everyday if you want to lay down or relax on the sofa or your bed with the feeling of holding a book or magazine and while the price of the £270 do sound expensive, consider it as long term investment with its durabilty, portability and multi-usage functions. The device battery do last longer and does not overheat if you use continuously and comes with a 5MP camera ideal for Skype or Facetime viewings.

          To buy or not to buy?

          If you own a previous generation iPad already, then you can skip this one but if you are looking something that is half the price of normal iPad which is comfy, ideal for travelling and far superior that other similar tablets or ebooks readers, then consider the iPad mini as top of your priority list.


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