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Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi + 4G - 16GB Black

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2 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Great design
  • A little dated In 2915
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    2 Reviews
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      05.02.2015 22:51
      Very helpful


      • "4g is fast"
      • "Fits easily in hand "
      • "Great design"
      • "Portable "
      • Small


      • "A little dated In 2915"

      Cheap and brilliant perfect for students

      I'm writing this review in 2015 so obviously the first generation of the iPad mini is a little outdated now. This is ,y second iPad mini I previoisly sold my other one as I needed quick cash however when I seen this on a 4g contract for £25 per month on EE I couldn't resist treating myself. I've tried android tablets and I have loved them but for some reason I always go back to Apple their software is just so clean and beautiful. The design of the iPad is premium and it fits nicely in ,y bag which means I can take it to work and university to check my emails and use the Internet on the go which is great. The keyboard on the iPad mini is perfect, I fact I am writing this review on the iPad mini right now and it's actually faster than using a normal keyboard I feel. The keys are very easy to reach and you can reach all of the keys with two thumbs comfortably without a struggle something which I haven't been able to do with previous tablets. I feel the only downside to this tablet is the screen quality it obviously hasn't got the retina display which the newer models have, saying this it's not too much of an issue as the colours are still rich and the screen is still bright. I mainly use the iPad to read very long PDFs which works very well as I can read them on my commute to work. Overall I'd say if you're looking for a stylish tablet which is portable and cheap go with the iPad mini


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      01.12.2012 19:19



      A portable, cheap device, gets the job done efficiently and quickly, perfect if you're a student.

      Another iPad...Mini. So this time it's just a smaller version of one of your products, just the opposite of what happened with the iPhone 5. When I look at it, I sometimes think to myself, "Why?!?!?!" and then other times I see where the are coming from...

      The iPad is one of my favorite tablets. The mini is great if you need a portable machine that you want to do work on while you're on the road, I would always recommend a laptop or a notebook, but if you're a student, the mini is very portable and not expensive. It's very modern looking and stylish, with its curved edge and thinner side borders. It is also the first product from Apple, excluding the iPhone, that has the same colored back as front. It also comes with the new Lightning Connector. It also supports LTE (4G) mobile internet that is much faster than 3G, but only some networks support 4G currently. It's screen is 7.9" compared to t's brother iPad which features a 9.7" screen, and the thinner side borders make it perfectly fit in your hand.

      So, where did the 5th star go? There is completely no need to own both the iPad and iPad mini. Sometimes it seems lie Apple are trying to milk a product as much as it can of money, just making it smaller doesn't make it,'revolutionary' a term Apple tend to use slightly too much. So unless you don't have an iPad and can't afford a 600$ product, the mini is perfect, or you need a portable machine to work with.

      It gets the job done the way it is supposed to, surfing the web is great, viewing media is amazing, ETC.

      In my opinion, the iPad was sort of like a semi-desktop/laptop it wasn't really easy to carry around and was more a family thing that stayed at home. That's why I have it 4 stars, it is very portable.


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