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Apple iPad 4 with Retina display Wi-Fi (ME392B/A)

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    7 Reviews
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      25.10.2013 15:26



      I don't know what I did without my iPad but wouldn't get rid of my laptop either

      I purchased the iPad as soon as it came out, I wasn't quite sad enough to queue through the night like I saw some people doing on TV but I did visit my nearest Apple shop on launch day.

      The iPad has a great advantage over a PC or a Laptop and that is its size, I can fit it into my handbag which is perfect to enable me to take out with me. I recuruit Avon Reps who are required to sign up online so this is a really handy gadget to have, my phone is a little small and if the rep doesn't have their laptop handy they can use my iPad.

      The iPad itself is really easy to use, and I was very impressed by the customer service in the Apple shop as they offered to help set eveything up and show me how it worked. I believe they also run classes if you want to learn more about the iPad or other Apple products. Surfing the internet is easy and it is all touch screen it is heat sensitive so you need to use your finger (not a nail!) you can also download endless Apps from the App Store (you will need to set up an account to do this and there is a charge for some Apps).

      There are lots of games you can download for the iPad and it's easy to hold and move the iPad if you are playing a game where you need to direct a character (e.g. Temple Run) although I have to say I don't really find much time to play games they are useful when waiting in an airport or on a plane.

      The main downside I have found it not really being able to use a spreadsheet, there are things you can download but nothing beats Excel on a laptop where you can use a proper keyboard to create formulas (although I believe you can purchase a keyboard for the iPad, that just adds to the expense and the weight).


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      18.10.2013 14:30
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      I would recommend

      Apple is one of the worlds leading brands and unlike sony and Microsoft - has only stuck to phones, laptops, computers and tablets whereas Microsoft created the xBox and Sony created the Playstation. That tells me Apple are rolling in it and how could they not be when they charge £500 for a phone? Even worst £1300 for an Apple Mac laptop! So to say the least they have to be one of the most expensive brands out there but in all they are worth the money.

      Initial thoughts

      At first I didn't think I would use the iPad all that much. I have an iPod, iPhone and a laptop all of which do the jobs that the iPad can do so I wasn't all that convinced that it wasn't going to be worthwhile of my hard earned pennies. I literally decided to buy this as my laptop tends to get kidnapped by other occupying residents in my household to be polite about it and I wanted to be able to access the internet when I felt like it and have something a bit more portable so I decided to buy the iPad 4 with retina display - it was the newest one and I had a good deal on the price (free!).


      There are two colours of the iPad; black or white - I opted for the white one. The iPad White on the front around the screen and silver on the back with a black Apple logo on the back. There is also a front facing camera, a back camera and a total of five buttons with two sockets one for headphones and one for the charger. So overall like other Apple products the iPad is very basic looking and simplified. I actually like the design - you see an Apple product and know its Apple straight away the only thing you don't usually know is the difference between some of the products like the look of the iPad 1, 2, 3 and four look the same but there's difference in software and how the product works that's about it. Realistically the only real difference is the charge port.

      As for the box, the box is very much similar to the iPhone box if anyone has an iPhone but bigger, so you have a white base and a lid which is slightly larger and fits snugly on top the top of the box has a sideways photo of the iPad - aside from that the box is not even slightly special.
      The iPad isn't heavy either it's a light weight of 652g which is a lot easier to carry around than my laptop which now seems to weigh a tonne in comparison to the iPad.


      The new generation iPad has the A6 processor chip which we have to take Apples word for it that it's faster than the previous models processor which is the A5 - however, I find that there isn't any noticeable difference between the iPhone 4S that I currently have although some apps do load up slightly faster on the iPad but it's nothing special. Personally I don't think the speed is all that important because regardless of this the iPad is fast anyway.

      If you want to compare the iPad to other products though however from other manufacturers, I would say that hands down the iPad is a million times faster. Things are almost always instant with the iPad and makes other products seem as fast as my gran. Another tablet that I bought for my son which was cheap and cheerful is dreadfully slow and drives me nuts, saying that the laptop I have which is very speedy now seems to take forever. So overall I think that the speed is amazing.

      The iPad in particular that I have only has a storage of 16GB which realistically means 13GB which isn't all that much by the time you've put your photos and music on, so it's quite quick to use up although there are different sizes of memory depending on what you would rather pay for. The most it goes up to is 128GB which would easily hold thousands of songs, probably 100 films and still have some space for photos and apps but like I said it depends on the individual personally I don't see the point in getting the bigger storage as I have 30+ films, 50+ TV episodes, 300 songs and over 100 photos and still have 6GB of storage available and yes mine is only 16GB. I was rather clever with my purchase, I know when you sign up for iTunes you need an iTunes account so an email and password - every purchase you make on iTunes gets stored onto your account so you can delete and re download at any time you wish which is handy for someone like me who wants to keep the costs down. The negative of this is you need to have connection to the internet via wi-if to be able to actually make use of this - with the latest iOS 7 you don't need to keep going to the iTunes Store either as it will just show you on the library even if you haven't downloaded the item to the iPad.
      On the other hand I think that if you want to have low storage you either need to convert videos for iTunes use which can then be transferred to the iPad or you would need to buy purely off iTunes which means no to illegal downloads which can effectively cost you more money so it depends which one you'd rather do. Personally I find that if I was going to buy a film anyway and it's on iTunes then it's more convenient to buy the film through iTunes that way I won't ever loose the film and it will never be a scratched disc that my son had just ruined or my DVD had just chewed up.


      The iPad is actually 9.7 inches which seems small but it's a decent size to work with and the qwerty board is a lot easier to use than it would be on the iPhone obviously because it's bigger. In regards to the size this makes commuting a bit more comfortable as you wouldn't need to lug about a laptop you could just carry the iPad around and do any work related documents on a train. I happen to go on the train regularly so I like to watch films whilst I travel or download a magazine or book to read on the iPad which means I carry less in my bag and as the iPad isn't too big it means I don't need my bin bag size handbag with me when I do travel.

      Battery Life and Charge

      My views on this are a little contradictory as it would depend on if you use the iOS 7 or the iOS 6. So I will put down two opinions dependant on which iOS you would be using.
      iOS 6 - the iOS 6 allows you to charge the iPad fully within 4 hours at the most and if you use the iPad casually then the battery will last for around about a week as when I first got my iPad I used to charge my iPad once a week as I only used it for web browsing to begin with. So generally all round I was quite impressed but if you do happen to use the iPad more for videos and music or even FaceTime then you would need to charge the iPad up once a day which I tend to do overnight as the iPad would last all day.

      iOS 7 - when I upgraded to the iOS 7 I noticed straight away that the iPad took FOREVER to charge up so I find it takes twice as long and I also noticed that the battery takes up power twice as much so I'm not at all impressed with that. Basically for basic web browsing I would have to charge the iPad every two days where as before once a week! If I watch a film or TV series I have to recharge my iPad after 4 hours which isn't too good either - luckily there are charge ports on the virgin trains that I use!
      The charge port previously on the earlier iPads have the 30 pin but now the iPad has a charge port which is 80% smaller and only 8 pins. It's a lot better as less could potentially get stuck in the charge port if you are like me and have little ones. The battery power that is used is lithium polymer which as far as I know is only ever used for Apple products and has been used on all apple products since they came about.

      Ease of Use

      The iPad is very easy to use, you press the menu button if you want to go back to the main menu and it's mostly swipe and touch with the iPad being a touch screen. All the icons for the apps also have what they are underneath so you won't accidentally mistake one app got another. Then there's the web browsing which is pretty simply there's a plus sign to add a page, a cloud to open iCloud and an open book for favourites - everything else is virtually the same as windows although the websites are always on mobile setting although you can always scroll down to view the page in classic mode which will be like as though you're on a computer.
      I like the qwerty board but sometimes I accidentally hit the wrong key by mistake but you could do that on a normal key board in all fairness. The keys are easy enough to find as well but because there's no specific instructions on how to use the iPad you more or less have to figure everything out for yourself. For instance if you want to copy something you need to hold down over the text and sometimes it over-selects and this makes it so frustrating. There are other things that I had to find out for myself as well such as accented letters by holding down a letter until it comes up with a selection for you to choose from.

      Range of Features

      There are many I features of the iPad to go through so I shall go through them one by one.
      Retina display - in comparison to the iPad 2 for instance the iPad with retina display enhances better quality photo image where the colour is richer and everything is like as though it's in HD which also means you take better quality photos and videos on the iPad which is something I like as I take many photos and videos when I go to concerts or take my son to the park.

      FaceTime and iSight - when I FaceTime now the image they see of me is a much better quality than the image I would see of them. For somebody who has the iPad two then they would have an mpg megapixel camera which would enable the FaceTime whereas the camera on the face front of the iPad four is actually HD so it's better quality all round which is something that doesn't really matter but it does make FaceTime more enjoyable for those who use it.
      HD recording - you can record in HD 1080 which means that better quality videos to be saved for later or even uploaded to Facebook if you use it. For me having my son it means I can capture moments and have them in good quality for later to look back on when he's older perhaps as apposed to it being slightly pixelated and not that easy to see the image.

      Wireless - one of the benefits of the iPad is being wireless. If you're at home just link it to the home broadband and don't worry about the usage if not then use the 3G which isn't as fast as the wireless wifi but at least you are almost always guaranteed to be able to use the internet anywhere. The only time I ever have an issue is at my partners address which has appalling internet and then it can be very slow.
      Siri - you can double press the menu button and you will get the Siri command where you tell it what you want and it'll bring it up. On the front I think that this is a good idea but if you're English isn't brilliant or you are like me and don't have an accent due to travelling then you might not find this very useful as for me it never works properly but will for some of my friends or family - maybe it's just me?

      Airplay - if you own other apple products you can stream films or music to other products wirelessly without the hassle of obviously using wires but if you're not fortunate enough to buy an Apple TV for example then the next best is a camera connection kit which you can usually buy for around £25 and a connection lead which links the iPad or iPhone to the television so you can watch films from iTunes on the TV.
      So generally speaking there's nothing fascinating about the features of the new iPad as they're on the previous ones but of course some of the features have just been upgraded so they are of better quality.

      Instructions and Manufacture Support

      There aren't really any instructions it's a small book on how to insert the micro sim and that you need to plug the iPad into a computer or laptop to synchronise with iTunes to enable set up. So overall - not impressed. I was unfortunate to have to get in touch with Apple as my Apple iPad with the iTunes was playing up and it was a longwinded process to try and get any answers and then when I spoke to somebody it took them half an hour to tell me to sign in and out of iTunes. They didn't really listen to the problem and it was frustrating but I got there in the end. It's not something I would want to do again.

      The price of the iPad is £399 for the 16GB although you could probably pick one up for £50 cheaper but personally I didn't pay for mine as it was free! I didn't win a contest or have it as a present it's just that I am fortunate enough to know the person who runs Vodafone and I've been a long standing customer with them. I do think its steep when you could pay almost half the price for a tablet just as good but saying that you can guarantee that you won't have a virus on an Apple product and with Apple you know they're a good quality and trustworthy brand which do last a long time. As an example my iPod Classic which I got 5 years ago is still going, every now and again it freezes but it's an easy to resolve issue and it has lasted nicely and considering there are a lot of scratches on the iPod that I have it's not looking too shabby.


      Inevitably the iPad is a little more desirable and probably likely to be lost or stolen and if it had broke due to being dropped you'd want a replacement. I went to Vodafone and they said they would insure my iPad for £8 per month and that would be a £50 excess on the policy for any damages but then I did an online search and found that protect my bubble covered the same and more for my iPad but for £5 per month and if I took out other insurance I would get 10% discount for very additional product so I got my iPhone insured to so I now pay £9 per month to insure my iPhone and iPad - the excess is £75 but it's £7 cheaper per month than Vodafone and £13 cheaper than the carphone warehouse.
      Final Thoughts
      Overall I'm going to give the iPad 4 stars, the price is steep and to be honest it's not a massive difference between the original iPad and the iPad 4 but there's a £100 difference and the iPad 4 takes so long on the battery to charge which is something people don't like and something I also don't like at all.

      I don't regret my purchase but I think unless I'm get the iPad on contract and I get a good deal then it's probably worth really asking if you really need one mine was an impulse get as I was offered it for free so why not but realistically I probably wouldn't have bought one as they are too expensive.


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        12.10.2013 17:21
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        • Reliability


        A good all round Tablet computer for everyday needs, or business needs.

        I received an iPad for Christmas last year that my dad bought for me, was a total surprise! Ever since I received my iPad I've been using it non stop every day..

        ~Features & Tech stuff
        Black or white
        Operating system iOS 6 (They've recently bought a new one out iOS 7 which you can update to on your ipad)
        CPU 1.4 GHz dual core
        Storage 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB
        9.7 inch display
        Quad-core Graphics
        2 cameras (Front 1.2 Megapixels & Back 5.0 Megapixels)
        WiFi only OR (you can get WiFi + Cellular)

        ~My experience
        On opening the sleek but simple white box with a professional picture of the iPad on the front, You see the big but slightly thin iPad. Underneath that, the box comes with a couple of Apple stickers, some info booklets, a USB charger that you plug into the wall and a USB cable that you have to plug into the charger and iPad to charge or you can use the cable in your computer.

        You can get the iPad in two colors black or white I've got the white one and it looks so sleek and stylish, you can get different types of storage 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB, I have the 64 GB one and it's more than I'll ever need or use, I've also got the WiFi only one but you can get a WiFi & Cellular one instead.

        I find the display is very good as it's so clear but it can get very bright and hurt your eyes, so you can turn the brightness down or up in the settings area which ever suits you.
        You can also get an iPad case, in lots of different styles and colors, that will protect the iPad from scratches and scuffs and keep it a bit cleaner.
        On first getting the iPad it's fairly easy to set up to your style as you have different steps to complete like language, time & date, apple ID creator etc.
        It comes with the apple operating system with IOS 6 which you can update from time to time, they've recently bought out IOS 7 that is super easy to install from the lots of settings you get. You also get an app i cloud which backs up all your stuff, or if you lose your iPad you can track it with Find my iPhone app which is also on your i cloud that you log into the app on your computer/laptop.

        Since having the iPad i'm in love with the camera and video camera which records in HD (high definition), the photo's that I've taken are so crisp, along with the video's I've taken the picture and sound are amazing quality.

        You get quite a few app's already installed when you first set up your iPad such as Utility stuff like calculator, calendar, address book, a game center etc..Since having the iPad I've downloaded lots of Apps from the App store which also comes already installed on the iPad, I'm mainly using a useful iBook app to download and read any books I want and also comes with a library of the books stored in. I enjoy playing games on this iPad to as most controls to play are shake the iPad, turn left and right, swipe etc.

        The internet browser that comes with it is called Safari which is good, took me some time to get use to it as it was a new thing to me but if you're used to Chrome you can download that free and use it instead of Safari.
        The battery is very good too, I can leave it to fully charge for a few hours and don't need to charge it for another week or maybe more!

        Overall i'm extremely happy with my iPad, it's everything I want all in one powerful tablet with tons of features and Apps you can't really go wrong with it plus the battery lasts me for ages! It's also easy to just put it into my handbag if I ever need to take it with me as it's not too heavy. I'm really pleased I own an iPad now and very grateful for it being given to me as a gift, as it is expensive to buy!


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          02.10.2013 11:41
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Absolutely brilliant!!

          I was lucky enough to receive an Apple IPad 4 for Christmas last year, and to be honest I was very doubtful as to whether I actually needed or even wanted one. After-all, I have a laptop which gives me portable internet access so it seemed a little unnecessary to me. However, I was assured that I would wonder how I managed without one after a short time, and how right they were!

          At first glance...

          The Ipad is available in either black or white, with a large screen occupying the majority of the front of the tablet. The surface is completely smooth which makes it ideal for keeping clean, and with it being a touchscreen there is no additional keyboard to interfere with the simple look. The Ipad is only about a centimetre thick (maximum) which means it is so light and causes no problem at all to slip inside a handbag or just carry from room to room within the house. After having the pleasure of transporting an Ipad around, my laptop seems extremely bulky in comparison!
          Not part of the iPad itself but there are also a huge amount of protective cases available to buy, so the device can be decorated in any style of your choosing, it doesn't need to be simply black or white. The cases also cover uo the screen when not in use to keep them looking in pristine condition.

          Sound and vision quality

          The audio quality cannot be faulted. It could probably be argued that the volume could be turned up a little higher, but music and videos sound clear and crisp. Exactly the same can be said for the visual quality. Mine has the extra feature of having retina display which tweaks the displayed images ever so slightly to make them appear of even more perfect quality. I wasn't sure if this was a bit of a gimmick, but after looking at a friend's ipad who doesn't have the retina display I can see the difference - it makes what is being displayed extremely sharp. Looking at photos on the ipad is therefore absolutely brilliant, every little detail can be seen (maybe not always a good point)!


          There is no denying, the functions on the iPad are fantastic. Before downloading any apps there are already some brilliant features on it including:
          * Calender
          * Camera (of excellent quality)
          * Clock / alarm
          * Maps
          * Reminders
          * Facetime (a bit like Skype - facetime allows you to be in touch with any other person who has an Apple I device by being able to see and hear each other as clear as day. This can be used in different countries for no extra charge and is as clear as being in the next room!
          There is also a 'settings' feature which is invaluable. This allows the user to control all apps, features, brightness, sounds, privacy settings and more.
          There is also a feature, accessed via 'settings' which allows you to link an email address with the iPad. This means that emails can be accessed by simply pressin one single button rather than logging on to mail every time. This instant access t emails is only available with certain accounts though: gmail, yahoo, Hotmail and aol.

          Any additional apps can be easily downloaded on to the iPad in a matter of second. A new icon then appears which is pressed once and you're straight in. These apps can be just as easily deleted too by holding down the icon and clicking the cross. Apps require an Apple password inputting prior to downloading so you don't need to worry about anyone else in the house buying anything ithout ypur knowledge.
          In addition to this, there is also a passcode option to use the ipad so anyone who doesn't know it cant use it at all without asking first!

          There is no need for a separate music device with an iPad either. Itunes is immediately available and can be played from the device without any extra speakers or special equipment.


          Speed is worthy of its own category as its such a major feature of the iPad. At the touch of a button, everything is INSTANT. After thinking a laptop was quite speedy compared to computers I've had previously, it now feels sluggish in comparison. The same task as you would do on a laptop, performed on an iPad will probably take half the time. I am amazed and impressed at the speed in which this small device can process such a huge amount of information. The speed is a major selling point for me.


          The iPads are quite expensive to buy. The price varies accordingly depending whether you choose one with a 16gb memory, 32 or 64gb, and whether you want retina display. I was given the one with 32gb memory with retina display which cost about £550. This was bpought immediately after the ipad 4 had been launched so its possible some deals can be found on this now.
          Apple products are expensive, that is a fact. However, they are of fantastic quality, highly reliable and they retain their value. I use my iPad every single day for both work and leisure so I would say I've probably got my money's worth out of it already.

          My only one slight niggle is a feature on it called Siri. This is where you can speak to the device to find out information rather than typin it in. Whenever I have tried to use this it never seems to understand me. To begin with I thought it might not like my Yorkshire accent, but even wqhen I make an effort to be well spoken it gets it wrong more often than not! This will not reduce my 5* rating though as I have no need for this feature anyway.

          I can't recommend this product enough, makes my laptop feel archaic!!


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          16.09.2013 13:17


          • Reliability


          A brilliant, multifunctional device

          I received this as a gift from my hubby. Having never used an Apple device before (call me old fashioned...) I was a bit apprehensive, and wondered whether I would use it to its full potential. I have very quickly become an Apple convert.
          This is sleek and modern looking, light enough to pop in your bag. I bought a case to protect mine as it is SO slim, and this has protected it beautifully.
          My i pad comes everywhere with me. Yes, I use it for email, and have synced my two email addresses to the mail function, but I use it for so much more. Notes, kindle app for reading, educational apps for my child, pintrest, Facebook, and so much more. Safari, the Internet explorer on apple, is fast and efficient. I have to say I now believe the hype about Apple. It has never crashed, given an error message or been at fault in any way. It syncs with my newly purchased I phone without any intervention from me, so I have all my apps on both. I rarely switch it off completely and it doesn't seem to mind. The battery life is brilliant. I hang it on the car seat on long journeys and my little one watches films on it. As a new Apple user the interface is different to what you are used to on pcs, but it is so user friendly. It just works. Wouldn't be without it now.


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          19.07.2013 17:24
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          Definitely worth the price paid!

          I received the iPad with retina display as a birthday present and after setting up and playing around with the basics, I was already addicted! The iPad has almost completely replaced my pc, which I now only use when I need flash player! It also looks great - so sleek and shiny and sexy! The iPad is slim and light, making it very portable and easy to fit into your handbag or briefcase.

          Perfect for surfing, the wifi is quick, the google search bar is handy and bookmarking is a doddle. The touch screen has just the right amount of sensitivity and the on screen keyboard is just the right size (my partner is usually complaining that touch screen keyboards are too small but this poses no problem for his big hands!). Of course, for those who do have trouble typing, the iPad has a clever little feature which converts speech into text - this can be used for anything from updating your Facebook status to word processing.

          The 5MP iSight camera (on the back) is better than any I have previously encountered, and the 1080p HD video is perfect for watching movies. FaceTime is simple, with the front camera capable of 720p HD video and excellent microphone so your loved ones can see and hear you clearly as you chat to them from afar!

          Battery life is good, and doesn't take forever to charge. I love that the lightning connector can be inserted any way up, but I do wish it had the same 30 pin connector as my iPod touch so I could use the one charger for both.

          With the extensive range of apps available from the Apple Store, the iPads possibilities are endless!


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            13.06.2013 17:40


            • Reliability


            Great product especially for families with children

            What a wonderful device! I decided to treat myself to a brand new iPad a couple of months ago and I haven't once doubted my decision, it has completely replaced my laptop. It's so portable and it's just a lot easier than getting my clunky laptop out, now I can browse the internet, check my emails all on the go or in the comfort of bed on those lazy mornings.

            It comes preloaded with iOS6 which is great because it syncs everything over iCloud, I do one thing on my iPad and it magically appears on my mac, I find this most useful for when I am taking quick notes. I can access them anywhere which is a real plus for me! The app store has many iPad apps for you to download which many of them are free and will keep you entertained for hours, if you have children I'd recommend the iPad my little cousins can't get enough of all the games they can play on it and they're amused for hours on end! A really good buy if anyone has small children, not to mention all the educational apps you can download onto the device.

            I mainly use my iPad for checking my emails and web browsing, it's so suited because it's so portable. I can pop it in my bag and whip it out when I'm on a train which has wifi which most places do now days so that's not a problem to worry about.

            All in all this is an amazing device and if you own an iPhone or any other apple device you're going to love it!


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        • Product Details

          Pick up the iPad with Retina display and suddenly, it's clear. You're actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. Nothing comes between you and what you love. That's because the fundamental elements of iPad - the display, the processor, the cameras, the wireless connection - all work together to create the best possible experience. And they make iPad capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

          The A6X chip inside iPad is the most powerful mobile chip yet. It delivers up to twice the CPU and graphics performance of the A5X chip. And it makes iPad feel faster and even more responsive. Apps launch instantly and run smoothly. Graphics-intensive games are fluid and lifelike on the gorgeous Retina display. And with improved image signal processing built into the A6X chip, the photos and videos you take with the 5-megapixel iSight camera look sharper and even more Retina worthy.

          FaceTime on iPad puts you face-to-face - even when you're miles apart. You can make a video call over Wi-Fi, so if you're out and about, your friends and family are never out of the loop. And now with the FaceTime HD camera, everyone can get an even better view of you and what's around you. You can also use it for taking self-portraits or recording 720p HD video.

          iPad is sleek, beautiful, and engineered to handle life on the go - thanks in large part to the aluminum unibody. By consolidating many parts into one, everything becomes less complex and far more precise. The result is an iPad that's thin, light, and durable enough for the ins and outs of everyday life.

          The Wi-Fi capabilities built into iPad keep you connected faster than ever - up to twice as fast as any previous-generation iPad. With dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi and support for channel bonding, download speeds can reach up to 150 Mbps. Translation: many of the things you do every day may start to feel a whole lot faster.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Apple iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi - 4th generation - tablet - 128 GB - 9.7"
          Product Type: Tablet
          Display: 9.7" IPS TFT - LED backlight - 2048 x 1536 ( 264 ppi ) - Multi-Touch
          Processor: Apple A6X ( Dual-Core )
          Storage: 128 GB
          Wireless Connectivity: 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
          Camera: 5 Megapixel rear + 1.2 Megapixel front
          HD Video Recording: 1080p
          Battery Run Time: Up to 10 hours
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 18.57 cm x 0.94 cm x 24.12 cm
          Weight: 652 g
          Colour: Black
          Localisation: English / United Kingdom
          Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty