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Pretty cheap good quality tablet (?70-?99), very slim, sleek black colour for a smart and sophisticated look. Nice and clear screen, though highly glossy, and not easy to clean. Poor camera resolution.

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    2 Reviews
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      26.05.2013 23:37
      Very helpful



      Amazing value for money tablet

      I already own a good quality android based tablet for my own use, but found my child was begging for one too. I initially refused and bought the usual array of toys for Christmas (Lego etc) but still had a load of unopened toys sat in my living room come mid February. I sold them on a selling site and used the cash to buy my child what he had wanted all along - one of these.

      At around £70 these are bargain buy tablets, and many of them in this price range really don't work very well at all. This tablet, however, has really surprised me. It does have a few limitations but generally works extremely well and has a lot to offer. This tablet is very slim and light - much more so than my Motorola Xoom. It's only got an 8" screen which makes it ideal for a child or for someone who wants a tablet that is easy to carry around. It doesn't look or feel cheap unlike some of the other similar tablets I've seen within this price bracket.

      The tablet has a standard android operating system already installed; I'm not technically knowledgeable enough to tell you any more than that. You have the standard android multi-screen set up when you turn this on, so that you can store different applications on different screens if desired. You can download most of the usually desired applications onto the system, for example: Kindle, Facebook, BBC Iplayer, Minecraft, Angry Birds etc. This means you can use this to do everything from playing games to watching TV or reading a book. It has MP4 video playback ability built in too, and I really love that I can download films and cartoons onto this so that my child can watch things in the back of the car on long journeys without the need for any internet connection. This is a wi-fi tablet by the way - it's only for use with wireless connections and not mobile ones (the bonus being no bills!).

      I don't know the technical details behind it, but there are a couple of kinds of video files that won't play on this (unlike my Motorola Xoom which plays anything). It happily plays MP4 files I transfer over to it from DVDs and Youtube rips, and it plays things on Iplayer and Youtube too. It won't play a lot of the files from places like Project Free TV though, and I suspect that's something to do with it not being able to support certain kinds of more advanced codec? As I said before though, I'm not technically knowledgeable to go into much great detail on this! All I can really tell you is that some video files will play on this and some won't. The big positive is that it has HD capabilities and watching programs on this is just the same as watching them on a TV. The picture quality is much better than I expected it to be! Playing videos is one of the bigger battery-draining things to do on here, but even with watching films on this the battery runs for around 6hrs between charges - a lot longer than your average portable DVD player (and yet for around the same price!).

      As with most tablets, there is a video and camera function here, though the resolution for both is pretty poor and only really suitable for use as a toy or in the event that you are desperate for a snap (in good light!) and have no other option available. On the plus side, if you get a decent photograph with this, it's easy to transfer over to your computer via the USB lead or by uploading it to a site like Facebook via a wi-fi connection.

      The music playback is pretty decent, and the music player selection process is nice and easy too. Just 'swipe' through your collection to find the song you want and tap it to play. The sound can go up loud enough for a small group of friends to enjoy in a quiet back garden but no louder. The quality of the sound is nice and clear. It's easy to put this on mute quickly too, when the volume bar appears as you press the up or down button, you can tap on the speaker at the end of the bar and this will switch between mute and not.

      The screen is nice and clear, but it's also highly glossy and prone to smudging which is a pain. Obviously you get finger marks on all tablet screens, but this does seem to get grotty much quicker and easier than other products we own, and it's not as easy to clean either. I have to spend a good few minutes polishing it up every other day to get all the marks and smudges off it.

      The processor in this is 1.6gh which is actually quite impressive for a tablet in this price range. This is the same as a lot of the chunkier netbooks, which preceeded tablets a few years ago, used. The memory is only 8gb though, and remember as with most things - some of this is used up by the system before you even start adding your own stuff. This means you need to keep your system clean, getting rid of video files and games that you've finished with before putting lots of new ones on. That said at present I think we have around 25 applications on here, five or six kindle books, a handful of photographs, two full length films and seven or eight cartoons as well as 20 - 30 music files. There's still about 2gb of space left at present. There is an slot if you want to expand the storage space though and it will take up to 64gb.

      I'm really impressed with this and felt like I got much better quality than I should have done for £70. I paid a lot more for my current mobile phone and it doesn't work half as well as this does! I definitely recommend it as a children's tablet, though that is not to say it isn't perfectly good for use by adults who want something cheap and light too.


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        03.04.2013 10:29
        Very helpful



        A decent enough tablet computer

        When it comes to tablets most people tend to either go for the iPad or nothing at all. I needed a new tablet which was cheap to take with me out me and act like my iPad does.

        == Design ==

        This tablet is made by a brand most people would instantly turn away from because it is not as well known or advertised as other brands are.

        This tablet has a sleek black colour to it which enables it to look smart and sophisticated. There are the normal type of controls you would expect ranging from the volume control and also the power button.

        You have a thick base to this item as well-meaning extra weight which is noticeable. The screen looks smart and overall dominates the entire front of the product. There is a border around the screen which looks out of proportion due to one section being obviously bigger then another.

        The back of the item is black and has the logo of the company there along with the camera which is situated at the top of the back and looks in some ways alone and out of place.

        The design is overall very smart but some parts look like they need evening out.

        == Features ==

        The operating system is Android 4.0 and to be fair this means not a whole lot to me other than this is the area you would go to download the applications like you would with iTunes and Apple.

        The system holds a memory storage of 8GB which is very useful but there is the compatibility to expand this to 64GB with a micro SDHC card as there is a card slot made for this on the machine.

        The computer operates with Dual Core 1.6 GHz with Quad Core GPU. This is pretty good for a tablet and acts well to make sure the device runs quicker.

        The weight of this item is 470 grams and the weight is very obvious when you pick up the item. It feels very bulky and heavy but also durable as well. The item can feel that if you drop it the whole tablet would smash due to the weight sensation.

        There is also a 1GB ram on this product and the screen size is 8 inches and that is very good as well and when you start using the item you do feel the item is much bigger in terms of the screen size overall.

        The size of this item is 153.5mm x 203mm x 11.5mm. This item is not as thin as the iPad but it does look much slimmer then it is when you pick it up so the look of the tablet makes the thickness look a lot smaller.

        This item can play movies in many formats such as the usual AVI, MP4 but also perhaps the less common files such as FLV and MKV. This is a good thing to have and means if someone sends you a video in a format you do not understand instead of finding something to alter it you can watch it on your tablet.

        == Wi-Fi and Camera ==

        The Wi-Fi on this item was so simple to set up and this is done for you when you first load up the device. The screen tells you how to set up details such as the time and where you are in the world but it also asks to find a Wi-Fi connection for you.

        When you do find the Wi-Fi link you're asked to put in a password for your particular network and then you're logged on and ready to browse the internet. The speed to which this item finds the connections available to you is fantastic.

        The camera on the other hand is hard to use and offers a small amount of perfection due to the 2MP camera. I understand this item is not meant to have everything fantastic due to the price being so low but the camera is poor.

        I tried taking pictures of pets in well-lit rooms and also in dark rooms. The quality was fuzzy and even when I tried to send the pictures to my own laptop to alter the colour on them it was hard to do and most pictures were deleted.

        Even outside in the great sunshine I had today it was hard to get a decent picture and after I took fifty pictures only two of them looked as if they had some sort of quality to them which is very bad news if you wish to take pictures of animals.

        If you're going to use the front camera for Skype maybe or to show yourself to friends in some way or to even take a picture this camera offers 0.4MP which is beyond terrible so the camera on this item is very bad.

        == Sound, Screen Colour, Battery Life ==

        The sound on this item is very good the controls are on the side of the tablet which offers you a chance to put the volume up or down at your own leisure. There is the odd moment when listening to video clips off the internet where there seems to be an echo.

        This echo can be fairly loud and often sounds like your turning the volume up further for a few seconds before it begins to dwindle down again to a normal level. This happens occasionally and usually when I am listening to rock music so unsure if this is anything to do with it at all.

        There are 16 million colours on the screen and it is always bright and very well lit. You can alter the screen colours via the settings which is pretty easy to do but the problem is when you wish to use a potential screen cover to protect the screen from any scratches the colour is terrible and you sometimes cannot view videos or pictures at all.

        The screen resolution is usually pretty good when you play some games on the screen or watch movie trailers most of the time the quality is fantastic it is the odd pictures or video clips which tend to cause the problems.

        The battery takes around a few hours to fully charge and when you use the tablet for games the battery tends to take about four hours to disappear. If you use the battery for browsing the internet it tends to last a lot longer and sometimes over 24 hours.

        == Touch Screen and Internet ==

        The touch screen on this item is good but it is hard to work out. You have no buttons at all on the tablet everything is done via the screen. The touch screen has a few buttons you press in the corner and one is a return button so you revisit a previous page and another takes you to the main screen.

        The speed between moving from one set of applications to another screen by scrolling along is quick. I find the screen when it comes to using the buttons on the screen very quick. The touch screen is easy to use when it comes to typing on the keyboard which pops up as well.

        The touch screen is not one of those which by a simple move or touch on the screen you could do something. You have to really want the screen to move or a letter to be typed in for anything to happen which I like because this means you cannot make silly errors.

        The internet is quick but this all depends upon your own network or Wi-Fi area you're in. If the area is not giving you top speed you tend to notice this when it comes to you using the item.

        There is one problem in the internet area and this is when you're using a search engine and begin to type in either a question or a topic if you do this to quickly the actual tablet locks up completely. This results in you using the reset button and sometimes this can actually make you re-enter details.

        There is the Android market as well and if you are using this tablet for gaining applications such as Ebay the time it takes to download them is quick and often the applications are easier to use to find items in terms of speed then it is to use the actual websites.

        You can use voice recognition to get items to show up as well. If you use the built in microphone to speak down you can ask a search engine to find a product for you which saves you using the keyboard. The results are usually pretty accurate and extremely quick.

        == Final Thoughts ==

        This item is valued at around £99 which is a good price for a tablet which has good memory, size and allows you to go online.

        You have the Android market and the speed on the touch screen and the overall colour is good. There is issues regarding the camera and how good the pictures turn out but with a small camera size it is kind of obvious this might not be the best.

        There is no retina display so if you turn the tablet around to get a better angle you will notice the screen does not switch position as well. The other problem is in terms of accessories for this product.

        Items such as bags, cases, screen protectors or even pens to touch the screen with are hard to get unless you visit auction websites. So far finding a case which fits this item perfectly has been difficult so this is one area you must investigate if you wish to get this item.

        I would rate this item as a 6 out of 10 and there is some areas it needs to improve on but for the small price of £99 currently at Tesco this might be a nice birthday present for someone and it saves you spending a fortune on the iPad which costs considerably more.


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