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Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 16 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2012 10:57
      Not Helpful


      • Reliability


      very very good, a benchmark for technology

      I mean Come on look at the Name. Transformer Prime! WOW, it has to be cool with that kind of name. in fact im thinking of naming my children that (when i have them ofcourse).

      and it looks as cool as it sounds aswell. This is just one of the many products that i am excited about trying this year. Mainly because of the name haha, but seriously because it is a tablet with a detachable Keyboard. so basically a LapLet then? (<=== Copyrighted haha)

      This LapLet Features:

      12.1&#8243; touch screen
      1.3GHZ Processor
      1GB Ram
      Android 2.3 OS (so its a Smartphone aswell? well there goes my name out the window!)
      and up to 18 Hours of battery life

      So, I think that this SmartLapLet ( see what i did there?) is one of the gadgets that is going to be setting the bench marks of technology to come simply because of the technical features it has and the Name of course!

      I would rate this:

      Looks: 5/5

      Capabilities: 5/5

      Practicalities: 4/5

      Overall: 4.5/5

      I gave the practicalities a 4/5 because if you detach the keyboard when your out you are stuck lugging around a keyboard! i think maybe a slide out keyboard would have been more practical but hey, im not a designer!

      If you would like to purchase the ASUS EeePad Transformer Prime (so cool) then i have added a link for you below.

      Thank you for reading i hope you enjoyed it.

      Written by Mark Hinchcliffe


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        03.10.2011 11:14
        Very helpful



        Fantastic Device

        The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is one of several Android tablets that are available on the market currently. It was released in the UK in June of this year and I bought mine about 4 weeks ago. I wanted to purchase a tablet as part of my grand plan of what I see as the ideal range of technology devices, a PC, Tablet and Smartphone and as my laptop is slowly ground to a halt, I decided it was time to make the purchase.

        ~Look and Feel~
        The tablet is lightweight, weighing 680 grams. I found that for tablets of a similar size that only the iPad 2 is lighter. I find that the Tablet fits well in my hands when held both horizontally and vertically. The Tablet has a very sleek design and is slightly curved on the back. The tablet has is not smooth on the reverse side which I find makes it easier to grip compared with the other tablets I tested out before I made my purchase. As well as being lightweight, it is also slim with dimensions of 271 x 171 x 12.98 mm.

        The Tablet is powered with NVIDIA's Tegra 2 1.0 Ghz processor which I have found to be plenty of power to allow you to play back video while have web browsers and apps running in the background, which you can easily switch between. I have been playing a video, pause the video, bring up twitter that has been running in the background and then maybe browse the web before resuming the video once more.

        The tablet is running using Android's Honeycomb Operating System. My tablet was shipped with version 3.0. However, version 3.2 was instantly available. From what I read about 3.0, version 3.2 offers much better video playback and I am very happy with the OS.

        Having never used Android much before, I have found that it is very intuitive. Maybe not quite as intuitive as Apple's iOS, but it is very easy to use never-the-less. It only took me a few hours of use to become familiar with the various menus and buttons that I was using.

        ~Memory and Storage~
        The Tablet also has 1GB of memory and is shipped with either 16GB (the one I have) or 32GB of Storage Space. There is also a mircoSD slot for expanding your memory by an additional 32GB. I decided that that would allow me enough space to store some video for when I am on my move as well as my music collection, along with any Apps I would want to install on the Tablet.

        The Tablet has a 10.1 inch LED screen, which has scratch resistant glass. I find that the size of screen is about right. I have tested a few of the smaller screened tablets and I find that they are just a little too similar to some of the larger screened Smartphone's and there you don't get a full Tablet experience. I have found that websites which have not been omptimised for mobile use are more than readable on the tablet's display, which is often hard to read on my Blackberry.

        The screen isn't the best in direct sunlight, but I believe that this is an issue with most of the tablets on the market and is one of the main advantages of the likes of the Kindle if you are looking to read using a device like this.

        With no 3G capabilities Wifi is clearly an important element and the tablet is fitted with a good WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz network card and also has Bluetooth. I have found that the Wifi is very responsive at picking up wireless network connects and is a lot less sluggish than my laptop is.

        There is also a mini HDMI slot on the tablet which I use to play video I have downloaded from the web to play through my Television. The playback is good and I am very happy with the results.

        There are two camera's on the Tablet, one of the front and one on the rear. The camera on the front is 1.2 Mega Pixel and there is a higher quality 5 Mega Pixel Camera on the back. The camera's allow you to capture still pictures as well as video. I have also used the camera's as a webcam.

        ~Battery Life~
        The manufacturer says that the battery life last up to 9.5 hours. I find that if I fully charge it on a Friday, it will last all weekend to Sunday night. This is with browsing the web regularly, playing some games and watching back some video. You can retrieve stats on what is consuming the batteries power to help optimise your usage.

        I paid £329.99 for my tablet, however they are currently retailing at £379.99. If you would like to get the tablet and the keyboard dock combined then you can pick that up from Amazon for £429.99. I am extremely happy with the performance and look and feel of the tablet and if you are considering buying a Tablet I could recommend this one highly enough. The Tablet was also shipped ready to use. All it required was a bit of a charge and it was good to go.

        I believe that with the expandable memory and mini HDMI slot along with the additional keyboard dock that you can by gives this tablet a slight edge over the iPad2 and Motorolla Xoom. The tablet is also very competitively priced.

        The tablet has crashed a few times on me. However, this seems to happen when I am using an App which has not been designed for use by the tablet. I am hopeful that as more Android tablets hit the market, developers will start to produce App's suitable for the tablets as well as Android Smartphone's.


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