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Coby Kyros MID 8127

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2013 12:37
      Very helpful



      Annoyingly slow and very limited

      I bought my Coby Kyros 8" Tablet computer from Ideal World the TV channel. It is very easy to buy off them just phone the on screen number they charge you for doing so and give your details to the computer generated message. It was £99.99 at the time which seemed like good value but was not.

      It arrived within a few days and you have to sign for delivery. It was charged up and ready to go so I logged on. It is a wifi only tablet. Already loaded was Google play, Get Jar, Aldiko a book site. Google play lets you download other apps like Amazon, ebay, Auto Trader very easily in a few minutes. Games are available like Angry Birds which work well untill the sound stopped working.

      The tablet comes with a cover and a mini HDMI lead for downloading photo's that can be taken on the built in camera along with a charger. The instruction book is very small in many languages and not really needed if you know what your doing.

      The Camera has no viewer and a front facing button to take pictures with which is very difficult to use. The quality of the pictures is strange like a painting. It also needs very strong light to work.

      A keyboard pops up when you want to type and is good for short messages if your want to write essays forget it as it is useless for that. It can be very slow to find web pages and does not like large web sites with lots of pictures.

      After about three months the sound stopped working. I phoned the number for some advise on the guarantee and was told I had to send it to Germany for any repairs as he no idea what was wrong.

      Checking it out at the post office the cost was £30 so did not bother sending it back. Funny thing is if you turn a song on and then switch the tablet off you can hear the music but as soon as you switch the tablet back on the sound goes. What that is about I do not know.

      It is good for use outside the home in wifi hot spots it works in foreign countries with no problem. It has an 8gb memory which is more than enough. The battery lasts for four hours or so and charges up in about the same time.

      It is now a year since I bought this tablet it still has no sound I have reset it many times. Also I have seen these type of tablets going now for only £50 on ebay! I now use a desk top and have a smart box for watching programmes on the internet as well. The tablet is only used when I am having a bath now.


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      08.03.2012 17:30
      Very helpful



      This is a mid ranged tablet, the MID8027 is identical to the MID8127. Check the specs before buying.

      I received my Coby Kyros MID8027/MID8127 as a Christmas present and after a few months of messing around with it I feel able to write a reasonable review.

      First off I must mention that the MID8027 is a tablet marketed in Germany and my son who is based in Germany (9/12th Lancers) brought this back with him and it comes in at around 165 euro or £140. With it being a European model the first hurdle I discovered was that the plug is the standard European two pin, so one trip down Wilkinsons later for an adaptor I was ready to plug my new toy in and see what it could do. I have to mention that it can be a bit glitchy and occasionally needs turning off and back on again (IT Crowd moment) for it to recognise that the charger is plugged in, but once I had figured that out I was ready to go.

      After doing some more research about my internet tablet I discovered that it is identical to the MID8127 produced by Coby USA, I have come to the conclusion that the tablets are identical, same specs, android system everything its just that the MID 8027 boots up in German. Once I switched the language, which is simple to do in the settings, from German to English I was away.

      With that done all became clear, it was very much like a giant phone, the menu was very similar to my Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, and this is due to it running Android 2.3, which is unfortunately un-updatable, for reasons only known to Coby.

      So once I was switched to English and fully charged I had a good look around it. With its glossy 8 inch capacitive (this means you can touch it on two places at the same time) LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 600 it looks good, albeit very prone to finger prints. The screen is very responsive and can be touched in two places at once, ideal for zooming in on small areas on pictures. At the bottom of the screen are three touch sensitive soft keys, back, which obviously steps you back off apps, the internet etc, home that closes all running applications and returns you to the home screen and menu that can be used during different processes to bring up different options.

      At the top of the screen is a rather rubbish 0.3 mega pixel camera, this to me seems pointless, the pictures it takes are very grainy and dark and also can only be of whoever is in front of the screen. Running up the right had side of the tablet is up and down volume control, which can also be used for turning pages when using the reader. There is also an on/off switch, which when short pressed puts the tablet into standby and when long pressed brings up the option to turn off, silent mode and aeroplane mode. Annoyingly there is no restart option, so for anything requiring a restart you have to tune it off and then back on again.

      Due to the positioning of the soft keys I have taken to using the tablet upside down so I don't accidentally press the soft keys, this is very annoying when I am in the middle of a book, or reading reviews and everything disappears right before my eyes. Luckily the tablet can be viewed in landscape mode or upside down, like me, as the screen automatically switches to the correct way around. A good thing about the soft keys is that they light up when pressed.

      On the base of the tablet are a few little holes, from left to right, hole one is for a micro sd/sdhd card, it can take up to 32g, hole number two is for the power adaptor, hole number three is a micro USB port, hole number four is for headphones, it is best to be vigilant with this port as I accidentally plugged the charger in here, it doesn't seem to of harmed the tablet, hole number five is for mini hdmi because the tablet supports 720p and 1080p.

      The tablet has a built in microphone, but I have never used it so can't comment on it, and stereo speakers, the tablet is very quiet so I don't use it for music and I don't use the supplied headphones as I have teeny tiny ears and can not fit them in my ears and I'm too paranoid to wear the other types of headphones, I think someone is creeping up behind me when I wear headphones. Also my husband has assured me that the headphones supplied in the box are not very good quality, so I recommend buying or using a different set.

      The back of the tablet is plastic; the surface of this is matt so makes for easy holding.
      It weighs 1.22lb so while not as light as a kindle it is still ok to hold for a while without getting achy wrists.

      I guess that brings me to what was supplied in the box, obviously the tablet, and a sock type cover for it, mini USB cable, USB adaptor, in ear headphones, a micro fibre cleaning cloth and a charger. My charger was the European two pin type but that was easily remedied with a travel adaptor.

      The tablet takes about two hours to charge fully, it has a in-built Li-Poly battery, and holds its charge for around 5 hours so plenty of time for reading reviews in bed, it does last a while longer if the WiFi is turned off, for example when using the reader. Another annoying glitch for me is that it is not very efficient at telling you when the battery needs charging, one minute its there the next it's gone. So I do recommend shutting it down fully after each use.

      Another down side to this tablet is that you can not access the Google Android Apps market, it does come with AppsLib pre loaded, but that is unfortunately not available to Coby users any more. I followed links on the Coby USA web site while browsing on the tablet to install GetJar android market, this is pretty simple to do, click on the download and the tablet will automatically start downloading, you can see this in the notification bar on the top of the screen, once downloaded just follow instructions to install. Once the app is installed you can reach the GetJar app market by clicking on the large G logo, GetJar has lots of free apps including all the Angry Birds. I also installed a second app market called Android Pitt, this has lots of free apps too and it's good to have a choice.

      The down loading of apps is really easy as it is similar to a phone, most of the apps run really smoothly, I have mostly got simple apps such as pick up sticks, Simple Simon, dots and boxes, mah-jong etc, Angry Birds... there are also lots of lifestyle apps for weight loss, calendars, money management etc...

      The tablet is pretty much like an android phone, you can easily customise home screens with your favourite apps, and with a swish of your finger the menus glide across easily.

      As the tablet is WiFi only, you can only access the internet through your home WiFi connection or through free WiFi when you are out and about; I am on BT infinity so I do get access to the BT hotspots and when I manage to lock onto one of these the connection is steady. The tablet picked up my home connection quickly, with no fuss at all, and it remembers it so I don't have to go through all the hassle of putting settings in every time I connect to the internet.

      One of my main uses for the tablet, apart from Ciao and Dooyoo, is reading books, the tablet came with Aldiko pre installed and you can also download other readers from the apps library. Unfortunately you can not install Kindle. I transferred a lot of books from my laptop on to the tablet using a memory card, the tablet uses Epub or PDF formats so you do need to convert books to these formats before loading them on. I have about 500 (had a clear out) books on my tablet and it is no where near full. You can access a book store through the Aldiko reader but as this requires credit card information to buy books I am not to sure about using it.

      One of the first things I did with the tablet was download some virus protection from the apps library, I run the AVG one and that has kept me safe from any possible viruses.

      Another slight down side is that it does not run Adobe Flash Player so a lot of video content from the internet will not run on this. There is a warning on the side of the box telling you that it needs WiFi access, that it doesn't support flash player and supports most Apps on the AppsLib (now no longer supported, but maybe newer packaging tells you this).

      For the more technically minded out there it is possible to play around with the operating system so it will accept the Google Android Market and Kindle, but that is not something I am willing or able to try. I was struggling with my MID8027, but since discovering it is identical to the MID8127 I have had no trouble.

      Here are some of the specs:
      CPU Typ3 - Tele Cortex 8
      CPU speed - 1GHz
      Memory type - Flash
      Memory Max - Built in 4 GB expandable to 32 GB
      Display size - 8 inch
      Display type - capacitive (multi - touch)
      Display resolution - 800 x 600
      Aspect ratio - 4:3
      WLAN type - WiFi 802.11 b/g
      Audio Input - Microphone
      Audio output - 3.5mm headphone jack and built in speakers
      USB port - 2.0 high speed
      Media support - Micro sd/hdsd
      OSD language support - English, German, Italian, Spanish and lots more
      OS system - Android 2.3
      Battery - rechargeable
      Dimensions 8.11 x 0.55 x 6.22 WHD inches
      Weight - 1.22lb

      In conclusion I find the Coby Kyros MID8027/MID8127 to be a good little tablet; it is fast even though I have piled books and apps on it, the internet pages load up very quickly, even when I have multiple windows open. The touch screen is responsive, the picture when playing You Tube videos is very good, it can be synchronised with your e-mail account so you can access your e-mails as soon as they drop in your inbox, the apps and games run really well and it is fantastic for entertaining the kids while in the car or in the hospital waiting room. The MID8027 is priced at £140 on Amazon and the MID8127 is priced at £180, they are identical apart from the Mid8027 boots up in German.

      I would advise shopping around and doing a lot of research before buying any internet tablet as they can be limited in what they can do (no Google apps store, no Adobe flash player, no kindle app). At the end of the day the Coby MID8027/MID8127 does do what I want it to (internet browsing at home, games and e-reader) but it did take some fiddling with to get running correctly.

      This a revised and updated version of my review posted on Ciao a few weeks ago, thank you for reading XX


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