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Handspring Visor Prism

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Handspring Visor Prism - Palm OS 3.5.2H - MC68VZ328 33 MHz - RAM: 8 MB TFT - IrDA - cobalt blue

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2001 01:26



      I upgraded from the Palm III and a WAP phone to this slinky little number. Handspring were doing a deal with the Visorphone Wireless modem for £419 I thought why not combine the two. First you have all the benefits of a PDA but with the Visorphone attached you have a mobile phone, e mail and wireless web access all in one. This is not that WAP style access this is full on WEB access, OK it's not like your PC, (it uses web clipping to downsize the pages but it is clever) Sending and receiving proper email from your handheld is a liberating experience I can tell ya. Apart from all this the Prism is in glorious colour, once you've tried a PDA in colour you'll NEVER want a green screen again. You can, if you want, have a mobile electronic photo album. I must admit this is a bit geeky but someone will find it really usefull i'm sure. The Visorphone was also shipped with the very good BUGME messenger, so you can create post-it notes and send them using the Modem to any other e mail address, great for reminders. Downsides ? It's a bit heavy with the Visorphone attached and definatly bigger than a Mobile. I also had a lot of trouble finding a suitable case to hold it all in. So, if you want to combine you PDA and your mobile and have real e mail and WEB access on the go, look no further, here it is !


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  • Product Details

    Now you can add color to your life... and your organizer - with Visor Prism, the first infinitely expandable full-color handheld computer. It displays over 65,000 vibrant colors so everything is crisper, brighter and easier to read. And, with the Springboard expansion slot, you can snap in a digital camera or a global positioning system and instantly view full-color pictures, maps and more.

    The Visor Prism's active-matrix backlit display really brightens your day…and your night. Now you can view picture-quality graphics like photos, videos, games, and maps. And everything is incredibly easy to read, too. Some things just look better in color. With the Visor Prism, you can snap in a Springboard module and take advantage of the Springboard platform's incredible color potential. The Visor Prism's internal lithium ion battery recharges in minutes - and it does it while resting in its cradle. And, with normal use, the battery lasts nearly two weeks on a single charge. The Visor Prism not only has great colors on the inside, it also comes in a cool cobalt blue color on the outside.