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Hewlett Packard Jornada 928

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The Jornada 928 WDA seamlessly integrates handheld and mobile phone features, and is available at a competitive price.

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2002 01:45
      Very helpful



      Mobile phones have changed our lives - no doubts about that, although for the past year I have become a little frustrated with them as they have failed to embrace all the available technology. I have had certain requirements which I belived should be available - it was just a case of waiting. Those needs were: (1) Mobile phone (2) PDA or Personal digital assistant (3) MP3 player (4) Mobile access to internet & E-mail I regularly work & travel in both the UK and abroad, as a result I lump around my mobile phone, CD player and diary which has become annoying. Hewlett Packard have come to the rescue with the Hp Jornada 928 which integrates all of the above plus more in a single unit. The basic spec: -Wireless digital assistant -Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, phone edition software -TI OMAP 710 processor -64 MB SDRAM -32 MB flash ROM -3.5 inch LCD with touch-screen digitiser -16 bit colour outdoor viewable reflective TFT display -Backlit monochrome phone display -EGSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz wireless voice and data communication -Compact flash Type 1 extended expanison slot -Serial / USB port -Infrared port -Hands free stereo headset with microphone -Built in speaker phone The unit itself is about fix inches tall by 3 inches wide and 1/2 inch deep which makes it of similar size to other PDA's - larger than most phones but still very portable. It is an attractive piece of kit - it comes with a flip up protective silver cover, although it also has the benefit of the small top mounted phone display which means you do not have to keep the PDA always on and draining the battery but just the phone. It is unbelievable to think that the unit offers such an array of features - consider that it can run most office products in addition to being a mobile phone, can connect live to the the internet and your choice of EMail systems whilst it can al
      so play your choice of music and media files - GREAT does not descibe this adequatley The software is easily picked up for anyone familiar with the windows operating environment and this makes the whole unit very accessable. Software includes covers Word, Excel and Outlook for office business in addition to Internet explorer & Windows Media player for surfing, MP3 and other media files such as video's. The screen is extremely clear and easily navigated, whilst the whole unit feels well made and comfortable to use. There are however some negative issues to consider: The unit does require occassional reseting - typically once-twice a day depending on use) this is either due to the windows software or the newness of all the technology. It is not a serious flaw and for those use to windows environments nothing new so I wouldn't be upset at this. Secondly the unit does not have blue tooth capability unfortunatly so the headset is not wireless which is irritating for driving - agin no major issue. The battery also seems to drain very quickly although this may be a result of my excessive use of the phone and connecting to the internet - hopefully when I understand the product better I will extend the time between charges - At prent I charge the phone for a number of hours each day and all night and get maybe 2 hours use from this. The phone is not the best feature and I miss some of the basic useability I have come to expect. I am currently not getting all the text messagtes sent to me - I have to talk loud and have the phone volume up to the highest level. If you primarily want a phone and enjoy all phone gimmicks then this is not the product for you in my opinion. A final concern for those of you with street cred to maintain is that you can look a bit of a plank holding what looks like a calculator sized phone to your ear - giving your friend a good laugh - having said that people want t
      o see the phone and are all very impressed at what it can do - well over half of those I have shown are going to buy them on the strength of a quick demo! -------------------------- The phone offers so many great features that it is hard to list them all - but some of my favourites include: The hands-free speaker phone, permenant access to the internet and your Email accounts is unbeliveable and will be the norm within a year, great games, voice recorder for notes, and the MP3 player are all fantastic. The HP product comes with 64MB SDRAM which I believe is twice what comes with the similar product availabe from 02, although having said that I have put in my own 128 MB compact flash card to hold additional music files. The product only uses RAM to run and hold files so it is worth expanding this for storage to maintain the speed of the unit which is pleasantly fast. Overall this is a great product which I cannot rate highly enough - go and see - currently available for Vodaphone but available direct also from HP.


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