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Kindle Fire HDX 7" 32GB WIFI

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4 Reviews
  • Durable
  • User friendly
  • Expensive accessories
  • Short Battery Life
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    4 Reviews
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      19.07.2015 16:00
      Very helpful


      • Durable
      • "User friendly "
      • "Built in loud speaker "
      • "Adjustable settings for any conditions "
      • "High definition video"


      • "Short Battery Life"

      In conclusion the Kindle Fire HDX 7 is one of the best tablets you can

      The Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch tablet has to be one of the best tablets out there. When I bought my Kindle Fire that was my second tablet. Being my first was an iPad. Compared to an iPad the Kindle Fire HDX is much more durable, especially useful for children. I've had my Kindle Fire now for about a year and in that year I have dropped it and thrown it many of times. Every time ending in the same conclusion barely a scratch. The Kindle Fire has very nice and clear high definition video capabilities along with a loud built-in speaker. Battery life itself last on average between 3-5 hours of constant use with brightness on low. Other than a short battery life there's almost nothing more keeping you from getting your own Kindle Fire HDX 7. The Kindle Fire HDX is especially user-friendly. The Kindle Fire is easy to use and setup for all of your needs you can do everything from read books play games watch videos browse the web almost everything you could possibly need is this one tablet. Send them the Kindle Fire is one of the best tablets out there on the market whether you're buying it for your kids are buying for yourself there's no way It can disappoint you. And last but not least the price, and price comparison a lot of other tablets and products on the market nowadays the Kindle Fire series has to be one of the most valued yet cost-saving tablet you can buy price comparison lot of other tablet some products on the market now and de the Kindle Fire is one of the most cost saving buys when it comes to tablets. All times people think the higher the price the better quality but I was not true in this case the Kindle Fire HDX 7 is not only cost effective but also one of the best tablets compared to others when it comes to quality


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      24.01.2015 15:55
      Very helpful


      • "Good value"
      • "Fast tablet"


      • "Expensive accessories"

      Great fast tablet.

      The Fire HDX is a tablet from Amazon Kindle.

      I have had a Fire HDX for about 6 months. it's the third tablet we own. Amazons software is based upon Android so the menu systems are recognisable for those who already use Android on a tablet or phone.

      The tablet itself is sleek and it has a power switch on one side and the volume buttons on the other.

      The tablet has a really good layout for all its various content, you get the most of it if you are already bought into Amazon prime, audible and kindle as the tablet makes these immediately accessible. It's very easy to access your content and switch between functions easily.

      The tablet is noticeably faster than our other Samsung tablets even though it cost a lot less which I think makes this tablet good value for money.

      I run a lot of popular apps like Minecraft and they all run really well and have sideloaded apps not available in the Amazon App store without an issue.

      The screen on the Fire HDX is beautiful. I've had comments from other tablet owners that have noticed how nice it is.

      The battery life of the tablet is excellent and it charges very quickly.

      The fire browser, which is called Silk, is the best I've used on a tablet or phone, very quick and so easy to use.

      Wifi connectivity is great and very stable.

      The only negative I've found so far is that there seems to be a bit of a flaw in the kindle software when viewing a pdf it doesn't seem to allow correct navigation or any controls to exit viewing.

      I have to admit I was dubious about how good this tablet could be as it wasn't that expensive and can often be found on offer as low as £99. However it is really good and I had nothing to worry about.


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      16.07.2013 14:41
      Very helpful



      A good tablet for overall use that is better value than some however was slightly disapointed

      What I was looking for and why

      After wanting an apple iPad for a long time but bit out of my price range I seen the kindle fire come out. I did research about a variety of tablets and decided to get this one.
      After having a C-section and looking after a new born and I was looking for something light and small enough to hold. So when doing feeds in middle of night or when couldn't sleep I could easily use it without disturbing my partner.
      I decided to get the Kindle Fire HD 32gb 8.9" as I wanted to watch TV shows and films on this as well as reading books. I also needed a product that would link to the Wi-Fi.

      The Product

      The Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Tablet has
      8.9" HD Display, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band, Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi, and comes in either 16 GB or 32 GB
      Amazon say this in the description ...

      Large 8.9" HD display has the highest resolution of any Kindle Fire, with rich colour and deep contrast; customised Dolby audio and dual stereo speakers for crisp, rich sound
      Ultra-fast web browsing and video streaming thanks to dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi
      Easy-to-use e-mail app that syncs your Gmail, Outlook and other accounts; full integration with Facebook for updating friends and staying in touch
      Front-facing HD camera for Skype video chats and taking HD pictures
      Over 22 million films, TV shows, songs, magazines, books, audiobooks, apps and games, including favourite apps such as BBC News, Right move (which helped me find house we are currently buying as bigger screen to see photos of the house)
      LOVE Film Instant video streaming for unlimited access to thousands of films and TV series. New to LOVE Film? You'll get a one-month free trial
      Great deals on apps, including a paid app for free every day, plus thousands of other free apps and games
      Amazon's vast selection of e-books offers bestsellers, exclusive content, thousands of free classics and great savings with Kindle Daily Deal, plus Prime members borrow for free - as frequently as one book per month, with no due dates - with Kindle Owners' Lending Library
      Read in vibrant colour with a large selection of magazine apps and colour books including comic books, cookbooks and kids' books

      You can get a variety of options when buying this product and these are

      16gb -£226
      32gb- £259

      However you can also pay extra £10 to get no special offers these are basically adds on home screen I have the offers as couldn't justify spending extra £10 and had no issues with it.

      My Thoughts

      I have had this since April after family members raving about the standard kindle for reading.
      The screen size is brilliant for watching films and TV shows you can get love film, Netflix and catch up TV on it which is like Freeview so if watching downstairs and suddenly need to go upstairs you can carry on watching.
      The sound and picture quality is much better than I expected it to be. If you have a good Wi-Fi it hardly buffers however my broadband is not that great so struggles when got internet on pc, phones and Xbox etc. at same time (sky TV)

      The battery life if using it for games and TV is not that long and that was a huge disappointment and the charger that comes with the product charges kindle very slowly. Had it on for 2hours the other day and only charged to 27% so I am now looking into investing in the one amazon recommend which is 12.99 currently however when you spend over £200 you should expect to get a good charger.

      The kindle does not come with an instruction manual which is very unusual and whenever you download something it goes onto the pain screen like a carousal and I have no idea how to clear still after many searches on Google. So I am still looking into this as it must be possible.

      The selection of Apps available is smaller than for other tablets but is growing and provides a good choice for most areas including daily free apps and offers. (Cannot get Candy Crush though and I was gutted)
      The books are easy to download on the kindle or from any amazon page as it links to your account. If you are an amazon prime member you can borrow books for free however I buy free books for now (there is a very good selection) or pay for books on recommendation (currently just downloaded my sisters secret for 99p which is much cheaper than buying the book)

      I have also downloaded an app for my baby that shows black and white objects moving about called baby view lite and she will happily sit there listening and watching them move (she is nearly 4months)
      My dad is a very keen birdwatcher and you can buy app for small fee that has bird sounds on as well as the description and my partner downloaded Angry birds so he could play on a bigger screen than his iPhone so you can get an app for variety of interests.

      I bought my cover and pen off eBay for less than £10 so shop around for accessories


      I have been happy with my purchase - slightly disappointed that Amazon do not include an instruction manual or charger.
      Hopefully in future they will keep upgrading their app store so similar to iPhone and android.
      It is perfect for reading books and better value than buying the book and clogging up space in your home.

      Sent from Windows Mail


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      04.05.2013 22:23
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great inexpensive tablet for overall family use

      I took the plunge and bought the Kindle Fire HD 32gb after some research into other products available in the same price range and on the recommendation of a friend who is a self confessed gadget geek! I was looking for something inexpensive and portable which could be used by all the family - including my two children who are 5 and 3, for playing games and watching films and cartoons when we are out and about. I also use it as my main internet tool so needed something which I could lock down easily to restrict my children's access.

      I have had the Kindle since November and have not been disappointed with it. It is small enough to be portable and easily carried in my handbag, but robust enough to withstand the knocks, drops and bumps it gets from my children. The screen is small, but big enough to watch films and cartoons on - which is easily done via a Love Film subscription. The sound and picture quality is excellent and you don't get the annoying buffering problems you sometimes get with other devices, provided the wireless access is reasonably strong. The battery life is good although I have had to invest in a rapid charger as the Kindle only came with a charging cable which was rather disappointing when spending £200 on a tablet you would hope that it would come with the necessary tools to charge it - Amazon should really include the charger unit as I think it is a major bugbear of most Kindle owners!!! I usually charge it daily but I use the Kindle a fair bit in the evenings and dip in and out during the day so the battery takes a fair hammering!

      I use it for every day browsing, social networking and shopping and have no major problems with it. There are some limitations in terms of what you can do with it - for example I do quite a few online surveys and have found I cannot complete them on the Kindle as I can't select some of the options - but other than that I can do most if the tasks I would normally use my laptop for.

      The selection of Apps available is smaller than for other tablets but is growing and provides a good choice for most areas including daily free apps and offers. They are easy to download and select from the main screen and my children are confident using the Kindle to access and play games and watch films and cartoons. I can also easily remove them from the main carousel if the children are using one game too much and I want to steer them towards something else!!

      I belong to a book group so also use the Kindle to download and read my monthly book - very easy to do and nice that you don't need wireless access to read. I also like the fact that you get daily book offers with Amazon and you can download book samples to try before you buy. The selection of children's books available is also good and my two love looking at picture books on it. It's also backlit so great for reading in bed without disturbing my husband.

      Overall I have been happy with my purchase - slightly disappointed that Amazon released a larger screened version so quickly but I guess that's technology for you nowadays - there is always something bigger and better around the corner!!


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    • Product Details

      Built for work and play, the Kindle Fire HDX 32GB tablet with Wi-Fi has a perfect colour 7" HDX display and powerful quad core processor, combining optimum performance with advanced features and uncompromised battery life. The 2.2GHz snapdragon 800 quad core processor and 2GB of RAM provide 3x the processing power for a high speed experience, while the new Adreno 330 GPU delivers console-quality graphics that can be wirelessly streamed to your Miracast enabled smart TV. With reduced glare and improved brightness, the 323ppi sRGB screen of the Kindle Fire HDX ensures perfect colour accuracy that goes beyond HD. Enjoy movies and TV with X-Ray functionality, featuring trivia items and character back-stories, as well as listing all the music in a movie or TV show. X-Ray even displays the name of a song as it plays in the movie you're watching. Fire OS 3.0 'Mojito' has hundreds of new features and updates and a user interface that prioritises content. Experience enhanced email capabilities, Carousel and Grid Views, along with new calendar and productivity apps. There's even a Mayday button that connects you to an expert for 24 hour, revolutionary free customer support to guide you remotely through any feature. Get access to Amazon Assist, the revolutionary free customer support by tapping the Mayday button. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, just tap €œMayday€ and our highly trained customer support people will video call your Kindle Fire HDX and remotely help you with anything that you need, they are there 24/7 for you. A brilliant multi-tasker, the Kindle Fire HDX 32GB tablet has all the looks, power, fluid performance and speed that you need yet it still boasts an 11 hour battery life that extends to 17 hours if you're only reading. Coming soon: Kindle FreeTime. A service that allows parents to set individual profiles and time limits for kids. Please note: Mayday requires an internet connection, data charges may apply.

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