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Microsoft Surface RT 32GB

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    3 Reviews
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      01.09.2014 23:06
      Very helpful



      Good design idea, well thought over, but bad execution = bad device

      I am predominantly a Mac user but had decided to give the Microsoft Surface a go as the idea of having a desktop on the go was extremely appealing to me. Furthermore, I needed Windows for a few of my apps and applications for work.

      The Microsoft Surface was designed based on, what I gather, a very good ideology. Unfortunately the execution was just terribly bad.

      The tablet is so slow, it reminds me of my days as a kid when my desktop would overheat and just refuses to respond to anything I tell it to do. My device had its first 'hang' just minutes after boot up, when I tried to load the News app.

      Being able to flip the keyboard over and stand the screen was a very nice and convenient idea, this feature was very well thought over. Sadly the performance of the keyboard itself was so disappointing I now stick with the touch keyboard mostly.

      On to the touch keyboard, the touch keyboard has its own moodswings. Sometimes it is so slow your words appear 20s after you've keyed it in, sometimes it comes out fast but all messed up even though you've hit the right keys.

      Worst of all? The only browser it allows you to use is Internet Explorer. I mean, who even uses IE these days? It's slow, jerky and so in your face. Youtube's stage buffering doesn't work awfully well on it. I reserved this tablet for video viewing for a bit, but now the tablet's just sitting in the drawer - yes that one that you never open and all your little things go into.


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      23.02.2014 08:02



      To start things off the windows surface rt has a terrible collection of apps. It lags often for me and uses memory fast. The good things are the amount of things you can do with it. It is very user friendly and is fun to use. It has a great sound and somewhat good video resolution. There aren't many good free apps but there are a few. The picture password is a neat concept too. despite my many complaints I do enjoy this project greatly. This product is also child friendly. I find it useful for schoolwork also. I would recommend it to college level people.


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      26.11.2013 01:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good for those on the move


      I am lucky enough to own a laptop and a desktop but decided a tablet would also be nice to own. I thought a tablet would be good as they are more portable than a laptop and so would be useful to me for several reasons. But I am far from being technical and knew little about tablets. I did some research on-line and then went out to look in a few high street stores at various tablets.

      I wanted something small but preferably larger than a seven inch screen. I wanted it to be light in weight so that it was easy to carry around as well as being light and manageable to hold in one hand.

      I have problems typing for long and have never touch typed. Because of this I thought a touch screen would be good to use.

      I wanted a tablet mainly for:

      Being able to check Facebook newsfeeds and send and view messages on Facebook.

      Be able to access my emails.

      Have access to consumer review sites so that I could read and rate on-line reviews.

      Perhaps get a Kindle application.

      The trouble is that I took my husband shopping with me and, once again, I was influenced by him. I had told him I was going to treat myself and look for a tablet. I mentioned being able to use it as a Kindle and thought I might even buy a Kindlefire. My husband was in favour of my purchasing a tablet but wanted me to have something light that I could rest on my lap rather than my laptop. He thought I needed something light on my knees when I was typing for long periods of time. I started to think he might be right.

      We looked in a few places, one of them being a large Tesco store followed by PCWorld and then on to Currys. I know that Currys and PCWorld belong to the same chain but they didn't have the same tablets on display therefore by going to both places I got to see a larger range of tablets.

      A knowledgeable assistant talked me through the pros and cons of an android tablet as opposed to the Microsoft tablet. Actually I became baffled! Not so much puzzled about what they were capable of but for what purpose I really wanted the tablet for.

      What drew my husband to the Microsoft tablet was the fact that it had 'word' on it. He was sure that having this programme would make the tablet easier for me to understand and use.

      The 'surface' has Office Home and Student 2013 including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote installed.
      The 'surface' works as an ordinary tablet with touchscreen but can also be used with a keyboard


      I find the battery life on this tablet pretty good and really the 'surface' is, in terms of battery life, more like using a phone than a laptop.


      On the back of this tablet is an integrated flip out kick stand. This makes it even more convenient to use if sitting at a desk, table or on a laptop tray. Once the kick stand is in use the table stands nicely in place. This comes into its own really when using the tablet to watch a video or for gaming.


      This tablet has two cameras, a rear and front camera (720p HD). I think that using a camera on the tablet is easier than with a laptop.


      The Microsoft Surface tablet has many features so here are just a few important (to me) of them.

      Operating system Windows RT
      Screen size 10.6"
      Screen type LCD
      Storage 32 GB
      Processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core
      Built-in Webcam
      One USB port
      Battery Life 8 hours
      RAM memory 2GB


      Height 172.0 mm
      Width 9.4 mm
      Depth 274.0
      Weight 0.88 kg


      I do believe that this is a great product and brilliant for those who travel a lot as it is so portable and easy to use. It has good storage and lots of great features but I still find that I keep returning to my laptop. I seem to just find a laptop easier to use owing to it being that much larger. If I'm using word and/or undertaking various tasks then I prefer to use my laptop or desktop.

      I do think that this is a god machine but, probably for me, a simpler and cheaper tablet would have been more suited to my requirements. I could have purchased an android tablet with the main features that I wanted for around £130. But because I wavered and perhaps made a wrong decision doesn't mean that for many would be purchasers this is a lovely tablet. If you can manage to type away on a smaller screen and want something that can be a tablet or really combined with a mini laptop then this is great. For me it's just a bit too large to use one handed, as a Kindle, when reading in bed. I really needed something more like my iPhone but with a bigger screen.


      I purchased my Surface from a Currys high street store and I was offered a touch pad to go with this. I declined but purchased at a later date.

      This tablet is widely available from Argos, PCWorld /Currys and Tesco, as well as many other stores.


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