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MID X10 Tablet PC 7 Inch

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: MID / Size: 7"

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    2 Reviews
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      08.04.2013 12:00



      Okay for a cheaper Ipad

      I bought this tablet from Ebay about 2 months ago, as i wanted a cheaper alternative to an ipad. The delivery was super quick and i couldn't wait to try it out. At first i was very pleased as it was already charged and easy to turn on, all set up and ready. The graphics were clear and it seemed very simple to set all the wifi settings without yet looking at the instructions. I wanted to download some more apps to use use such as youtube and facebook, and also found out how to do this quite easily with out reading any instructions so overall id say it was a very easy device to use. However after having the product for a few days it started to freeze alot and a pop up saying "wait or close" would pop up on the internet browser page literally every time i tapped on something.
      Also the screen wasn't that responsive after i had downloaded a few more apps and the whole tablet became very slow to run, Maybe this is down to the memory of the tablet.
      Overall its an okay product if your looking for a cheaper version to an ipad and quite nice slim light weight design.


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      20.04.2012 19:23
      Very helpful



      If only the wifi were better, this tablet would be wonderful.

      Like most boys, my husband does love his toys. He's always keen to pick up a new gadget, and when he spotted this with a case and keyboard for only £40, he couldn't resist. He did feel this would be something I could use with a dongle at the caravan, when I have been to ill to sit at the computer, and perhaps as an e book reader as well, but in actual use, this has ended up primarily as another games console for free android games.

      Our tablet was sold as a " X10 MID Tablet PC 7 Inch Tablet". X10 is the only brand name on the paperwork -( which is mostly in Chinese), and this is still available on several sites under the name X10, however the prices are far too high for what this is - well over £100 and some nearly £200. Not to worry though, if you are interested, the exact same tablet appears to be sold under a variety of names. At the moment you can buy what appears to be very much the same thing under the name NATPC M009S 7 inch for £65 or WM8650 at only £48 new including postage. The keyboard is sold separately at £9 - £10, but is not strictly necessary.

      I am not terribly technical so will do the best I can here:
      Memory this is meant to have 256 megabytes of RAM and 2 gb of memory which can be expanded using micro sd cards to add up to another 32 gb. We are currently using an 8 gb card.

      Processor - can't say as I know much about this . The paperwork says it is 720Mhz - Arm 11.

      Operating system - Google Androis 2.2

      Battery - 3000mAh lithium battery which theoretically lasts 6 -7 hours, but in practice we have found 3 hours to be more realistic.

      Charger - This is rubbish. Ours was a two pin charger with an adaptor to fit UK sockets. The pins fell off the main charger part though, rendering it useless. Thankfully a cheap universal adaptor we had in the house works fine. We have one with several pins and ans adjustable lever to change voltage. This requires 9 volts.

      Touch screen- - I don't really know much about touch screens. My experience of these so far has only been on phones and the Nintendo ds systems. I have found this to be significantly less responsive than either - but it does work.

      Music - according to the specs this supports : WMA,MP3,WAV,OOG,AAC,EAAC. I have only tried MP3, which works, but the sound is quite poor.

      Video - This is meant to support full hd video - I've no problems with video, but can't really say if it looks any different in hd than ordinary video.

      Other bits- This has built in wifi but it is very poor. It also has a camera, again very poor. There is not a usb slot, but a funny slot that uses and adapter to USB, sorry this is not at all technical. The specs claim there is an HDMI port, so I guess that is what this slot is. There is of course, a jack for the charger, and a headphone jack.

      This came with the Google Ap Market pre installed, as well as Angry Birds. My husband and children absolutely love the Angry Birds game, and they have downloaded several other free games as well. Unfortunately though, we were never able to get the two games we tried to buy to download ( Plants vs. Zombies and Where's My Water), so we have been limited to the freebees. We currently have 20 odd games installed.

      E Reader - This does not come with any pre installed e reader, but adding the Amazon Kindle Ap was very easy, and we added one free book as well. This is a handy size to read, and very light weight. Being lit up means you could easily read in the dark. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find much n the free kindle books section that I wanted to read, and as far as regular books go, it would cost me more to buy them for kindle than second hand. My book budget is also currently wiped out with too many graphic novels and superhero books!

      This claims to support something called "Flash digital magazine function". I was really hoping this meant I could download the DC comics aps and buy comic books for my son digitally. Unfortunately, when we try downloading these we get a message saying this ap is not supported. I found this really disappointing as this would be a wonderful device for my son to collect comics on.

      INTERNET -
      This is the other area we have had problems. This does have wifi built in - but it is very weak. In order to use our wifi connection we have to stay within 3 -4 feet of the main hub. Assuming you stay in range, this will access most Internet pages, although it is much slower than using a PC or laptop. It is still a bit faster than most phones in my opinion though. I had really hoped to be able to use this upstairs when I have been ill though, and was quite dissapointed that I can only use the internet on this within a couple of feet from my own pc. If I am sitting up at my computer - I'll just use my computer.

      We did plan to buy a dongle for this, and took it to a few phone shops, but no one seems to have anything to work. A few have suggested phone sim cards, but I'm really not up on this enough to know what to try, and I certainly do not want to tie into any contract when I don't know if it will work properly.

      INSTRUCTIONS - Cheap, very poorly written English section, microscopic print. Chinese section looks more detailed,but I do not speak or read Chinese.

      Our opinion:
      My husband and sons love this, but it is really just another games console to them. They enjoy downloading and playing the many free aps, and it always gives them a bit of variety. I do like the ebook function, and I'm sure eventually I'll find something I really want on kindle, so this will come in handy at some point.

      Whether I recommend this or not depends on what you want it for and the price. Staying under £60, I think this could be worthwhile as an e book reader, or just to use for aps. Of course you can get the same aps on your phone, but most people change phones every year or two. I think loaded up with a ton of cheap or free aps, this could be grand to keep the kids busy on a long trip, or just on frequent visits to Grandmas house.

      I also think this tablet, combined with a small keyboard could be wonderful for a very young child while Mommy is on a real computer or laptop. I was thinking of this when Sandemp mentioned Freddies toy laptop, and thinking this would be perfect for him to play with assuming she could pick one up as cheaply as we did. If he is near the internet connection he could play something like Starfall phonics, but if not, there are plenty of aps even for very young children.

      It could also be handy for a teen to access facebook, research school papers, send email, and so on, again provided they can sit right near the hub. My sons will occasionally watch videos on you tube with this when I am using my computer - and I'd rather have them monkeying about with this tablet than my own computer as well.

      If you are really looking a portable device to access wifi hotspots and surf the net anywhere in the house though - skip this machine. In my opinion this is nice toy for my husband and sons, and would make a grand toy laptop for a child. But as far as I am concerned - it is toy not a computer.

      I am giving this 3 stars, but it was close to only 2. Not being able to handle the comic books was a big disappointment for me, but the main issue is the wifi receiver being so weak.

      I do always update reviews when a product goes wrong, and unfortunately, this item is no longer working. In all fairness this is partially our fault. My husband did drop this from the TV stand to the floor a distance of roughly 2'. It landed on a soft case filled with dvd's though, so I can not imagine the impact as being too great. Still the next time he went to plug in the charging jack had jarred loose. The back casing is not intended to be removed, but we had little to lose as this wouldn't be worth paying for repairs on. Removing the back casing, did in fact finish this off. At least we only paid £40 for this, and that included the keyboard/ case which we will be able to use with another model of tablet. We did consider another of the same make, as this is the cheapest tablet going, but decided against it. The poor wifi connectivity was a major issue, but my husband was just completely soured by the thing breaking so easily. We have bought another cheap tablet - an Andy Pad from Amazon which should arrive soon. This was more expensive than this model, but we are hoping will be just a little bit better make. And being from Amazon - if the wifi or anything else does not work - I can just send it back.

      I have removed one star from my rating due to the fact that I also feel a drop of 2 feet onto a padded surface really should not have broken this machine. I had only give 3 stars before this broke - so that leaves this with only 2, and I'm afraid I would recommend against this.


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