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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2011 12:44
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      Okay for simple PDA

      This item was bought second hand from Ebay and my experience from it was not great but mainly because of the poor quality item I was sold I feel.

      The unit is an old model now and so there is so much more and better units on the market that really this is just an item to buy at a really cheap price if at all really. The Mio P550 and P350 have replaced it and are by far superior!

      This unit has a GPS built in and so can be used for navigation whilst walking, driving or biking. However the GPS antenea is a small flap in the rear which you need to pull out to use, this made it very difficult to then place in your pocket whilst walking and felt like it would snap off. Not very good. In a car though it is okay as it just sits on the dash board.
      It also has the normal PDA functions of music, calender, games etc.

      I bought this for navigation whilst hiking so it was primarily used for this. The screen states (3.5 color Transflective LCD, LED Backlighting, 240 x 320, 65K colors) that it is brights and easy to read. Dont be fooled, you can not read it in bright sunshine, well it doesn't need ot be bright sunshine just being outside means it is hard ot read. It is okay in the car though but not like other Sat Nav systems. In addition to this I found the GPS took ages to find position if it did it at all. This may have been the unit I had but it was not good and became very annoying waiting for it to find a position sometimes.

      The battery on this was not actually too bad to be honest. It was an old unit I had to I expected the battery life to be apalling but it lasted a decent 10 mile walk. Any longer and I would not have the unit working by the end of the walk but short walks it was okay.

      Regarding operating systems, I'm not too good with the lingo, it had 300 MHz Intel XScale processor and 64 MB memory. There was not a great deal of memory on this so mapping wa sa problem in putting on it.

      As it was a Windows OS it made it easy to sync with my PC and pass information and files from one to the other. The unit is touch screen and uses a stylus to work things. This works well and I found no issues with this side of things. Also the stylus tucks away in the back so it does not get lost!
      You can put in a MMC memory card to expand the memory and I found I had to do this to be able to do anything with this unit really as the atual memory was not very good.

      It has a head phone socket and speakers which were quite clear and useful for navigation.
      and an Infra red connection as well as USB. It does not have WiFi or Bluetooth which is a dissappointment and most newer models have this.

      The battery states it is Embedded Lithium lon Battery 1350mAh Active: 12 hours(fully charged main battery, w/o GPS function) Suspend: 21 days (fully charged main battery). This was not where near what the unit I had was like adnd so shows that over time the battery drastically deminishes. You can get replacements but for the cost of that it is probably worth just getting another unit of a more recent model.

      Dimensions are 112.8 mm (H) x 69.6 mm (W) x 16.3~24.15mm (D) Weight 147g which means that is it light enough to store in your pocjet without being weighed down and a nice screen size to read. The antenea though is still a problem.

      I installed both Memory Maps and Anquet Maps on this, memory maps worked smoothly but Anquet maps kept sticking and was really slow.

      This was not the best unit for out door navigation and so I was glad to get rid of it, it is not waterproof and so only for fair weather also.

      If you are looking for a PDA as an all rounder then there are better out there.


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        11.03.2006 17:37


        • Reliability


        Always store important files on removable memory

        I bought my first 168 last April as a package with Tomtom3 satnav software, and a 256M SD card. My job entails driving to farms all around the country repairing and servicing electronic equipment, and some of these farms are in very isolated locations. With the 168 I could find my customer, no matter where he hid, fix his machine, write a report using Pocket Word, tabulate test results using Pocket Excel, keep track of my expenses and do the hundred and one things needed working away from the ofice without filling the van with tons of paper, then dump the whole lot onto the desktop computer so that the boss could sort it all out. Then I could take my son to practise archery and keeptrack of hi scores using a little program I found on the net. Everything was perfect until I was driving home in heavy rain. With the unit in the car windscreen in the high humidity a blob of water condensed out in the screen which froze the unit completely, however I was so impressed (and by now dependent) that I bought a second unit to keep me going while the first was repaired. The number of emails and phone calls, and the length of time taken to get the repair done was the one big failing, however when the unit was returned, not only had the screen been replaced but so had the motherboard. This has left me with two problems.
        1)My archery scoring software ties its registration to the motherboard, re-registering will cost me a further £10
        2) The new motherboard comes with an extra. Mitacs own navigation software (Mio Map) on ROM, with a demo map of central Belgium. If I want to find out if it is any better than Tomtom I must either find some maps for it, or move to Brussels!
        Although the new unit has MioMap pre-installed, the fact that it is not solely a dedicated GPS means that alternative navigation software, or simply upgrades can be installed easily.
        The USB lead to connect the PDA to your PC is a little bit fidly but Mitac now sell a docking bay which looks quite good. The lack of bluetooth or wireless connectivity is not in my opinion entirely a bad thing considering the amount of private and confidential data likely to get stored.


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