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    1 Review
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      07.12.2005 18:26
      Very helpful



      Excellnt phone, i would say biased towards business users

      few months ago i was given an O2 XDA as part of my job, and a few months later the screen cracked, and well it broke!

      So, i sent it back and was told i would be getting a replacement, and a few days later, i was given another PDA, but this time i was given an XDA IIi.

      The XDA IIi, is without a doubt an amazing piece of technology, and PDA's have come a long way since they were first launched.

      I get it for free (business needs) but you can expect to pay around £150 for it, yes you may be able to get it cheaper by shopping around but i would reccomend buying from a reputable mobile phone shop.

      The XDA is like most normal PDA's i have come across, but can do more. There are a long list of features the XDA has, such as:

      Camera + Video
      Full Microsoft software included (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
      Internet access
      Phone and messaging function (of course!)
      Infa red

      Its amazing to think that all this technology is crammed inside something that measures 4.75" x 2.75 inches.

      Ok, lets talk about the phone itself and the features it has.

      The great thing about bluetooth is the headset which you can purchase seperately. This allows you to make and receive telephone calls, and is very easy to use in all situations. Bluetooth also allows files to be quickly and easily transferred, providing the receiver has bluetooth enabled.

      The camera is excellent for a phone camera, and you can take pictures and record videos with ease, however the amount of pictures and videos you will be able to take depends on the size of your memory card.

      The phone is also very easy to use, with the menus laid out in a simple fashion, and everything is bright and colourful.

      I only use this phone for business reasons, and have not really tried the ringtones, games and other 'novelties' on the phone, as i have no need for them.

      The phone also has many 'unusual' features, which are very clever and can come in handy.

      One of these which i have not yet used is the 'flight mode'.
      i only found out about this after one of my friends told me, but it basically 'disables' the phone, but still allows you to have it swithced on to browse pictures, play games, read messages e.t.c Basically you can do everything that does not involve contacting other people or connecting to the internet. Obviously this is ideal for plane journeys.

      Ok, i have said enough good things about the phone, and sadly it does have disadvantages.

      The biggest disadvantage in my opinion is the battery life, there are 2 batteries, a main battery, and a 'backup' battery. When the main battery runs out, you will be told to charge the phone immediately and features will be disabled, as the backup battery kicks in. If you do not charge the phone in time, and the backup battery runs out, you will lose EVERYTHING you have kept on the phone, it will basically reset itself as it would be when you receive it. Thankfully, this has never happened to me, but it would obviously be very annoying and awkward if it happened.

      There is a way to avoid losing all your files, and i have recently done this, and would reccomend anyone else does it aswell. BACK UP YOUR DATA ONTO THE PC! That way, if you do lose all your data you can simply transfer it back onto the phone, without the hassle of entering everything again.

      It would be a good idea to buy a longer life battery, especially if you are constantly using the PDA (maybe something i should consider!!)

      Another disadvantage is the delicacy of the phone, with the screen being so big it is prone to scraches. This is how my old XDA broke, so i wasted no time getting a protective case for this one. And it is a very good idea to get one.

      Overall, this is a GREAT phone, and i would reccomend it to anyone after a PDA. I would reccomend you take these steps though:
      Buy a protective case ( I have already been stupid enough to break a phone before listening to the advice, don't you be as stupid as me!)
      Invest in a longer life battery (It would be a great help for me, as i can not always charge the battery, especially when working away from home)
      Buy a bluetooth headset, as these are excellent, and allow you to make receive calls when doing basically anything!


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