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  • can't use .asp .php etc
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    1 Review
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      19.02.2002 10:55
      Very helpful



      • "can't use .asp .php etc"

      I thought I would let you know about the Oregon Scientific Osaris HHC which I have owned since December 1999. I bought it from Argos in the UK and had to swap out 2 units due to booting problems but the retailer did not seem to mind and no significant data was lost. The unit I now use has survived a fall from about 2 feet onto a hard floor and continues to give good service (2002)! It cost about half the price of the equivalent Psion with the same OS. This list of features is not exhaustive and there are features I never need. I recommend using the Ericsson SH888 mobile as a modem for email and web use. I recommend using non-rechargeable pencells to keep the working voltage high. The main features of the Oregon Scientific Osiris hand held computer are as follows: 1/ OS on my unit is an EPOC release 4 copyrighted by Symbian Ltd UK which is the same as the Psion 2/ comes with a CDROM of applications and instructions which needs access to a PC to use 3/ 4 MB of memory is standard which upgrades to 16 MB using moderately priced CompactFlash memory addons 4/ full online help 5/ an infra red port 6/ an RS232 port 7/ 6vDC power in 8/ back light 9/ strong case 10/ applications include web browser and email/fax package 11/ data output is PC compatible 12/ WEB BROWSER favorites reads files from RAM and the WWW handles animated graphics can disable graphics search facility font changes history 13/ EMAIL/FAX powerful user interface full remote, sent, draft, inbox, outbox folders address memory attachments capable full message sort 14/ Comms communications program for communicating with other computers 15/ Sketch pad with clip art, crop, rotate, text features etc etc 16/ Bombs game 17/ world time, alarms etc 18/ Spell checker, anagram solver, cross word solver and Thesaurus 19/ OPL text editor for writing compiling and
      running your own OPL programs 20/ desktop and scientific calculator 21/ word processor compatible with Microsoft 22/ 3 fonts, bold, italic, underline 23/ handles pictures etc 24/ justification line spacing etc 25/ zoom 26/ search and replace 27/ special characters 28/ Spreadsheet program with graphics 29/ Database program 30/ Jotter 31/ auto file compression 32/ Agenda program for diaries etc with search, multi page display alarms etc etc 33/ printing capability 34/ runs on two pencells 35/ can be backed up to a PC using cable supplied 35/ compatible with Ericsson SH888 mobile phone for mobile email and Internet capability 36/ better than WAP display On the downside: 1/ it needs an external modem 2/ .MBM format picture files are not universally accepted 3/ Cannot handle complex web addresses eg .php .asp etc etc 4/ Limited frames capability So after getting a good unit and two years of use the Osaris is still going strong . I have plenty of memory and can send emails and surf the web if I need to. There is rarely a day when I don't pick up the Osaris and use it for something.


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