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    6 Reviews
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      28.07.2008 12:42



      A great device -- until the LCD registration to the touchpad fails 5 months after buying the device. With a 3 month warranty and a $149 repair fee afterwards (the price of a new device!), good luck. No amount of retraining, resetting, nor cleaning the screen edges with a piece of paper will do any good.


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      07.06.2008 09:35
      Very helpful



      A really good handheld for the price

      The Palm Tungsten is a sleek cool looking handheld with a vast array of features that are going to suit the majority of users. It comes with most of these features pre-loaded, but there are more on the provided CD which also contains the software to enable synchronization with your PC or Mac. Also provided in the box are several power adaptors which will make in rechargeable almost worldwide. Although the unit comes with Bluetooth there is also an additional cable supplied which will link your Palm to your computer for the transfer of data. I have found through experience that the cable method is definitely significantly quicker compared with the Bluetooth, but again each to their own.

      One thing I have noticed is that the lifespan of the internal rechargeable lithium battery is greatly improved from previous versions and indeed other makes of handhelds. On removing the unit from the box it is probably a good idea to charge it for a few hours before diving straight in since the battery is not fully charged on arrival. Me being a guy though had no patience and just got tore in straight away. Initially there are a few simple steps to follow from the on screen instructions, these basically just set up the unit to your chosen specs.

      After setup I just played around with it a bit until I got used to the extremely user friendly interface. The touch screen is quite sensitive and the pen which is neatly concealed in a compartment at the side of the unit is of substantial strength and weight. The small back top portion of the pen can be unscrewed to facilitate the reset procedure should your unit crash. This is easily done by simply pressing the recessed reset button on the rear of the Palm Tungsten.

      The screen is divided into two portions the upper part is the main visual part whilst the lower in for inserting you data by way of using the pen. This is made easier by the supply of a sticker which comprise of the methods used to write letters and numbers which will be easily translated by the unit. For the most part this is simply normal writing but there are a few differences which are adjusted to fairly quickly.

      Now that we are all ready we can have a good old play around with the features which I shall list below, I will also give a brief description since many are self explanatory.

      From the main screen there can be seen at the top right hand side a small pop down menu, from here you can access all the programs and utilities of the Tungsten.

      The main categories listed are :-


      1. Bluetooth.......From here you can switch on the bluetooth and set up a connection with a bluetooth enabled device. A cheap bluetooth dongle ( £9.99 from Maplins ) will enable a link with your PC.


      1. Solitaire........which can be installed from the setup CD


      This section contains the majority of the software and programs

      1. Calc...............A basic calculator which really needs little explanation

      2. Calendar..........A multiview calendar where you can place all your vital appointments and set yourself some reminders.

      3. Contacts..........Another which is self explanatory, being that it is a list of your contacts with telephone numbers and email addresses.

      4. Documents......The Palm Tungsten comes with a word , excel and other Microsoft Office applications compatible program called Documents to Go, this is perhaps not quite and user friendly as Office but certainly does the job well.

      5. eReader..........An ereader which will enable you to download and read your favourite titles.

      6. Favourites.......A quick link to all your favourites once you have organised them.

      7. Memos...........A neat little program where you can write and store information.

      8. Note Pad.........Very like a post it where you just write your message on the screen to help remind you.

      9.SMS...............A neat little program to send SMS messages and those important pictures.

      10. Tasks............A to do list that can set reminders and keep track of those projects.

      Moving on from the Main menu the next option is


      1. Windows Media....for playing movies and videos
      2. Real Player..........for playing mp3 files and other types of music file


      1. Card Info......This will give you all the information of any SD cards you have inserted into the provided slot at the top of the unit.

      2. Hot Sync......Used to synchronize data with your PC

      3. Preferences....Here you have the option to change how things look and work and get them just as you like them


      1. Quick tour.......A quick instruction into the basic of the tungsten

      2. Dialer.............Dials your number

      3. Expense...........Keeps a track of your expense account

      4. World Clock......Tells you the time around the world

      This then is how your unit looks on arrival, but you can change this around in the preferences and move items from one category to another should you desire, but really it is about how the unit works that counts cosmetics are only that. The Tungsten is a robust and very easy to use unit with the capabilities that most us will use. It is very user friendly with the exception of Docs to go which does require a bit of practice. To aid in the speed there are four buttons on the bottom part of the Palm which although are preset to certain programs can by the use of preferences be reprogrammed to those applications of your choice.

      My Palm cost me £99.90 from Amazon and I think it was a very good purchase, but then I am a gadget man a would probably say that anyway. I also purchased the aluminium case for £18 which protects my little gem. I'm not going to kid you it isn't the best handheld on the market, but the rest are all away in the £200 bracket so for value for money it is a pretty good buy.


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        05.05.2008 14:26
        Very helpful





        Product Summary: The sales pitch:::
        Sleek, powerful and affordably priced, (about £70.00 - £100.00).
        The Palm Tungsten "E2" model handheld lets you create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint-compatible files and view them on a high-resolution color screen, even take your MP3s, video clips and photos with you, all with the ease of use you expect from Palm.

        My findings (Hi-Spec-Tek) :>)

        I have found this to be quite a useful and almost problem free device. I am happy with the one I purchase about 18 months ago. I still use it and it still works well. I have had to get a replacement stylus for it but the price and availability is no problem at all. Anything other than a good stylus can be problematical. A worn stylus will cause miss-spelling or a hit-and-miss situation when prodding the icons etc.

        This is not a Smart-Phone and has no camera facility. Although there is a telephone touchpad in the device but to my thinking, this is quite a waste of useful space given the small amount of software these and most PDA's have. The touch pad is OK if you have the PDA attached to the computer I guess, but why? Don't most of us have a mobile phone and a "Land-line at home or office/work too? Anyone reading this please feed back and inform me if they have found this useful and how!!!! Most PC's, if using a modem can dial out for a phone call or use Skype etc. Online. The Palm Tungsten E2 PDA is not a "Live" pocket item in this sense.

        It uses Infrared. This is a pity, one almost has to touch the Palm sensor on the IR device that is plugged into the PC for a connection (unless it is a lap-top that has this already installed as part of the connection utilities). The Palm manufacturers might have perhaps considered Bluetooth to make it more universal! This is just one drawback I discovered since Infrared has a pretty slow data transfer rate compared to the more powerful Bluetooth.

        Ease of use is very good, keeping notes, reminders, pictures and music to amuse you or whatever. The calendar is good and what I like above all and is most useful to me is the "Scribbling pad". Oh so useful for a fast note >> F>A>S>T when in a car, bus,
        a meeting, having a meal etc. the list is endless. All of which record the time and date automatically when making and saving the note using the stylus that is nicely stored at the RH side of the unit. I speak here of the facility to use "joined up writing" LOL!

        Some comments I have read in other reviews say that this model Palm Tungsten E PDA suffers from occasional inaccuracy when using the stylus, yes this can happen too but I have outlined my thoughts about using a worn out stylus, this could always be the problem or indeed the setting up facility that is in the "E" to correctly align the screen to stylus accuracy might have a slight problem. I don't think this issue was ever resolved.

        I will give this product from Palm, 3 out of 5 now although in its day and new on the marketplace it would be worth 4 of 5 +.

        Here below is a short list of the Specifications:

        Manufacturer: Palm, Inc
        Manufacturer Part Number: P80880US
        Manufacturer Website Address: www.palm.com
        Product Name: Tungsten E2 PDA
        Product Type: PDA
        Processor: Texas Instruments OMAP311 126MHz
        Standard Memory: 32MB
        Storage: 28.3MB Internal
        Display Screen: Active Matrix TFT Color LCD
        Color Support: 65536 Colors (16-bit)
        Ports: 1 x IrDA Infrared
        Operating System: Palm OS 5.2.1
        Dimensions: 4.5" Height x 3.1" Width x 0.5" Depth
        Weight: 4.6 oz - Including Stylus

        Thank you for reading my review, I hope this has been useful to the reader/s. If I were to go back a couple of years, then I would still consider purchasing again.

        Regards from Hi-Spec-Tek.


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          08.07.2005 02:28
          Not Helpful



          This is a good looking diary

          Whatever they say first impressions count and as such the Palm Tungsten E really catches the eye. On looks alone this is a winner, but who buys a PDA on looks. Having previously owned (and enjoyed)the impressive T3 I was disappointed by the Es relatively poor memory capacity and by the lack of blue tooth, surely a staple by now. Gone also the robust and very useful docking station, synchronization is now an adequate mini usb cable. However for around £150 your getting a Palm that looks the part, if what you really want is a diary and address book then look no further.


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            10.05.2004 00:07
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            The palm Tungsten E Handheld is a great low-cost handheld, below are it's pro and cons Screen: The colour screen is great and can handle around 64000 colours, it has great detail and the screen size is reasonably large for a handheld. The handheld can display photos and videos very well. The handheld has a backlight meaning the screen is clearly visible day and night. Sound: The handheld has an in-built speaker with reasonable quality, it also has a standard size headphone jack. The handheld can produce CD quality sound, though headphones or speakers are required for this as the in-built speaker isn't very good for video playback. Memory and Expansion: The handheld has 32MB of in-built RAM but including the already installed programs it is reduced to 28MB. This is quite low considering all the features of the handheld, only a few videos and photos can be stored on this low amount of memory. The advantage of the handheld though, is that it has an expansion slot for SD cards and multimedia cards. These are essential for getting the most out of the Tungsten E and are required for MP3 playback. Graffiti 2: The Palm Graffiti 2 writing area is fantastic, I have quite styled handwriting yet Graffiti 2 still manages to understand around 90% of my handwriting, or if you don't like using the writing area you can bring up an on screen keyboard which does the job equally well. The handheld also has good instructions on how to use Graffiti 2 and getting used to the writing area. HotSync: The HotSync software which comes with the handheld on CD ROM is suitable for both Windows and Mac and is essential for getting the most out of the Palm Tungsten E handheld, for a start it is required to install most of
            the better programs to the handheld including Adobe Reader, Documents to Go, Kinoma media player, RealOne player and loads more. HotSync allows you to transfer files, photos, music, videos and more from your handheld to your PC and the other way round via a USB cable which is included with the handheld. If you don't have the equipment required to run HotSync it's pretty pointless getting a Tungsten E. Battery: The battery life is stated as 4 days but can differ greatly depending on use. If you use it on a normal basis it should last a lot longer but if you use it to play music on a regular basis it wont last half as long. Applications: The Tungsten E comes with a large amount of applications: Calender allows you to store important dates and tasks which you can set reminders for. Address Book is what it's name suggests. Notepad allows you to use your handheld like a peice of paper, you can take notes or just draw pictures if you are bored. Memos is simply a program for writing notes and functions very like Note Pad on Windows. Photo viewer allows you to download most formats of picture files and display them on screen. Expense and Handmark PDA money are both money management applications allowing you to keep track of your income and outgoings. Calculator does as it says on the tin. Kinoma Player allows the playback of MPEG and AVI format videos in very high quality but a expansion card is essential if you want to store lots of movies on your handheld. RealOne Player allows you to play MP3 and Real audio files on your handheld but an expansion card is needed before this function is available. There are a dozen more great programs included with the handheld and a
            huge amount more that can be downloaded from the internet including games and design programs plus thousands more. The Tungsten E handheld is great handheld for all types of users and for its low price you cant go wrong.


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              19.04.2004 00:20



              Ideal budget PDA - Advantages: low price, colour screen, rechargeable - Disadvantages: no cradle, limited expansion


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