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Ployer Momo8 IPS Tablet PC

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2013 20:43
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      A great tablet for the price!

      I bought this for my daughter in May after she was constantly badgering me to go on my tablet. She has also broken her in car DVD player so I thought if I got a tablet it would double up as a media device to play DVDs in the car on long journeys.

      This tablet was purchased from eBay, I had read reviews for cheaper tablets for a number of weeks and decided that this suited my needs. The tablet cost me £79.

      When it arrived the tablet came in a very flat box, the charger was packed separately. In the box was an instruction booklet, some headphones and a USB lead.

      The tablet itself has an 8 inch screen. I was suprised at the build quality for the price. The front of the tablet has a black border around the screen and the back of the tablet is finished in a silver plastic.

      All of the controls and access ports for this tablet are at the top of it as you look on in landscape view. There is a charging port, headphone jack, HDMI lead port, micro USB port, a memory card slot and the power button. The speaker for the tablet is located at the back of the device. The tablet opporates on Android 4.1.1 Jellybean.

      The dimensions of the tablet are; 24.6 x 19.2 x 6.8 cm and it weighs 390g and is 8.9mm thick.

      The standard memory of the tablet is 16GB but as stated above you can also expand this with a memory card something that my Asus Google Nexus doesn't have!

      Other features of the tablet that influenced my decision was the fact it has full HD output. The resolution of the screen is 1024 x 768. The tablet also has built in WIFI and Bluetooth. For the technical minded people reading this the screen is LCD with a 178 degree viewing angle. The tablet also has a dual core processor, this doesn't mean a lot to me if I am honest!

      When I turned this tablet on I was greeted with the Android system which I am sure most people are familiar with, the quality of the screen on this tablet is excellent, it isn't quite on the level with my Google Nexus but that cost a lot more. Placing the two next to each other there isn't too noticeable a difference. The touch screen is very responsive and the tablet moves through screens and applications with ease. One thing with this tablet as it is from China there are a lot of Chinese apps installed. These are however easy to remove and once you have set up a Google Play account you can download all the app you like.

      The main reason I wanted this computer was for my daughter to store films on from when we are away from home and in the car and also to upload all her CD's onto as she likes to listen to music. I have a 32GB memory card in the slot which is the maximum the tablet can have and it is full of Disney Movies. The quality of playback on these movies is fantastic, the picture is crisp and clear particularly on the newer animated films we have on the tablet. The only negative is the speaker is very poor even when the sound is on full it is so quiet and tinny sounding with echos in the background. For this reason I have bought a separate speaker. The sound quality with a speaker is fine.

      I have bought a harness for this tablet to attach it to the headrest in my car so my daughter can watch films when we are in the car on a long journey, the picture quality is still good in the car and if positioned at the right angle the glare from outside doesn't affect the viewing on the screen.

      Another thing we use this tablet for is to connect it via HDMI lead to the TV in my bedroom which doesn't have a DVD player, this allows us to watch films in the bedroom I have a HD TV and as the output from this tablet up scales to HD the quality is fantastic, it is almost as good as watching the film on a Blu Ray player.

      As we use this a lot to watch media the battery life is slightly below average, it lasts about 4 hours. Having said that the in car DVD player we had only lasted 2 hours so this is more useful for long journeys and it can be charged in the car if necessary. I keep the WIFI turned off and only connect it to the internet to download something or to update the system as I have noted this drains the battery quicker.

      I haven't used this a lot to browse online but I had read on some reviews that people had issues with the WIFI, I use a 3 MIFI device to go online so I am normally quite close to the device as it is portable and I tend to move it around the house with me to get the best signal. I have taken it to my Mum's and connected it to her Sky broadband to watch You Tube with my daughter and the signal is fine on the WIFI. I have also used the Bluetooth to send media between this and my mobile phone again this facility is great and does what it needs to.

      We don't have a lot of apps on here just a few drawing apps, colouring books and learning apps. My daughter likes playing on here and the screen responds well to her touch.

      All in all I would recommend this tablet the build quality is good, obviously it is not on the level with more expensive tablets out there but it is still a good little tablet. The screen size is ideal it is the same as an iPad mini and it is perfect for watching media.

      The system operates well and for the money I would highly recommend this tablet.

      4 out of 5 stars from me.


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