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    2 Reviews
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      01.05.2008 23:23



      bad phone. it does what you dont ask it to do. too frustrating. Don't use this awful phone


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      08.08.2006 15:07
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent combination of phone and PDA

      I’ve had this phone now for close on 9 months and as it’s my first review on dooyoo, thought I’d stick with something very familiar. To clear up any confusion the Qtek S100 is probably better known as the I-Mate Jam but also comes under the guise of the HTC Magician, MDA Compact or mini-xda. Essentially it’s the same phone just re-badged although there can be minor differences in the applications installed on them.

      Its main attraction is it’s a mobile phone and it’s also a pda running Windows Mobile 2003. Now as I carried both I had long awaited a gadget like this that did not look like a brick and weighed a ton. In fact this Pocket PC phone is the smallest on the market, weighing in at 150g, 10.8cm in length and just 1.82cm thick. My first impression was ‘I want one’

      It had a lot to live up to as my existing mobile phone was used heavily everyday and my pda, as well as running cut down versions of word and excel and allowed me to surf the web also doubled as my Sat Nav system. I was running Tom Tom software using a bluetooth receiver.

      The S100 I purchased came sim free unlocked to all UK networks, Just plug your sim card in and away you go, well in theory that’s the case and to be fair barring one small problem with MMS (more on that later) it was.

      //What’s in the Box//

      The phone comes with the following accessories:

      AC Adapter, USB Cable, Headset, 2 x Stylus, Carry Case with belt clip, PC and Phone software on CD and a User Manual (This I have to say was excellent, clear, concise, good depiction and all in English – I believe Qtek have a different manual for each language – a nice touch)

      //Set Up//

      Inserting the sim card was easy, certainly a lot less fiddly than some mobile phones I had had previously, the battery then fits over the sim card, snap the back on and your nearly ready to go. Before getting to grips with my new toy I put the phone on charge and refrained from ‘playing with it’ until the battery level read full. When you first turn the phone on you will be presented with a blue backdrop with the Qtek logo in the middle and the firmware version displayed on the bottom right hand corner. Shortly after you are presented with the windows mobile 2003 screen.

      //Phone Features//

      The phone has a 2.8” transflective touch sensitive TFT screen, Intel Bulverde CPU running at 416mhz and 64 meg Ram (can be upgraded to 128). It’s a tri band phone (GSM 900, 1800 and 1900) so it also works in the States, which was a requirement of mine. It has an SDIO/MMC expansion slot (I currently have installed a 2 gig sd card); it is bluetooth enabled (a must in my opinion), integrated speakerphone and voice recorder plus a 1 mega pixel camera to boot.

      Pocket Word, Excel, Outlook. Calendar, Calculator, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Picture Viewer and Midi Manager.

      //In Action//

      Well if you are familiar with a Pocket PC, then you will be right at home, it does everything my Ipaq used to do and a little more. The screen is as clear if not clearer and the speed is good, I did notice a couple of pauses when loading some applications but this was down to the amount of applications I had running at the time and the amount of free memory available. I would recommend upgrading to 128 meg of RAM, which will allow more than enough room for those applications to run

      Another must is adding a memory card (I purchased a 2 gig sd card) which allows more than enough room for all those ring tones, pictures, sat nav software, mp3’s and office documents. The expansion slot is located at the top of the phone and just pushes in place, there’s no need to take the back of the phone off to insert it. The card can also be inserted or removed whilst the phone is on.

      All the applications I’ve run on this have worked fine, I have heard of the phones freezing and locking up, I’ve only experienced this once in 9 months. If it does happen there is a hard reset button located at the bottom of the phone, it’s a small hole, which you will need to insert the end of the stylus into. 10 seconds later all is as it should be (think of it like rebooting your PC)

      The screen is touch sensitive so choosing an application or accessing a menu is through the use of the stylus or your finger (my fingers seemed a little chunky for accuracy) or by the 5 way navigation pad located just below the screen. There are also 4 quick launch buttons located around the pad which are user definable but the top 2 buttons have a red and green phone symbol on them depicting answering a call and ending a call.

      The camera on the phone, whilst easy to use is not the best and I would have expected more out of a 1 mega pixel camera. Outside in natural daylight the images are passable however inside with the light turned on, its far from good. If the camera is one of the reasons you are looking at this phone then this is probably not the phone for you.

      The windows media player software turns this phone into a very respectable mp3 player, limited only by the amount of songs you can fit on your chosen size of memory card. The bundled headphones are adequate and should be fine for most; if you have a finely tuned ear then you may want to think about purchasing a more expensive set.

      Now to the all-important part, does it actually function as a good quality mobile phone, well the answer to that is quite simply yes. The reception quality is as good as any other mobile I’ve had. The speakerphone allowing you to have a conference call is the best I’ve used. You can add photos to your contacts that will then be displayed if they call as well as assign different ring tones (midi, wma or mp3) to each contact or group contacts together. Accessing the phone keypad is achieved by simply pressing the button with the green phone symbol on, the number buttons displayed on screen are large enough even for those of us with ‘chunky’ fingers. You can assign speed dial numbers, review call history and look up contact numbers from your address book. You can also install voice activation software (which I have done) which makes making a call even easier and the best thing about that is, you don’t need to train it to understand your voice. It is very accurate.

      As I purchased the phone sim free I did have to contact o2 to configure txt and picture messaging Txt messaging was easy to set up but 02 did say they did not support this phone and that I would not be able to use picture messaging. Well 1 week later, with the help of a few others and a bit of head scratching I got it working and then called o2 who now say they do support it.


      To sum up, this is a great phone and has proved it can handle all I require of it. You will need to keep in mind that competition the way it is in the mobile phone market moves quickly and there are already two updates to this model. The S110, which is exactly the same but with 128 meg of RAM and just out, is the S200. The S200 looks quite attractive as it now incorporates wifi and runs the very latest Windows Mobile 5.

      I would definitely recommend the Qtek S100, a simple dog and bone its not!


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