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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

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5 Reviews
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  • Google play apps
  • Battery life
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    5 Reviews
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      03.12.2014 21:35
      Very helpful


      • Reliable
      • Lightweight
      • "Fast processor"
      • "WiFi "
      • "Easy to use"
      • "Google play apps"


      • "Battery life"

      Reasonable price, Reliable device, Highly recommend

      I would highly recommend the Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 wifi for anyone who wants a reasonable priced reliable good quality tablet.It has a nice lightweight design and the white one that I have is very stylish looking...it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was.The internet and email, capabilities are perfect for a busy on the go lifestyle and the easy wifi connect means you can use this tablet when you are away from home, commuting etc. The battery life is reasonable although I have had a few issues with faults with my battery holding charge...The warranty covered my repairs when I encountered the battery issues.Samsung as a manufacturer are very prompt with carrying out warranty repairs .The device is under warranty for 2 years I believe which is really good and it also gives you peace of mind when purchasing this samsung galaxy tab 2.I would recommend this for any kind of user from a novice to a technology expert it really would suit anyone.The android operating system is a big plus to the Samsung galaxy tablet this enables you to use the google play store to download a massive range of android apps which will really enhance the use of this tablet.I have downloaded over 70 apps which I use on a regular basis and the tablet still runs smoothly.I have no complaints about the features and technology of this tablet it is very good and really easy to use .I do everything I need to do on my tablet and I find I do not need a laptop or desk top in addition to my tablet...I can even wifi print to my epson printer...Reasonable price, reliable device, highly recommend.


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      02.11.2013 18:22
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      very good tablet! very worth buying and also a great price1

      This is a brilliant tablet! Perfect for those who play on games, use the internet and take a lot of pictures. It I quite light for a tablet of this size and is very easy to hold in one hand without dropping it. It is a very useful size and can fit in a large pocket and doesn't take up hardly any room if carried in a handbag or rucksack. It has quite loud speakers and is very useful at BBQs and small parties for playing music as it gives you the option to make different playlists. the battery life i very good as it lat around 3 day before you need to charge it!
      ==the outside==
      This tablet is available in titanium silver and white. I think these are the perfect colours as it looks very nice and mart in both. Although I think it should be available in black a I think that would suit the tablet a well. The outside of the tablet is very easy to figure out as the volume buttons and the on button are very obvious and in easy places to reach without dropping the tablet.

      The screen, being very big is hard to look after. It is not very good quality and cracks at a small knock. Also the outside corners wear and scratch very easily as well. I think, if you are going to buy this then it is a very good idea to buy a case and screen protector as well to ensure it is not as vulnerable to being damaged.

      I love the camera on the Samsung galaxy tab 2! It has a good clear zoom; good options of what you are taking a picture and a brilliant focus that allows you to take clear pictures that are good quality. The only bad thing about the camera is that it does not have a flash. This is very disappointing as it would be a perfect camera if it did have the flash option. The tablet also has a front camera which is always very useful! Sometime the front camera does not have as good quality as the main camera although this is not the case. Both cameras work very well and one is not better than the other.

      As the tablet is on android there is a huge variety of apps available for gamers, readers, well just about anyone really! Although I would not recommend downloading movies as they take up a huge amount of space and you often end up deleting them anyway. I think Google play books is very useful on the tablet a it is just like reading a book and there are many books available from a huge range of authors. The layout of the tablet makes it easy to find apps and they are altogether in one place. The apps are brilliant!

      Overall I think this tablet I one of the best available at the moment and is definitely the one to buy if you are looking for a cheap tablet that is very good. Although it's a good idea to keep it in a case with a screen protector.

      Thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful!


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      02.07.2013 02:57
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Brilliant tablet with lots of functions and a great price.

      I am a big fan of Samsung. Being a bit of a dinosaur, my first Samsung "techie device" was many light years ago when I got my first smartphone, a Samsung Blackjack (look it up and laugh). Although this now looks like a clunky brick compared to the smooth lines of today's smartphones, at the time it was cutting edge, came from the states only, and nobody around me had seen a phone that ran on Windows and was effectively a mini-pc. I remember jaws dropping as I tethered the clunky brick to my laptop, and used it as a modem. It was just NOT the done thing in those days of old....

      Moving on several years and technology has of course moved faster than the speed of light, and we have a wealth of choice in our homes enabling us to stay connected to the net. Before I wrote this review I sat and counted all of the devices in my house with internet connectivity and was amused to think back to how tethering was seen as cutting edge. I use the PS3, other android tablets, several smartphones, laptops and a desktop to connect to the net, but my favourite little gadget has to be my Galaxy tab.

      The Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0 is the perfect size for your hand (7" although Samsung also offer a 10" version), is fast even when downloading a million annoying games for your equally annoying child, looks great, is not overpriced or over-hyped like Apple products and is user friendly. It is smaller than the ugly iPad therefore more portable. This tablet runs on Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) and in my opinion kicks most other tablet devices to the curb.


      There is nothing clunky about this, it has a slim profile and curvy corners. The front is black and the back is a gun metal silver colour. Samsung do a white version too but we have learned the hard way to avoid white anything in this house, due to muddy pets and a messy child. The casing is simple and somewhat minimalist, with just the on/sleep/wake up button and a larger volume button seated next to it. There is a standard 3.5 jack at the top and a longer thin jack at the bottom for your charger. You will also find the little MicroSD slot on the left side. It is lightweight but not flimsy and it feels well balanced to hold and use. At 344g it is around half the weight of an iPad, making it easy to read with one hand whilst making playdoh turtles with the other (don't ask).

      There are five home screens on the Tab, which you swipe from left to right to access. These screens hold preloaded widgets for time, weather, music etc and are easy to customise with your favourite widgets or apps, all available in the Google play store via a shortcut. The main screen function shows a lot of shortcuts such as a web browser, settings, play store etc, and it is easy to find your way around. Much of the stuff that I use everyday was pre-loaded (Youtube etc) which saved time. It is also easy to rearrange folders, combine folders etc should you wish to have a tidier front screen.

      At the bottom of the tab screen you will find a home icon, a back icon, an up arrow and a screenshot function which is very handy. These are all in a muted silver colour and are all part of the touchscreen.


      The touchscreen is super responsive and easy to use. You get the standard qwerty layout complete with an "@" and numerics at the top, no annoying pressing shift here to access the numbers. The typing is fast and does not lag. The touchscreen automatically pops up when you tap a search bar or need to fill in a form etc.


      The tab features a dual core processor and comes with 8GB of RAM. There are various storage sizes available, all upgradeable via microSD (up to 64GB). I will list the specifications at the bottom of the review as I would rather talk about my experiences with this little wonder. I have found the tab to be fast and efficient, it does not lag or hang when watching movies/iPlayer etc, even when I am downloading other apps. I live in the sticks and our phone lines are rubbish, yet the tab gives me a great surfing speed (they have not invented cable where I live) enabling me to do everything that I could want to do online. Setting up the wifi was a doddle and I was connected in minutes. The tab also has bluetooth connectivity.


      The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 features a 1024 x 600 screen with bright and clear colours. The contrast is excellent and it does not strain my eyes, even when used for hours at a time. The viewing angle is good no matter how you are looking at it, and it automatically turns the page round according to how you are holding the tablet. This feature is quick so you have no annoying waiting about for it to change.

      The touchscreen function is highly sensitive, initially too much so when I started out on the tablet. In the beginning I found that it was too easy to hit the wrong link by just brushing the front. Partly this was my fault, I hate touchscreens and have avoided the damn things on phones very deliberately. Therefore there was a certain amount of learning curve involved but now I can happily tap away without hitting the wrong thing, unless I am very worn out in which case it becomes a wrong page free for all....


      There are two cameras as standard on the Galaxy Tab, the rear one for taking pics and a front lens for Skype/video chat. Although you will not get the quality of pics from this as you would a decent digital camera, the pictures are reasonable considering that the rear camera is only 3 megapixels. The tab can also be used for video, and shoots 720p videos which can be edited within the tablet with a pre-installed app. The video function is sufficient for everyday purposes and does not lag.


      The battery life is very good, I tend to get around 11 hours out of it when surfing. Obviously I get less when watching iPlayer or films. I let it run down completely sometimes before I recharge it, but most of the time it is plugged in and ready to go.


      The tab has many pre-loaded functions and apps for power management, task management, and voice recognition too which is great. There are thousands upon thousands of free apps (and paid) via the Google play store which is easy to find via the shortcut and very intuitive even for newbies. These apps encompass games, productivity, the kindle app for e-reading, office suites and all manner of fun and frivolous gadgetry. My favourites are the virtual instruments which are superb in their tone and application. I also love some of the radio applications (Tune-in radio is great), which allow me to tune in live to reggae in Ghana and Haight Ashbury radio for some 60's hippy action....


      The inbuilt speakers are good for video and radio, but if you want to make some noise then invest in a little mini speaker. The tab has a standard 3.5 jack on the top for speakers or headphones. I use two micro pop-up speakers which I "daisy-chain" together. This makes more than enough racket for the enjoyment of said reggae or flower-children.


      The tab came with a USB charger which slots cleverly into a mains plug. I tend to charge mine via the mains as USB ports are always busy on the laptop. There are chargers available on Amazon and the like, for the car via the cig socket. On Amazon you will also find lots of extra bits that can make your tab even more user friendly, such as the little USB keyboard cases (which mean you can type "old school" as opposed to touchscreen- much better for longer conversations), tablet cases and stands, screen protectors and skins etc.


      I have already mentioned the camera, but I think that this is an issue with most tablets. I have no complaints about this tablet apart from the fact that I have to grapple it from my daughter quite often, even though she has her own tablet! I love this tablet, it is nippy and great fun, portable and stylish. It is also a bargain compared to the grossly over-priced iPad and you can pick up the tab for just £ 138 on Amazon ( white, 8GB version). The 16GB version is £194 currently.


      * Product Dimensions: 1 x 12.2 x 19.4 cm
      * Screen Size: 7 inches
      * Processor Speed: 1 GHz (Dual core)
      * RAM Size 8 GB
      * Computer Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM (MicroSD)
      * Connectivity: Wireless: 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n/ Bluetooth
      * Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
      * Lithium Battery Energy Content: 4000 milliamp_hours
      * Lithium Battery Weight: 300 grams


      I consider this tablet to be a total bargain. The 10" one is even more spectacular although obviously not as portable, nor could I justify the price at the time. It does everything an iPad can do plus looks better.
      If you are looking for a reliable, fun and fast tablet then this is a very good choice.


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        23.06.2013 18:16
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Great tablet, very handy and useful - 4 stars.

        I received this tablet 2 days after Christmas, my birthday. This was a somewhat last minute decision in all honesty as I hadn't really received much for Christmas so I got this at my birthday.

        I was thinking maybe a kindle fire, because after all I like books and I hear you can do some pretty cool stuff on it, watch movies etc. When asking an assistant in the shop about it he recommended this fine little tablet I'm reviewing right now. - He went on to tell me that Galaxy tab 2.0 does a fair bit more for my needs than a kindle, at a price equally as good.

        I go ahead to match this and purchase this tablet and immediately became satisfied with my choice of buying the tablet.

        Instead of the story of how me and this tablet came to be, I'll have a go at explaining the features of it.

        The battery is fine. I admit it could be a little better but what you get is more than enough to do your duties on the tablet, read, watch or maybe play some games. To fully charge, the tablet only takes around several hours to do so, when I say only, I don't intend to make out that this is brilliant, but I do mean to say that I have never had any complaints with the battery life.

        The internet connection has also never bothered me. It's super fast and super affective. I have streamed movies through the internet several times and it is literally perfect. The only Wifi errors that have ever occurred with this device was when I tried to use the device in the car ( Don't worry, I wasn't driving and playing on my tablet at the same time! ) and there was a loss of internet connection due to my geographical surroundings.

        Although I'm not to interested in taking pictures and recording video's with this device, the camera is not exactly brilliant. I have tested it and was not exactly overly impressed with quality. I would say in future the camera quality could be improved on, but I will not include it as a disadvantage as as far as I'm concerned, it does not really get on my nerves.

        The sound is impressive and perfect in many conditions, this may be whether I'm streaming through Netflix, or whether I'm listening to a song in my library or watching a video via Youtube. I do wear head phones while listening to audio features on the device, and it is crystal clear to me!

        Also, all I have to say on the picture quality is that it was nothing less than spectacular!

        On to the physical aspects of the tablet and once again I can honestly say I'm impressed with it's features as much as I can say about the other features ( Picture, sound, etc ).

        The 7 inch tablet is ideal for travel and only weighs 340g!

        The storage is perfect for myself with a memory size of 8GB - More than what I imagine I'd ever need!

        If my memory serves correctly, I paid around just under £200 for this device and I must say I do not regret it.

        I'd strongly suggest to you and my friends and family, that if you are looking in to buying a tablet you consider this, as it has been perfect for me.


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          07.02.2013 12:08



          Great nifty little tab, perfect for use at home or on the train.

          Straight out box, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will make you happy. The menu's and user interface are so intuitive and easy to use. You can immediately get online with the wi-fi being incredibly easy to use. Even your granny could get online with one of these! The only thing is that there is no 3G. However, if it is simply a home tablet you are after then it is hard to look past this little beauty. The screen is good, you can watch hd films and clips on it completely fine. The Android operting system is very slick and feeels good to use. The app store also has imoroved its catalogue, now having apps for almost everything! The app store is second only to Apple, but it's not too far away. I use mine mainly for just going on Faecbook and youtube etc, because it just looks and works so much better than if you were trying to do this on a little iphone etc.


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