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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 8.0 GB WiFi

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6 Reviews

An alternative to the ever popular iPad, the Galaxy Tab is very good value for money. It is well designed, quick and responsive. However the available apps just can not compete with Apple's selection.

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    6 Reviews
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      23.04.2015 21:55
      Very helpful



      Very fast and easy to use

      Samsung has been following the strategy of launching many models on the market to satisfy every customer for some time. This time the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4-inch model underwent our extensive tests. The Wi-Fi version enters the ring with a Snapdragon 800, and seriously threatens the iPad Mini Retina. The extreme resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, alongside the screen's very high brightness, makes the model an immediate contender of Apple's 7.9-inch tablet.

      The smaller version of the previously reviewed Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 gives a good show. The performance is impressive because it has enough power to easily deal with all applications from the Android World. In terms of screen quality, the Tab Pro 8.4 reaps in a very good ranking. It is marginally brighter than the iPad Mini Retina, has a higher resolution and a very homogeneous illumination. A plus point is also awarded for the moderate temperature development because we never ascertained an uncomfortable temperature. The RRP is 399 Euros (~$550), which is 20 Euros (~$28) more than for the iPad Mini Retina with the same equipment. Many online retailers already list the black model for approximately 370 Euros (~$510). 100 Euros (~$138) more have to be put on the table for the LTE version.


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      23.07.2014 08:41
      Very helpful


      • "fast processor "
      • "easy to use"


      • none!

      Fantastic product, fast, reliable and easy to use

      The Samsung galaxy tab is the smallest of the range. We actually got this tablet free with our phone upgrade, to sweeten the deal i think, but we wasn't really complaining because we was looking for a new tablet anyway.

      The tablet is probably the easiest one we have owned. It is very easy to navigate and i think it is fast for the size. It is sleek and light, which i think is important especially when taking the device out and about. The tablet is available in three colors, white, gold and black. I think the gold one looks kind of cheap though, i recommend getting the white one, it looks a lot more professional.

      Before we got this tablet we had the Samsung galaxy 2 phone, now i think these are very similar to the tablet, but the screen is bigger. I have always liked these products, there highly sought after and a quality made device. We got ours in white, which looks good but it is very very easy to scratch and get scuff marks on it, which can kind of ruin the tablet unless you are careful, but there are many cases available for this, we have a penguin one for ours which I thought was brilliant!

      There are hundreds if not thousands of apps available for the tablet, a lot of which are available free. The tablet runs on Android, so the range of apps is similar to what is available on Android phones too. My favorite app has got to be Angry Birds, which works really well because of the size of the screen.

      For anyone looking for a first time tablet, or just an upgrade from what you have now, I recommend getting one of these gadgets, it is a fairly cheap alternative to others. For what it is i think this product is a great buy! These tablets are currently only around £100, so its a great time to get one.

      These products are brilliant for adults and kids alike. There are parental controls on the device so you can restrict what your kids can do on these. This is cheaper than most gaming consoles, and you can do a lot more with it too. This can also be used as a work device, i know a number of companies that have started using tablets instead of computers simply because there easier to run. Instead of having to load up a laptop, you simply have to press a button on the top of the tablet and off you go, it is as easy as that! Fantastic product in my opinion!


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      09.01.2014 18:22
      Not Helpful


      • Reliability


      excellent recommend this to everyone

      The Samsung Galexy Tab 3 is the smallest of the three Tab series thar the Korean company released this year, and it is the most affordable one of its range with ther also being a few diffrent makes a little cheaper. what is good about this one is it does do is shrink in size becoming narrower, so as to fit in most jacket pockets and easier to hold single-handedly.
      The Galaxy Tab 3 has that typical "Samsung look" of glossy plastic that easily marks and stains but can be easily cleaned . The tablet is solidly put together and does not squeal or creak. It comes in 3 colours of white,gold,black. I my self have the white one.
      I found the disply on this piece to be good for its size nice and bright easy to use for any ages even my grandma can use this, i enjoyed it so much that i baught a second one for my partner. With a number of mixed reviews i really do recommend this product. Aso it can be used to play games access the internet, take pictures and much more a memory card is also available to buy so that you can store alot more on this device does everything a laptop does basically just much smaller.


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        01.01.2014 05:32
        Not Helpful



        Decent tablet

        I received this wonderful tablet free with my new phone upgrade from car phone warehouse about a month ago and was pleasantly suppressed. It's sleek and modern appearance first came to mind. Compared to many other leading tablets this particular type comes in a convenient size of 7 inches from corner to corner. Being on the cheaper side of tablets I wasn't expecting amazing performance but I was proven wrong . It's fast transfer from app to app impressed me. The quality of the screen display combined with the loud speakers on the underside the the devise made film watching and Video browsing a real treat. The only negative point on this product were the tacky apps which were pre downloaded on to the tablet which made me think that it was maybe not aimed at someone of my age. Overall I would recommend this product for anyone who is into web browsing and some game playing


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          30.12.2013 09:19
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          An indulgent present, which I totally love

          I had a little android phone a while back, but it was very basic and bottom of the range. For the past year I have been using a non-internet mobile phone, but have been aware that I am slipping behind with technology.

          Needs must and it was time for a change!

          When my husband wanted to know what I wanted for a Christmas present, as usual I didn't know - my son however told him that I wanted a Tablet, now although this was perfectly true - I did/do want one, I had managed to convince myself that they were too expensive and too much of a luxury, I didn't need one. I work with a computer all day long and I have a lovely laptop - a Tablet would be a total luxury, an indulgence - but apparently, that is sometimes what Christmas presents are all about, someone buying you something that they know you would really like, but have not bought for yourself.

          So, unbeknown to me, my husband and son went off to John Lewis store and picked me up a Samsung Galaxy Tab, John Lewis is an excellent place to buy such goods from, as they provide (as standard) a two year guarantee, whereas most other stores only provide one year.

          My Tablet is the 7 inch model, I will be honest here and be a bit over enthusiastic, and tell you that this gadget is the most wonderful piece of technology I have ever owned ! I absolutely love it! I keep it in my bedside drawer, for safekeeping, and even when I am not using it, I get it out to lightly buff the screen, or just to look at it! I know it is silly!

          I am not scared of technology, but I am personally wary of using and setting up something that is new to me. I did not need to be however, setting up the tablet was remarkably easy and took all of four or five minutes, if that.

          I am not sure if the Tablet came with any charge on it, as I automatically plugged it in. I pressed the "on" button and within seconds the screen was loaded, I went through the set up menu, which was very clear and easy to do, adding my user details to my email account, the tablet recognised the wi-fi connection and I added my password to it. Within just a few minutes I was up and running.

          Quite obviously, it is going to take me many weeks and hours of using the tablet to be able to use it to its full potential. However 6 days down the line, I am using it without any hiccups. As I said earlier, my knowledge of Android phones and the Android system is quite limited, so I did not have too much of a head start.

          Using the apps and finding the apps required was all very easy, I have downloaded Facebook, Twitter, Quidco and Topcashback already, all of which downloaded and installed themselves onto the Tablet very quickly and easily, pain free one might say!

          Now, this review is not from the point of view of an expert, or someone who "knows their stuff" This review is from me, a forty-something Mum, who often relies on her young adult son when it comes to technology - but as helpful as my son is, I try to cope and use such gadgets without him. So from someone who is far from an expert, and only an average user - my feelings about this tablet are very positive indeed.

          Is the Tablet user friendly? Yes, it is - with just a basic knowledge of the android system I have been able to download apps, take photographs, upload the pictures to social media and to email (as well as delete some decidedly bad Christmas photos!)

          What about the quality of the Tablet? I had been tempted to buy a tablet a couple weeks ago, for around the £50 mark, I was talked out of it, I was told that when it comes to this sort of thing you should really buy a tablet with a brand name, such as a Samsung or a Nexus, for example. I am glad that I did - I cannot compare it to similar models, having never used another brand, but my Samsung looks nice, it feels good, you know it is well made and good quality, and it works! The icons on the screen work when I touch them, the screen lock slider works when I want it to. The tablet does everything it should do, or rather it has done everything I have asked of it so far.

          The packaging contained the tablet and the charger, it is the sort of charger that can be charged to a main socket, or charged via USB socket to the laptop or PC,

          I am very careful to put the tablet away safely, but do intend to buy a protective case very soon.

          Would I reccomend this tablet to others? Yes, without a doubt - My hubby paid £99 for mine, there are various sales at the moment and you might be able to buy it slightly cheaper elsewhere, however the 2 year guarantee is worth paying a little extra for.

          The specificatons for this tablet are below. To be truthful I do not understand all the specifications personally, but I prefer to review an item honestly and from my own experience - which so far has been brilliant.

          Battery life Information
          Up to 8 hours (Wi-Fi Web browsing)

          Bluetooth Enabled Information
          Yes - 3.0

          Computer Support Helpline Information
          Free 90 day computer support

          H188 x W111.1 x D9.9 mm

          Ethernet Port Information


          Graphics card type Information

          Hard drive Information

          Headphone socket

          Memory (RAM) Information

          Memory Card Slot Information

          Model name / number

          NFC enabled Information

          Operating system Information
          Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

          Pixels Per Inch (PPI) Information

          Ports Information
          Micro USB

          Processor Information
          Dual-core Marvell PXA986

          Processor speed Information

          Screen finish Information

          Screen Resolution Information
          1024 x 600 pixels

          Screen size Information

          Screen Type
          TFT LCD Display

          Built-in speakers

          Touch Screen

          Voice Recognition
          YES- Google Now

          Webcam (front-facing) Information
          1.3 megapixels

          Webcam (rear-facing) Information
          3 megapixels


          WiDi Information

          Wireless networking
          Wi-Fi- 802.11a/b/g/n


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            07.12.2013 22:37
            Very helpful


            • Reliability



            (( INTRODUCTION ))

            I was in need of a tablet as my desktop computer decided to pack up on me. Although I miss doing things on my computer the tablet helps me still do the similar things on there so not really missing out. I can still listen to music, play games, search the net, and even watch films although not done that yet. It was my partner that bought me this, as he knew I was disappointed when my computer packed up. I am not disappointed in the tablet it does the things I want it to do.

            (( IN THE BOX ))

            You will get in the box a usb lead which can either be plugged in the plug that is also in the box, or plugged into a usb port on another device. You will also get a instruction manual and warranty. And most importantly the tablet itself.

            (( SPECS ))

            7 inch screen
            8gb storage space
            1.2 Dual core processor
            1gb memory
            Muti touch display
            3mp camera which can take pictures from the front or the back

            (( LOOK AND FEEL ))

            The look is very smart looking, the feel of the tablet is slim to hold and can easily be held using one hand which is great. It isn't to small and isn't to big so the ideal size when doing anything on there. The front of the tablet as a 7 inch screen surrounded by a shiny white case, Samsung is written on the front at the top of the tablet. There is also the camera and flash at the side of the Samsung label. Along the bottom of the tablet is small rectangle button which when pressed wakes up the tablet, also takes you back to the home screen when you need too, when held for small period of time you will get a list of applications that have been opened.

            There is also another button which is a touch screen button to the left and right of the button, the left hand side button is a menu button (what I call it) as when you have something open if this is clicked it will open a menu for that application. The right hand side button is a back button (which is what I call it) this takes you back to the previous screen.

            The back of the tablet is white in colour, feels very soft in your hand but not enough for it to slip out of your hands when using it. There isn't much on the back of the tablet only the camera for when you take pitcures.

            On the right hand side of the tablet there is the on/off button, and just below that you have the volume button. Right on the top you have the earphone socket. Right on the bottom of the tablet there is the charger socket and the speakers.

            (( PERFORMANCE ))

            I have to say from a small device I am have to say I am happy with the way it performs in every task that I do on there. I mostly use the tablet for searching the web, playing simple games, listening to music and sometimes downloading things. It is very quick when also performing tasks, there is no loss in performance no matter how many applications are open and running, which has got to be down to the memory and the fact its running a dual core processor.

            I love the fact that even though you have 8gb of storage space within the tablet is great but you can buy a micro SD card for storage space if needed which I don't think you get many tablets where you can add sd cards into. The slot for the micro sd card is along the left hand side of the tablet, which is something I haven't used yet as the 8 gb is still going.

            (( GRAPHICS AND SOUND ))

            The graphics are very crisp and clear, which I thought wouldn't be so good with it being a tablet device, but all games that I play on there are very graphical and I know on a few of the tablets out there the picture can get a little distortion to the graphics, but you get none of that with this tablet. The sounds are also very clear, and can be very loud too I do not have a problem with the sound at all, again I thought the sound wouldn't be as loud as it is on this tablet.

            (( BATTERY USE ))

            I don't tend to live on the tablet all day and night but I do use it quite a bit and notice the battery life on the tablet is great, it can last a couple of days before it totally runs out of battery, although does depend on what you are doing on the tablet, listening to music on there don't take as much battery life as if you're playing games and I would expect watching films on there would take a lot of battery life too.

            When the battery starts to get low it will bleep and come up on your screen that you battery is getting low and to plug in your charger, it takes a couple of hours to fully charge but I normally charge the tablet through the night so then it is fully charge by the following day. Although you can still use the tablet when charging there is no performance loss, and everything still runs smoothly.

            (( AVAILABILITY AND PRICE ))

            I bought this tablet from argos at the price of £159.99, with an added voucher of £20.00 to spend within the store, although you can buy it from other stores but there isn't a price difference, but I would shop around before buying.

            (( FINAL THOUGHTS ))

            I am happy with the tablet and glad I got it, it comes in handy, and the performance level on it is great I cannot fault it. Sometimes the text on webpages can be a little small but just pinch the screen with your finger and thumb and it enlarges the page your viewing. The sound and graphics are awesome for such a device, there is no sound distortion through earphones and the camera is excellent for taking pictures, in fact they are very clear, crisp and looks better than my phone pictures.

            Overall I give this tablet 5 stars and I recommend to anyone thinking of buying one.
            Thank you all for reading.


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          • Product Details

            Display size: 17,78 cm (7) / Resolution: 1024 x 600 / Touchscreen / CPU: 2x 1,2GHz Dual Core-CPU / Digitalcamera: ja / cameraResolution: 3MP (back) & 1,3MP (Front) / Interner Speicher: 8GB / Betriebssystem: Android 4.1 / Connection: Bluetooth 3rd 0 / WLAN