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Sony Clié PEG-TJ25

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2005 19:57
      Very helpful



      The sony clie tj25 is a versatile pda. In the home creen there are 3 ways to get to the infomation that you want you can scroll down the list till you come to the sub-catagory you have a favourite menu and a general list. Ok the list is simple every catagory is in there you scroll down to the one you want. The favourite menu is exellent as you can add whatever you want to this section if there is a catagory you use all the time you just add to this menu so to save time scrolling you just touch the screen with the stylus. The general menu is a brilliant idea if you want to get to the organizer section of the scroll down list you just click on the organizer title same for data controll and so on.

      The sony clie takes memory pro stick which can be found quite cheap on ebay you can have all your work infomation on one stick and all personal info on another [I like to keep a high memeory stick with all the info on just incase I also keep it on my pc]. The problem with this is when you take out your work memory stick and put in your personal one all your work info is still stored so it has to be deleted before saving anything on to your personal memory stick otherwise the data gets crossed.

      As you get to know your clie it can become frustrating using the touch screen when you want to enter long amounts of text the two ways round this are using your pc and hotsyncing the info onto your clie or the other way I use as some of my downloaded programmes cannot be opened on a pc is a portable keyboard that is hookup by infra red infortunatly this means carrying two items round with you so even though they cut down its size it still takes up a lot of space when you have the accessories for it.

      Take a look on ebay for loads of accessories including memory cards cases chargers you can get a bargin. Also it can be added on to by downloading particular software like bank details or wine vintages just about all the programmes you need can be found on the net.

      Overall its a handy device but it could be better if you have the time to set it up it can make your life a lot easyier


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