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Sony Reader Digital Book PRS600S

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    3 Reviews
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      17.03.2014 18:13


      • Reliability


      Very good touchscreen and responsive.

      I have had one of these for the past 3 years, although, I also now have a Kindle HD Fire.
      I have had no problems with it. The Sony PRS 600 is touchscreen, heavier than and not as slim as the Kindle. It is E-ink technology, i.e. you do not get glare, as you would from a computer screen.
      It came with a handy cloth cover, USB cable, stylus, charger and instruction booklet. I also got a free 100 classic book download with it.
      I have, and, still am impressed with it. The touchscreen is responsive and quick and it's easy to navigate around. It can 'carry' more than enough books and you can also use memory cards with it.
      It is easy to set up and the reader library programme is easily downloaded onto the laptop. Books in various formats can be used and downloaded to it.
      This is not WIFI or data connected, so you do need to cross load the books across to it from your laptop, Etc.
      It can also be used for notes, drawing (with the stylus) and audio.
      The battery life is very good, just remember to take it off standby and fully close it down when not in use.
      Everything is touchscreen, page forward, Etc. Dictionary, notations, Etc. are all touchscreen and responsive.
      The downsides are that the screen in the sun is not that clever and, as mentioned, is not WIFI or data enabled.


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      30.06.2011 19:18



      Good for a basic ereader

      I did a fair amount of research into which ereader to buy, and found the UK selection somewhat limited (though this has improved now). My main problem was that I just wanted to read on it, so ruled out any with a keyboard as I felt this took up extra, unused space. So in the end decided on this Sony ereader.

      It's easy to use, after the initial installation. It's light and slim. The battery is reasonable as long as it's turned off properly each night (by holding along the power button until screen prompts shutdown). The dictionary feature is very useful and quickly provides a definition with a double tab on any word.

      I haven't used it much in the sun, but artificial lights do provide a fair amount of glare on the screen which is mildly annoying but reduced by angling the ereader in a different way. The touchscreen is slow to respond and not terribly accurate, but this isn't a problem for just flicking pages. It would be a big bonus if it could be charged from the wall sockets without having to buy expensive adapters as it takes more than 4 hours to charge through the computer. I feel it was overpriced for the basic ereader that it is.

      I use it everyday, though find myself wishing I'd held off buying one until more choice was available especially with the 3G and wireless available now on other brands.


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      23.10.2010 10:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability



      I spend lots of my time reading and have done from an early age, I think it 's the aquarian I me that would love to live in a book shop or library and now I virtually can with this Sony Reader Digital Book PRS600S .

      I have been bought this sony reader by my family who all chipped in for it as they are expensive and retail at £160 -£200 depending on where you buy it from.
      In the high streets you will pay the top end of the price range but can find it online from Amazon much cheaper, although I don't like to look at prices on things that I have been given as a present, I had to look as it's such a good present that I am reviewing it.

      This sony reader is a thin light weight syle and comes in lots of colours, silver, red, blue, white, pink and black. I got the silver one and I'm happy with the colour.
      It is a small reader and can be held in the hand and taken anywhere, it has a glare free screen so you can read the e-books in the daylight and in full sun without it bothering the writting on the screen and it also has a long battery life which lasts for days of reading and playing with the gadget. Usually about 14 days before charging it up again which is great if you get stuck into a good ebook.
      As well as the ebooks it has a built in dictionary too.

      The sony reader has a touch screen and you also get a stylus with it if you prefer to use this to navigate the pages of the reader. I use both dependig on what I am doing with it.
      It comes with a USB port and lead so you can download your choices of books online from the e-books store. Amazon have a good choice of books for you to buy for this reader too if your not sure where to get them from and you can get best sellers too so your not just stuck with older names of books.

      The e-book reader supports HTML, Txt, MP3 and JPG.
      It is quite easy to use, just touch the screen to call up the menu and find the book you want to read, you can also double tap a word if your not sure of the meaning of it and the dictionary will find it for you and explain the meaning. This is great for young children to use as not only is it more exciting than holding a book it is something they would like to use as it's a modern gadget which is easy to navigate.

      It holds about 1200 books and you can also buy a Memory Stick PRO DuoTM and SD card slot which holds more. The reader uses a high contrast E Ink® Pearl display and the text can be altered to different sizes from large to extra large so if you are having difficulty seeing it or for older people it's good to alter the text for reading better.
      You can also listen to music whilst your reading if you like, but I find this a distraction as I like to read when it's nice and quiet in the garden.

      It also has a zoom feature for easier reading too and you can also book mark your place so that you can return to the page you were last reading.
      In my opinion this is one of the best inventions on the market, for me it's easy to use has all the books I want in one place, is light weight and easy to pop into your bag and can be taken on holiday or given to the grandchildren to keep them quite if they get bored and want to read their favourite books.

      I love it and if I hadn't been given one as a present I would have gone out and bought one for myself.
      I would definately recommend this to anyone for value for money, entertainment factor and the convenience of having all your books stored on it.

      It's brilliant.


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