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Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350

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    4 Reviews
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      10.09.2013 12:05
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      A top product - essential for book worms

      I love reading and am definitely what you would call a book worm. I can think think of nothing better than curling up in bed with a good paperback - that was until I received my Sony eReader last Christmas now I cannot imagine going back to a book.

      At 5.6 ounces the Pocket Edition is easy to hold in one hand while you're curled up on the couch for a reading session.
      I'm usually one to take 4 or 5 books on holiday and have to worry about the luggage weight - now I can take as many books as I want and have them in one place.

      I was bought the pink version, it doesn't come with a cover but I paid £30 (quite expensive on top of the cost of the reader) to get one of the nice leather looking ones. In hindsight I do wish I'd gone for one with a light as one disadvantage with this particular reader is you do need a lamp on to read.

      I didn't find it particularly easy to start using the eReader - you need to connect to your PC with a cable (no 3g or WiFi) and then use the Sony library to add your books on - once I got the hang of it it became pretty easy - I regularly clear my reader so as not to have too many books on their at once but you can store up to around a 1000 if you fancy!

      Actually reading a book is a joy. You have options to increase the font size, an option to book mark a page and something I really like is the dictionary. I think we all come across words that we are not too sure about when reading and now with a few simple taps of the stylus you can bring up the word meaning.

      The battery life is very good - I usually charge my reader once every 2 weeks - that is generally with 1.5 hours of reading a day.
      The eReader comes with a USB connector and so the only way to charge the reader is with your PC on. Luckily I have an adaptor I can use and I would recommend buying one so that you can take with you on long journeys.

      Overall this is a great product - one that I can't imagine not having.


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        29.01.2012 12:45
        Very helpful



        Give one a try, you'll be convert

        I have always been an avid reader. I was committed to the paper book and never thought I'd enjoy an ereader. Then my dad bought a kindle. It wasn't as bad as I expected. After some research I decided the sony PRS 350 (in pink , obviously) was the one for me. My husband bought me one for my birthday last year.
        I'm a ebook convert. It's amazing. I always have it with me. I can carry 1000 books in my bag. I can keep my favourite books with me all the time. The screen isn't back lit like a computer and the text used is designed to be comfortable to read. It is a convenient size to fit in a handbag. It comes with a cable to connect it to your computer. This is how you download books and also how you charge the unit. When reading you can mark pages or make notes, either using the on screen keyboard or the stylus which fits neatly down the right hand side of the unit. There are various online dictionaries in different languages. So you can translate a word if you want to. I can see it being a valuable resource for students as you can make as many notes as you want and easily look them up.
        There's a zoom button so you can alter the size of the text. This is useful if you want to make use of the millions of free or very cheap ebooks available as the text isn't always a readable size. On the subject of free ebooks. There are a lot available, but be warned, some of them aren't great. I read a lot of real rubbish. I've come to the conclusion that you generally get what you pay for with ebooks. Some libraries will lend out ebooks. Check with your own library. It's a brilliant way to borrow books as there is no possibility of an overdue fine. You have a licence to use the book for 2 weeks (at our local library it's 2 weeks anyway) After that the file automatically becomes unreadable. You can't renew it but you can always borrow it again if you haven't finished. You have to do it online, it's quite simple though.
        There is the facility to save your books in collections if you prefer to.
        The unit has a clock, but I haven't found a way to display it easily without coming out of the book you are reading.
        You can also alter the orientation of the pages if you want to. You turn the page either by pressing one of the buttons on the bottom left of the unit, or swiping you finger on the screen similar to flicking the page of a book. It is possible to alter this facility so the page turns the opposite way to that expected. I have no idea why you would want to do that, but you can.
        There are covers available for the PRS 350. The cheaper version is just a cover, they are available to match the colour of your unit. The more expensive option (about £45) has a light so you can read at night without waking your partner up. There was an international shortage of pink covers with lights when I got my unit in March 2010. I eventually found at Stansted airport in June 2011.
        In short, my Sony PRS 350 is probably the best gift I have ever received. If you are a book lover, and still not convinced, give one a try.


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        23.08.2011 15:58
        Very helpful


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        Fantastic tool and I wouldn't be without - but still not quite the same as a book!

        As I was moving to London in the New Year one of my Christmas presents was the Sony e-Book.

        Now I was no stranger to eBooks, with both my mum and dad having the Sony PRS-300 (slightly larger version of the PRS-350) but in my honest opinion nothing was ever going to replace a book. I am one of those readers that flips back and forth through books, likes to feel the pages, smell the book etc - however here I am an eBook convert in SOME cases.

        ***What you get and the technical bits***

        The eBook is lightweight (155g) and has a 5 inch anti-glare screen, which is handy for reading in the sun.
        The eBook only comes with a USB cable, so if you want to charge via the mains you will need to purchase a charger separately.

        The eBook also does not come with a cover, once again, needs to be purchased separately. I fully recommend that you do purchase a cover, to begin with I didn't bother with a cover, but as my hands get very sweaty I found when holding the book it slipped out of my hands, and in fact made my hands sweatier. Downside of requiring a cover - they are pricey! I think mine cost £20!!

        It will hold 1200 books (according to the Sony website - I as yet have not hit that many, though my collection is standing at about 40!). The batterylife is fantastic, I use my book twice a day for about 45 minutes at a time (oh the commuters tool!) and the battery will last me up to 2 weeks. When I do need to charge up, and on occassion I have been caught short with the battery dying on me mid commute, to fully charge I usually find this takes 2 hours, again via the mains as I purchased the charger. Via USB it takes longer, and I tend to leave it plugged into my laptop all evening as I play on dooyoo!

        It does recommend that you power down completely if you will not use for more than a 12 hour period, however I have just sent the eBook to "sleep" for most of the time and I tend to have the battery last for a good 10 days.


        I love how my e-Reader looks! It is compact and fits easily into (most!) of my bags and is a very vivid shade of pink. Though I am aware you can also get them in silver, which may be a better option for some of you out there! I have bought separately an eReader cover, as I found just holding onto my eBook tended to make my hands sweaty and slip off the book, and again, this black leather cover looks great against the shocking pink of the eBook!

        ***Instructions to set up***

        Initial set up is pretty easy to follow, the instruction manuals are pre-loaded onto the eBook with a paper guide in the box telling you how to access these on your computer, even for those who are technically incompetent, such as myself, I found it a very easy straightforward task. From memory it was simply charge up eBook, plug into USB port on computer, load up instructions, download Reader Library et voila!

        A handy tip I forgot to do (which led to real frustrations) was to register your eBook with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), to do this search for ADE on google whilst the eBook is connected to your laptop/PC and follow the on screen instructions to register.

        ***Instructions to get Books***

        The whole point of an eBook is books - with the Sony eBook it is so simple, you go onto your chosen book site, I tend to use Waterstones or WH Smiths. Buy your book and then download in Adobe to your Reader library (previously installed in set up). Once in your reader library you simply connect the eBook to the computer via the USB and drag and drop the books to the reader. Price depends on the books, and yes it is NOT as cheap as on Amzon, I pay anywhere between £0.99 and £6.99 (new release) for a book, probably average price I pay is £3.49, which again is cheaper than a real book!

        ~~Recent Problem~~
        The only problem I have had recently with my eBook is when I changed my computer, every time I attempted transfer books I received a message saying that I couldn't as the device was authorised to another user. This problem was because I had registered my device to Adobe Digital Editions to my old laptop, again it was simple to connect my device and register; be warned this then means that some of the books you previously transferred to the eBook will then be "locked".

        Now here is the reason why I prefer the Sony eBook to the likes of a Kindle - you can download the books more than once!!! All I had to do was log onto my Waterstones/WH Smith account and re-download the books to my Reader Library, yes a bit of a pain but better than having to buy them all again.

        ***Using the eBook***

        Now I find the book simple to use, it has a power on button at the top on the left, if you hold this down it will power off, it you simply slide it briefly it will revert the eBook into "sleep" mode.

        So once you have turned it on....the home page comes up, which will show you what you were last reading (and take you to the page you last read!!) and highlight recently bought books with a "See All" option. Pressing the "See All" (via the touch screen) will take you through to the list of all your books so you can peruse at your leisure before deciding which to read.

        There are 5 buttons across the bottom of the reader, going from lefts to right there are the "Backward and Forward" buttons, for page turning, the home button which will take you back to the main screen described above, a zoom button which allows you to adjust the size of the text and an options button which contains a dictionary, a "Go To" page.

        The dictionary is also available via touch screen, simply tap a word on the page and the definition will pop up at the bottom.

        ***Why I love my eBook***

        The main reasons I love my eBook are:

        - I do a lot of tube travel and I struggle to read a normal book because I am not steady on my feet and I tend to travel on some of the busiest tubes which means less space. Less space and unsteadiness means that I find it difficult to turn the pages on the tube and get frustrated. With my eBook I can hold onto the railings with one hand, and my book with other, and when it comes to turning the pages it is simply a press of the button! So I can read on the tube, not annoy anyone else, not annoy myself and can have those tube journeys pass a little quicker.

        - If you decide at 1 in the morning you simply have to have a new book you can just go onto the appropriate website, buy it, download it and its yours straight away, no more waiting for shops to open and then having to go out and get the book!

        - Space saving, it is fantastic for holidays, the anti-glare screen means that its fine to use in the sun and its not taking up excess room in your luggage - I mean with airlines dropping the weight allowances and people like me who can read a book a day on holiday, taking 14 books is now an option!

        ***Why I don't love my eBook"

        The reasons why I don't are limited, but valid

        - It can be a little slow to load up from power off to power on, though I think this may be my fault because I don't very often let it power down fully

        - Not all books are available via eBook

        - And lets face it.......in my opinion nothing can beat a real book!!!

        In summary, I do love my eBook, it's a great tool - will it ever replace the humble book? I sure hope not, nothing is as good on a rainy day as curling up with a good book and flicking through the pages, not quite the same as pressing a button through the pages.......


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        24.04.2011 19:50
        Very helpful



        Never have to dust a bookcase again

        I got my reader as a Christmas present. I had thought about getting one before, but never imagined I would like it. I'm one of these people who loves reading and love the feel and smell of books, so thought reading with the reader just wouldnt give me the same enjoyment as books. However, my other half was sick of all my books taking up space and decided to get me this.

        This reader comes in pink and silver. It is smaller than your average book and very light, weighing only 155g. My dad has bad arthritis in his hands and when he reads a book he finds it uncomfortable after a short while, but found this really easy to hold and navigate.
        I tried using it straight away but found I did have to read the instructions, which I normally never do However, once I had it up and running it is really simple to use.

        The reader comes with a USB cable, which you use to transfer books from your computer to the reader and to charge the reader. It has an anti glare screen so you can read in the sun and bright light without the clarity being affected.
        The reader is also good and durable. I have dropped mine a couple of times and its never broken or got a scratch on it.

        Using the reader -
        The reader has a touch screen, which you can use to do everything you would need to. Choose which book to read, bookmark your page, browse your downloaded books, change font size, take notes etc. However, one of the downsides is that this can often be very slow. To bookmark a page, you press the top right hand corner of the screen twice. This doesn't always work and you need to do it with the buttons. Can also take a long time for the page to turn which you do by simply sliding your finger across the screen. Again, I tend to use the buttons for this as it is much faster.

        Along the bottom of the reader, are 5 small buttons. The first two are for turning the page, the middle one is a home button which takes you onto your home screen, detailing the book you are currently reading and giving you other options such as settings, notes and other books you have downloaded. There is a zoom button, which allows you to change your font size, great if you have poor eyesight. The final button is options, which allows you to set bookmarks, remove bookmarks, go to certain pages, take notes, delete a book and give you information on a book.
        There is also a built in dictionary and all you do is touch a word and it tells you at the bottom of the screen what that word means.

        You can also sorty your books into collections. Name your own collections of authors or genre or whatever you like, making it easier to find the book you are looking for.
        Downloading books -

        There are loads of websites where you can purchase and download books. I usually use Waterstones or WH Smith and they are reasonably priced, with older books obviously being cheaper than new ones. Simply purchase your book, and when you download it it goes straight into you ebook library on your computer. Then connect the reader with the USB cable and drag your new books to the side panel where it says reader. It literally takes seconds and is really simple.
        Downsides -

        The only thing that does annoy me except from the fact it is sometimes slow, is that it was difficult to read in poor light. I bought a cover with a light for it which does help a lot. Also I'm a bit scared to read in the bath in case I drop it, so am spending a fortune on magazines for this.
        Prices for the reader vary, mine cost £120 in Argos, but they are going down in price if you shop around.

        Also posted on Ciao


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