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Storage Options 55109 Scroll Essential 2

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2013 16:19
      Very helpful


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      Not perfect, but for the price it is pretty close.

      After having some problems with the Andypads, Amazon offered to exchange one for a full refund. We decided to look for a tablet with the Google Play -however if we got one son a tablet with more options, the other would be upset so we ended up using the credit to buy one of these with £10 towards the next, added a dooyoo certificate for £20, and forked over the rest to get two of these.

      A few specs:
      7" capacitive screen
      8gb internal memory
      512 mg ram
      Takes micro sd card up to 32 GB
      Bluetooth and wifi
      Full HD 1080p and 3D streaming

      What's in the box:
      This is very well packaged, in fact I saved the box for storage. All you get is the tablet, the charger, a tiny set of earphones, which we never use as the children have a good set of headphones and an instruction book. The earphones look cheap and flimsy, but then most of the ones with this type of product are. The instruction are actually all in English, clear, well written and easy to understand. The print is small though so this might pose a problem for some one with vision problems.

      My husband set these up for the boys, setting up accounts on Google Play and downloading several apps for the children, including angry Birds, where's My Water etc... By the time he has all this done, I would say it took about an hour per tablet. This comes preloaded with something called Slide Me Marketplace, which we have never used. My husband says he believes Google Play was already installed as well, he just had to set up account details, and we have downloaded from the amazon app store as well.

      We did buy these tablets primarily for apps, and for this purpose, they are brilliant. We have only had one app (gun club) that has caused any problems, but we have had problems with the same app on every other device we have tried. We found that if we used the same account details, any apps bought for one boy appeared on the other boys tablet as well. The games load quickly and easily and freezing is an extremely rare occurrence. My children are both over the moon about being able to choose apps from Google Play. Most of these are free, but paid apps are usually very inexpensive. I think the ones we have bought have been roughly 54 pence each.

      The screen is capacitive and very responsive, you can pinch and zoom, swipe quite easily and type as easily as possible for a touch screen. Personally, I do prefer a keyboard and really wouldn't want to write a review on this, but it is very easy to type something in for a search.

      I live in what we call a signal black hole. We have had problems with wifi reception with several older products, but perhaps technology has improved. We have never had any problems at all with wifi connection on these or losing connection while browsing or watching videos. The boys use these for you-tube frequently. and we have found videos load quickly and without any problems. Connection speed has always been very good, but I do think my desktop PC is better. With 6 GB of ram, one would hope so, and I don't know if it is really fair to compare a tablet to a desktop, as they really are not the same thing. It does load pages as quickly as my husbands laptop though, which I feel is good for such a small device. All the same, I would have preferred a full GB of ram, but this simply was not available in this price range. they have a large number of aps and MP3's and this does not appear to have slowed things down at all.

      My sons often listen to music on these - which means I listen to their music as well. As I frequently have to remind them to turn it down, I feel volume is more than adequate for ordinary purposes, to watch a video or listen to music. It isn't going to be loud enough to provide music for a party, but I would not want this any louder than it is. The sound quality is good, but not brilliant. I'd be happy listening to my music only through the tablet speaker, but I will admit, it is not quite the same quality as it would be played through a good set of external speakers, and there is a noticeable improvement with headphones. I also feel that our MP3 player has better sound as well. This is fine to play MP3's for myself or my sons. I wouldn't recommend it in place of an I-pod or for a serious audiophile.

      We have not used the video playback function of this device, as Love Film does not work with android. I would note though that you will need to buy a separate cable if you wish to connect this to the TV as this is not included. We have also not used the pre installed e- reader, as we prefer real books. I would also note that my sons do not use social networking sites. However, if you do wish to use these, you can do so through the web browser or built in apps. There is a built in camera which can record both still pictures and video. The picture quality is not really adequate for a family photo, but it is fine for the children to take stupid pictures to annoy their parents with. The pictures actually look pretty decent on the small screen.

      The Amazon site does not give an estimated battery life span, and I can't say I have timed every minute from charged to dead. But I find these need charged less than once a week, even with regular use. I did find one article that claims battery life is 4 hours, but I really can't see it and would guess closer to 6 hours at a minimum.

      Overall, I think this is a brilliant wee device for the price, but we have only had this two months. Rest assured though, I always update technical reviews in the event of problems, so if you are reading this several months from now, you may assume it is still working well unless I have updated to say otherwise. I do prefer to wait to review many items but with things like this, the item may well be out of date by the time I have several months experience with it.

      I do have few minor complaints with this product though. First, I wish this felt a bit sturdier. I would have preferred a heavy plastic frame like the Andypad has. I also feel that the charging pin is extremely thin and small and would be easy to damage. Finally, there are very few accessories available for this product and those that are available are overpriced. I would love to have silicon skins for these to provide some protection from falls, but can not find ones for this specific model, although possibly ones for other models may fit.. A thin false leather keyboard and wallet costs £19.10. An extra charger is nearly £10. A car charger is more reasonable though at£4.95 and a basic faux lather sleeve has dropped to £7.50. I do not feel any of these issues warrants the loss of a full star however, and I honestly do believe we got excellent value for money with these items.

      If you are looking for something to play high powered games, I'm afraid this tablet is out. I do have a paid subscription to an educational internet game site, and this doesn't meet minimum specs as it must have 1 gb of ram and should have 2. But if you just want something to watch you tube, surf the net and play apps, then I do recommend this tablet, especially if you need something on a budget.


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