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Toshiba Pocket PC E740

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1 Review
  • Small enough to slip my trousers!
  • I would need a good signal
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    1 Review
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      22.08.2014 22:07
      Very helpful


      • "Small enough to slip my trousers!"


      • "I would need a good signal"

      I think this pce740 will be a wonderful asset for so many things.

      I do a lot of public speaking. I have a Kindle fire, which i find very good. But the size of it can sometimes be a hassle. I like the mobility of this pocket pc e740. The wonders of modern technology never cease to amaze me.

      When i consider that when i was an army wireless signaller. The amount of gear that we were lumbered with. Now we have something like this that can do so much more. I like it.

      When i think of what this little tablet can do. There is no doubt that the claim that it is a office on the move is correct. To be able to connect to your printer, calender, contacts and e mail. To be able to exchange files, data,applications and all of them from being away from home or office.

      This certainly makes the pce 740 an exceptional game changer. This means for me that i can go to a place where i am speaking. Access what i have put on the word processor. This big advantage gives me an edge, in respect that if i want to alter anything that i have written down. Then i can do it there and then.

      I sometimes do that when i am speaking in public. I will often write a little note. Highlighting the point i have altered. Public speaking can be a bit scary at times when you suddenly realise you need to alter course. This can happen often, but if you have the back up of this little tablet. Then you can bring it out of your pocket. I always have those trousers with a large pocket in the leg and this little gem would do me just fine.

      To explain a bit further i do some preaching and write on websites and Face Book. I travel around and you do not need too much baggage when you do that. That is why i like what i see about the pce 740. i will give it a YES.


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  • Product Details

    Want to be more mobile? And better connected? The Pocket PC e740 has arrived. The first-ever Pocket PC on the European market with integrated Wireless LAN, it sets you free to go anywhere in your work environment while keeping you connected to the company network and Internet at all times. It's the coolest way to be productive and in touch on the move. Link it to a wireless network - using, for example, Toshiba's Magnia SG20 multi-functional wireless appliance server - and you can exchange files, access data and applications or check your e-mail, with no wires to tie you down. Out of the office, connect to the Internet through Hot Spots, the Wireless LAN public access service.

    This ultra-desirable little gadget is also available with Bluetooth built in. As well as getting you online anywhere, it synchronizes calendar, contacts and e-mail with your Bluetooth-enabled notebook. Using ActiveSync, it's all done for you - by the time you reach your desk they've already updated each other. There are three Pocket PC e740 models available - one equipped with Wireless LAN, one with Bluetooth, and a basic version without either of these technologies. All three feature integrated InfraRed that allows cable-free data exchange, Internet access and synchronization with other IR-enabled devices such as a notebook or printer. In short, when it comes to wireless connectivity, the Pocket PC e740 series is way out in front.