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Typhoon MyGuide 3500 mobile

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    4 Reviews
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      15.10.2008 09:14



      There's no sound cooming from my device. Before a week something mumbled and completely dissapeared once and for all... Now using of igo navigation soft is a disaster.


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      16.07.2008 19:15
      Very helpful
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      Buy a used one, there's nothing else that comes close for the price.

      This is a rebadged Mitac Mio 168 (also sold as a Medion MDPPC150, Navman PIN 300, MicroMaxx 150, etc). Back in 2005 this was one of the first Windows PDAs with a built-in GPS, so the hardware is a bit datd but works beautifully. There's no Bluetooth or Wifi, but there's an infra-red port and a USB sync cable plus a MMC/SD card slot (which is claimed to be SDIO capable). The 300MHz processor was mid-range at the time and is low-end now. THe GPS unit is by SiRF and while it's a couple of generations old it still does a god job.

      On the other hand, the navigator software is of variable quality. I find Medion Navigator to be good, Mitac's MioMap less so - and from the other reviews it sounds as though Falk Navigator isn't the best. I've successfully run Destinator on one of these and I daresay that you could install TomTom or iGo or whatever your preferred package is, provided it runs on Windows Mobile 2003.

      One common failure on these is the plug at the bottom that is used for charging and PC sync. There are various solutions to this, from professional repairs to DIY socket replacement (the soldering is possible but fiddly) or there's the more drastic option of replacing the original socket witha different design, say mini-USB. All these options can be found on the web with a bit of Googling. Batteries are also getting a bit old, but again replacements are readily available and can be replaced in 10-15 minutes with a screwdriver and some care.

      Used, these PDAs seem to go for £30 to £60 on eBay, depending on the condition and on what accessories are bundled. Mitac and Medion branded ones fetch the most, with Navman a close second and the other brands bringing up the rear, which is useful to know once you realise they're all identical apart under the skin.

      These days there's no way one of these is worth £300, but at eBay prices, if you want a GPS PDA there's no reason not to buy one!


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        10.11.2006 09:55



        don't buy !

        This product is HORRIBLE !!!
        I have it for less than a year, and it's going to go for service AGAIN for the THIRD time.
        I bought it along with a Falk navi software in germany (I live here)
        The main problems are:
        1. the connector to the cable comes out of place all too often, until it actually reaches a point where it can't recharge at all, and the product becomes useless in a matter of hours.
        2. Too often, the whole system just gets stuck, dont' ask me why I have NOTHING running other than this Falk, and even when I shut it down it takes hours and hors to respond.
        3. Too often it doesn't find the sattelite, or even if it does, it doesn't display the route, once I was driving somewhere for a 25 mins ride, it wasn't able to calculate the route even after I got there (reset twice, and was trying to be very patient)

        This product sucks, DONT buy it !!!
        Yossi Beck


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        06.03.2005 22:39
        Very helpful



        At last I got one.
        I am a supply teacher, have been for 12 years, and do 'day to day' supply. This means I can be called to several different schools in a week, often two in a day.
        Some are regular schools I go to but often they are not.
        I get a call, accept the offer and away I go.

        Now the problem occurs when I do not know a route to get to the school or, if it is a school I have been to, because I go to so many, I forget the route anyway.

        Getting lost does not happen often I hasten to add, but, when it does it is so !!!!!
        I was sure a GPS would be the answer for me but rather expensive.

        I bought one, a GPS system, from MACRO in Leeds.
        I had several attempts but they had sold out within minutes of opening. Half term came and I was at the door ready.

        I bought the Typhoon 350 with Falk software installed.
        Utter sheer joy, brilliant, fantastic and wish I had one years ago.

        I used it to go to Coventry from Bradford at the weekend and it took me there right to the doorstep.
        The map on the screen, which is clear and visible is so easy to follow.
        The voice instructions to turn is given in loads of time, 100 yards or more, and when or if you can't make the turn, as was the case at the weekend when due to road works I had to go on, the GPS recalculated the route to get me back on track within a few seconds.
        When we set off from Bradford it gave the distance as 119 miles and estimated time of arrival as 10:04.

        The distance was 126, due to the roadworks when it re-routed me, and we arrived at 10:02
        Brilliant or what!

        As you drive on, the display shows your route/roads as you approach them with the roads and streets named.
        Above the display is shown the name of the next road you turn on with the distance from it.

        The GPS has loads of settings: fast car, slow car, economical route, shortest route and on and on but the interesting one is 'pedestrian' when you can navigate on foot if you are a countyside or even fell walker.
        Getting lost is a thing of the past.

        Hey, there are other benefits also.
        You can download software for FREE on the internet.

        A database of all the speed camera positions in the UK.

        When you approach them you are given a warning caution from the GPS.
        This is legal and could make you a safer driver because it will notify you of speed limits should you not notice them 'inadvertantly of course'.

        Oh! I can hear you say HOW MUCH!
        Well there is no subscription to pay when you have the Typhoon, maps of other countries need to be purchased if you go abroad, but other than that the whole package cost me, with easy to understand manuals, car windscreen mount, usb lead, cigar dash electrical lead, mains lead, case and cd of the UK road map a measly £270.

        It is light weight and fits into your pocket without being bulky, I carry it so all day and don't even notice it's there most of the time.

        Oh! I should also mention that it is also a pda with internet, word, excel, I can go on all night telling you just how wonderful this is, best go and see one at a decent shop.
        You will not be dissapointed.

        I believe that in a short time they will be as popular as mobile phones are now.
        Be a leader and get in there first.

        There may be downsides as well but so far I haven't come to any.


        On Friday we went to Lancaster to the Maritime Festival.
        Set my Typhoon to the address and off we went.

        Ready to turn off the M6 into Lancaster area and my Typhoon 'froze'!
        It simply locked up and the screen went white.
        Couldn't do a thing with it only re-set and begin again.

        This is the second time this has happened, the first time I was playing around with it and assumed I had done something wrong to cause it.

        I had no further problems but when we returned home four days later I rang the Typhoon helpline.

        I got through in only a matter of a minute or so and (FREEPHONE) was connected to a man in Germany.

        He explained that I had too many programmes running.
        "That can't be, I'm only using the Sat Nav", I replied.

        He talked me through the proceedure while the Typhoon was in front of me.
        I did as he instructed and yes, he was right.
        Even though I wasn't using them, there were programmes active on the PDA.
        I had Internet Explorer ready for use, Outlook Express qnd others.

        I was not going to use them yet so he showed me how to 'de-activate' them.
        They could be switched back on in seconds if needed.


        No more lockout since.

        "If you have any problems in future, just give me a ring on helpline and I am sure we can sort things out", he said.
        "If not, I will arrange a collection, free of charge, and we can replace it".

        What more can you ask?

        Again I repeat.



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