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Screen protectors for the Palm Pilots and Handspring Visors. Stops the screen from being scratched.

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2001 02:28
      Very helpful



      Stick one of these bits of plastic to the screen of your handheld computer and they will stop it getting scratched. The WriteRIGHT screen protector is a clear rectangle of plastic where the topside is slightly textured and the other side is sticky allowing it to affix to the screen of your PDA. You need to replace them once a month or so as they themselves will get scratches on them. The WriteRIGHTS come in a pack of 12 with an average monthly change cycle. This means that you get a years supply before you need to think of ordering more. The textured surface of the WriteRIGHT will improve your Graffiti accuracy (It helped me with my P’s and E’s) and is far nicer to write on than the screen of your PDA itself that can be fairly slippy. The only downside to having a textured surface is that the images are not as crisp as they could be without the screen protector. Another advantage, however, is that reflections are minimised which makes it easier to see the screen under some lighting conditions. If you don’t want to pay for a screen protector then you can make your own by cutting a piece of OHP film however I think that the WriteRIGHTS are worth the extra expense. Overall, you would be mad not to use a screen protector with your PDA, and the WriteRIGHTS are a very good choice.


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