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Intel X25-M Mainstream Solid State Drive 80 GB

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2013 16:15
      Very helpful


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      If you require top performance from your computer, this is for you!

      I decided to by a solid state drive to improve the speed of my computer. I had already done the standard upgrades such as RAM and graphics card but sometimes the computer could still lag behind. If I were to just replace my hard drive with a solid state, I would soon run out of space due to being just a 80GB capacity. Therefore, I used this drive as my primary drive which houses my operating system (Windows) and kept my previous hard drive as a secondary (slave) drive which hold all of my general files such as photos, videos and documents. The advantage of doing this is that as solid state drives have very fast read and write speeds, far faster than traditional hard drives, as the operating system files are accessed very frequently the computer is not slowed down by not being able to get the files required at the best possible speeds. Documents and photos are not needed as frequently and therefore will not affect the system's performance greatly and therefore they can suffice with just a standard hard drive.

      The speed of this SSD is amazing. This is my first one and therefore I do have little comparison, but from the moment I installed it, it has loaded up files and written them with immense speed. In order to put the operating system on the drive I had to write all of the files all over again and I saw a real speed difference between this SSD and the times I have done this with hard drives. it certainly saved a lot of times.

      As SSDs have no moving parts, there is no noise and very little heat produced during operation. This means that as I turn on my computer, I can hardly even hear it, the only noise is from the fans. By having less heat than hard drives, this means that this drive is more likely to last and not break down also. This SSD does not have to be installed in desktops as I have with this drive, you can also install in into a laptop (although you may struggle with space as you cannot put a second drive in). The advantage of doing this is that you can then move the laptop around during operation without any damage to the system - although many people do this already, they risk damaging the hard drive very badly and corrupting files - this is not possible with an SSD.

      I have had this SSD installed for a few months now and it shows no signs of reducing performance and becoming any less reliable. I believe that this will last me for many years and give me far greater read and write performance than anything I have ever had on a computer!


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