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Seagate ST312024A Barracuda V 120 GB 8MB

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2003 04:52
      Very helpful



      My current computer is a low grade Pentium 3 computer with a 450mhz processor that I had bought in some time in 1998. Compared to today's standards with most computers having a processing speed way over 1Ghz, I'd say my computer is slowly climbing its way to the scrap heap, closely following my older P90 computer. Of course, with such sluggish processing power as this, my computer also had a hard drive that matched the inadequacy of my processor compared to modern computing "needs". At the time, I was left with only a 12Gb hard drive in which to fill up with programs, documents, elaborate pictures and other such junk. This was fine by me as games were not so hard drive space hungry and modem connections only trickled a few bytes of information. Then the computer revolution turned its wheels and all of a sudden, I find my computer obsolete... My brain first started nagging me about getting a newer computer when I had my measly modem connection upgraded to a broadband cable connection. Lucky me! Streaming video and demo programs was gushing through the broadband pipeline at alarming rates but the fun was short-lived when I kept having messages warning me that any more downloads would overload my hard drive and potentially cause a nasty explosion of 1s and 0s. (That's a binary joke, sorry) But alas, my wallet was too empty to fulfil the dream of a new computer and so my last resort was a new hard drive, which works out as much, much cheaper than a complete new system. I was sceptical at first with compatibility issues but through some research, had found that it shouldn't be a problem as long as I buy an IDE hard drive and not an SCSI. The difference between these is rate of data transfer, with SCSI being the faster but much more expensive option. Oh, and also make sure that you have a free bay inside your computer to fit the extra drive into. Then came the day when I had to search frantically for
      that new hard drive. I came across a Seagate Barracuda because a friend had recommended Seagate drives. Apparently they're more reliable and quite silent too so off I went to dabs.com (an online computer hardware store) to purchase one. A few days passed and a silvery metal box arrived through the post in a plain plastic sleeve with no instruction manual, but the invoice told me it was a Seagate Barracuda hard drive. I have had no prior experience with opening computers and no idea how the darn things worked. But there I was armed with a screwdriver and torch, amateurly taking apart my computer. It was really rather easy to configure the drive as there was a rather helpful diagram at the back of the hard drive unit to show how it should be set to activate primary or slave mode. A simple bent paperclip was all that was required to remove the jumper from the hard drive and I was all set to go. I pieced my computer back up again, prayed, then turned on the switch and was quite surprised to see the computer "auto-detecting" the drive and was able to configure and format it automatically. What luck! I am now a proud owner of a hard drive that is ten times spaceier than my last one. It's also incredibly silent, producing only minor whirring noises when a program is being accessed on it. This is a major improvement and I can tell, because I've been raised with computers having dolphins inside of them, clicking like mad when I try to access the tiniest things. I'm sure the clicking almost drove me insane once... but such clicking is non-existent in this superb Barracuda hard drive. The hard drive had cost me roughly £120 and a little bit of my time and sweat but it's worth every penny. (Works out to around £1 per 1GB.) It's been an absolute dream as I can now download whatever bits of necessary junk I want from the Internet without worrying over the space it will fill up. In fact, only half of my drive is filled
      at this moment, but I'm pretty sure I'll find things to fill it all up with. After all, as a great computer sales guy had told me, "You can never have too much hard drive space. You'll think it's fine now but you'll want more and more." It's surprising to see that after many months of owning the hard drive, I have had no problems with it especially as I have seen my friends rip out their hair in frustration in seeing their hard drives fail them after a few weeks. Overall, an excellent product that I would recommend to anyone in dire need of hard disk space.


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