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Western Digital Red WD30EFRX 3 TB

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2013 14:54
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      Thanks For Reading.

      It seems only a few years ago that a hard drive a tenth the size of this one offered more than enough storage space for the average user. Nowadays with that average person having an immense library of music, movies, photographs and other files (not to forget the huge hard drive space requirements for some modern games)the demand for every larger hard drives is great.

      On offer in an attempt to fulfill the need for large speedy storage is this "Western Digital 3TB WD30EFRX 3.5" SATAIII Hard Disk Drive." For those of you less technical minded, and who are at bit unsure at what all those numbers in the title mean, simply put this drive uses a type of connection called SATA as opposed to the older IDE to connect to your motherboard and it is 3.5" in size - which is important as laptop hard drives are 2.5" in size meaning you can't fit this into a laptop (not without great force anyway.)

      Other produce features worth mentioning at this time, are it's low power consumption (4 watts when idle), 64Mb buffer and three year warrenty (over the normal two year.)

      While this "mechanical" hard drive is not as fast as the recent "solid state" hard drives, it does perform reasonably well in terms of Windows and game loading times, transfer of data and response time. Unless you need the fastest of the fast you should be more than happy with the performance of this Western Digital.

      Another factor that some people consider important is the noise of the hard drive. Again solid state drives do have the advantage here as well, but the Western Digital will by no means makes your ears bleed as it is very close to silent when idel, only producing a little noise (the typical bells and whistles) when active.

      It doesn't produce a lot of heat when active for long periods of time with the highest reported temperature by a sensor probe in my case has been 28 C, and if you are able to fit the drive behind your front fan on your case (again depending on your make and model of case) then heat should never be a problem. Obviously the cooler devices run in your computer the better. Low temperatures ensure no risk of data corruption or instability with other internal parts.

      The hard drive was well protected for transit and plenty of packing helped keep it in working order. Hard drives are sensitive to damage from drops, knocks, bumps, moisture as well as static so care should be taken when unpacking, handling and fitting.

      Installing the hard drive into my computer was easy but will vary depending on your case. It's good practice to ensure you have a free drive bay (where the hard drive will fit) before buying, as well as a free SATA socket on your motherboard before buying. Remembering that some older motherboards will only have IDE sockets which won't fit this drive.

      When I powered up my computer the hard drive was instantly detected by the BIOS and Windows. It did come pre-formatted but I did another quick format myself when in Windows. I've read that sometimes hard drives over a certain size may not be auto detected by your system unless you update your BIOS and or enter the drive manually. A bit more advanced that simply plugging it in and playing, but should this be the case for you, there are a number of online guides on how to do this. Once all this is done which honestly doesn't take much time or effort the drive is ready to receive your data.

      Hard drives like most things in life do need a bit of maintenance. To keep the drive in ship shape order Windows as well as some third party software offer tools to do this such as defragmentor and scan disk. Don't do what a friend of mine once did and remove the hard drive from his computer so he could spray it with polish and dust it with a duster (remember static and moisture?). It was never the same after that day.

      The physical storage space in the drive is very large offer almost unlimited for the foreseeable future at least (giving you 2.72TB of useable space with NTFS) and should keep you happy for a very long time.

      There is very little to fault here and plenty on offer. Unless you don't need such a wealth of storage space you have no reason not to buy this. Hard drive prices were pretty high last year for a few reasons but have now came down to a more reasonable level - meaning now is the time to buy.

      Another option to consider is buying this hard drive and also an empty hard drive caddy or case which would mean you can turn this Western Digital into an external hard drive.

      (I'm a reviewer on Amazon, and some my reviews are copied from there to dooyoo. Please feel free to check out my Amazon profile under my real name of Mr Andrew M Kerr.)


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