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Western Digital Scorpio WD1600BEVE 160 GB

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2012 21:33
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      How do you get a lot of stuff in one small space..? This is how

      During my time I come across many laptop and desk top computers. Most of the times these computers are repairable, be it a dislodged circuit or connecter, maybe even a 'dodgy; program that has installed more than that free photo editing software that you found on a site that was based in a Russian teenagers dungeon.
      Sometimes though, these computers have had there day, leaving me with no option but to stop even trying to repair them and giving them back to who ever they belong to in order for them to decide what they want to do with them.
      On some occasions, when I give the person the bad news, they throw a strop and tell me too 'keep the damn thing'. never wanting to see it again. So after a while with me sat on the computer, (not literally, may I add, as I don't sit there on a computer with my feet up, watching Jeremy Kyle).
      Anyway, once a few weeks has gone by and I am sure that the person is not wanting to come back and retrieve his PC, even after I've contacted them a few time, I end up stripping them down, (the PC not the people, as some people take offence to me stripping them down... or so that judge once told me). Once stripped down I am left with several usable pieces that I either keep, sell on or give away.
      And before you ask, I always give the person whose PC it is a complete back up of the data that they have on the HDD, (and you should see some of the stuff that I come across. Although there's been nothing 'seedy' as yet, thank god).

      Anyway. In amongst the pile of usable bits is what I consider to be one of the most useful, that being the HDD, or Hard Disk Drive, which is what all computers use to store all the information, programs, registry keys, drivers and everything else.
      But as these HDD from a PC are all internal they are not really designed as they are for the outside world. But spend a couple of quid on a HDD caddie and you have yourself a good external HDD that can be used as extra storage. Either that or slot the internal device into a laptop and boost you GB storage size.

      Here is where you're probably expecting me to go on about these HDD caddies that change an internal into an external. But I'm not. In fact, it is a particular HDD that I am going to tell you about that I happened upon due to the circumstances that I have just explained, (hence the long and drawn out piece of writing so far... but bare with).

      This particular HDD is on fact from a well known company called Western Digital, with the full and proper name of this one being the Scorpio Blue WD1600BEVS 160 GB

      Firstly, let me get the technical specs out of the way with...
      This is a Serial ATA drive, (may also be seen as SATA), with a small but good enough storage size of 160GB and an 8MB cache.
      The actual size of the drive itself, although this is irrelevant once it's inside a laptop or caddie, is 70mm wide by 100mm long and 95mm wide, weighing in at a mere 115grmas
      It has a few features such as 'Whisperdrive' and 'Shockguard' and offers a transfer rate of approximately 100MBp/s with a seek time of 12ms and a spindle speed is about 5400rpm

      And for those that really really love their stats...
      It has a minimum operating temperature of 5 °C and a maximum operating temperature of 60 °C, with a humidity range of 8 - 90%
      It offers a shock tolerance of 250g at 2ms whilst in operation and 900g at 1ms when not operating. And a vibration tolerance of 1g at 5-300Hz when operating.
      (All this onfo is taken off the box, not from my knowledge of this device)

      If you see some images of this HDD, in fact, most HDD that are advertised, then they sometimes show the inner workings, with the circuits and all the guts. But don't panic. When you actually get it and look at it you'll see that it is in fact encased in a thin yet quite sturdy metal case.
      So if you're expecting to see the guts then you'll be disappointed.

      I won't go into how simple it is to fit this HDD into a laptop, or in my case a caddie, as some people may call it padding, with some people actually calling me a show off, bragging a little.
      What I will say is that if you think you can't fit this then I suggest looking on line as there is a lot of information out there, (and not just rude things either). Just input your laptop name/brand/number and ask Jimmy how to fit a HDD...

      Right, now you've fitted it into your laptop, or caddie, and it has been found by the brains of your PC. Now you're ready to install your OS and the rest of the things that you want on your precious system.
      Again, the time this takes is down to what you want to put onto it.

      If you are using it as a storage system using a caddie device then you don't need to install anything onto it as it acts like an external memory stick device and should load up in that manner when ever you plug in the USB connectors.

      My Opinion...
      I've used WD, or Western Digital, products many times, some good, some bad, but all have been at a very reassuring price. This one has to be the cheapest one that I have got from them, considering that it cost me absolutely nothing at all.

      Slotting it into the caddie was a breeze, as is slotting it into a laptop as it's the same as any other 2.5 inch internal HDD. And once it was in the caddie I set about giving it a test run, which it passed with flying colours.

      The speeds of transfer was fast, but this was really down to the fact that I was using the caddie's double USB system which makes transfer rates faster than normal.

      Don't get me wrong, I didn't just run this in the caddie, it has had a run through a working laptop, mainly so that I could get the information from it and put it onto memory. When it was in the laptop I gave it a run for it money, and it did me proud, so to speak, managing to hold everything I through at it without any sign of the dreaded 'click of death', (touch wood).

      The 'Whisperdrive' feature makes this pretty quite too, (still speaking about when it's running in a laptop here), which is a bonus especially if you're in a quiet place, like a library, with the snobby woman, whose glasses are hanging off her hooked nose, staring at anyone that dares to make a noise, or even to fart a tune from there bottom, (which I haven't done in the library, honest. Well, not for a while anyway).
      And it doesn't get too hot either, with the thin metal casing allowing the spindles to do what they do whilst managing to stay almost as cool as a cucumber. The friction of each turn making very little difference to the heat that some HDDs manage to store.

      It also offers a good features that will protect the Hard Drive and the information that is on it. Such as something that they like to call 'Shock Guard', which means that if it is dropped, accidentally of course, then the then heads lock in position so that they don't break on impact. (although this may not work if you throw it hard at something, or someone, but the idea is there).

      What more can I say about what it technically a computer storage system..?
      Let me think. I'll run through what I've said.
      It's got a good size, storage wise, unless you want to hold all your eggs in one basket that is.
      It gives some good speeds, allowing me to get into my PC without too much frustration. Which is what is needed these days really.
      It fits into a laptop, or even a caddie, with ease so you can do it yourself and save on getting ripped off by some passing mugger posing as a PC expert.
      It's almost as quiet as a mouse and stays as cool as an thirty minute old cup of tea.

      I think that's all I can really say about this HDD really as it does exactly what it is supposed to do without any real troubles at all.

      One thing I do have to mention is the price...
      This normally retails around the £30.00 region, for this 160GB version that is, with other GB versions selling for a variety of prices.

      Would I recommend this HDD..?
      If all you want is a nice size storage drive, or even if you use a laptop for a few basic things so you don't need much room to store pictures, music and other 'large' files, then this 160GB internal HDD is well worth thinking about.
      Is it worth the £30.00..? Hmmm, there are many out there for the same price giving more room, but some aren't as good quality as this one. With some fading faster than the colour in a primark T-Shirt on a hot wash.
      The WD seems to be able to last the distance without creating any problems at all.

      As I said, the one I am using is second hand and I can't actually tell you how old it is, but I've been using it for a while now, on a regular basis come to think of it, uploading, downloading, installing, uninstalling, the lot. And it has not flinched at what ever I've thrown at it. (Not actually thrown at it of course).

      ©Blissman70 2012


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