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    1 Review
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      22.04.2008 11:17
      Very helpful



      My first choice

      Before I had these AKG K 14 P's I had the AKG K 12 P's for one year and a half or something. They even survived different MP3-Players. When they got broken beacause of the typical breakdown of one earphone I wanted to exchange them, because AKG is always advertising for the two years guarantee of their earphones. But they said that hat happened to the earphones is not included in the guarantee. Always the same with these guarantees.
      So I boughtthe AKG K 14 P's.

      The K 14 P's just look a little different from the K 12 P's. Only the color is another, but I think the earphones look much better in silver/black than in orange/silver.

      Of course what also catches your eye when you look at them, is the radio-volume control included on the cable, but I think it's nothing more than a nice attachment, because I nearly never use it. When someone speaks to me and I want to hear him I just put out one of the earphones, that's much easier than turn the volume. But if you carry your MP3-player in a bag or something while you are listening to music it's of course very handy.

      But what's handy and congenial for everyone is, as I think, the super box to put in your earphones. You just have to put your earphones in, close the box and spin. Now they are kept safe and you don't have to fear a cable spaghetti or that the cables will abrade (this had happened often to my former earphones). Sadly this box isn't very robust, beacause it got broken after the third time falling on the floor (the same happened to my K 12 P too) and it's nearly impossible to repair them. But it's also not a big problem, beacuase you can still use the box when they are broken. The cap is just loose.

      Also included are pillows for the earphones, but the are really irrelevant, beacause they are not very comfortable and rather disgusting, beacause they collect the earwax pretty well. But these pillows will be lost anyway after a few days.

      The soundquality - as always - very good. Those who like it loud will also have their fun with these earphones, beacause you can go much louder with them than with for example the standard iPod earphones from Apple.

      So, if you are looking for new small earphones, I think the AKG K 14 P's would be perfect for you.

      I want to apologize if my english is not that good ;)


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