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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 19:40
      Very helpful



      Nice earbuds for the price

      this review is consermed with the AKG K 314 earbuds. these earphones have the classical earphoe design, so they don't go all the way though your ear. They therefore wont block all outside noise and you will be able to hear when a friend calls you. With these earphones you will not hear your own breathe or steps aswell, which is annoying for a lot of users and they wont destroy your ears as real in ear channel phones do in higher volume. So they are to consider for all those people who do not want earphones with the new design.

      The AKG K314 is an old modell and is difficult to get nowadays, hwoever it is not impossible and I think some shops offer it new, still. The good thing is that the earphones can be bought for very cheap, I think about 10 pounds can do for them, which is a nice price, when looking at the offered soundquality.

      These earphones are available in several colours and IMO all of them look very nice. They come with a carrying case, which reminds me off the Sony MDR E8 series. the cheap models also come with a carrying case called winding case. They also include a volume control as most earphones and come with some soft foam pads, which should be used to get the best soundquality and bass response.

      Let's look at the soundquality of these earbuds:

      These earbuds sound pretty strange to me, but have a pretty good sound. They are more on the bright side and have more heights then Sennheiser models. They are not too bright though. The details of these earphones are very well. You will hear a lot of different instruments and sounds in your songs and the tracks will sound alive. The details offered by these earphones can compare with the Sennheiser MX 660 and 760 and are better, then the MX 560 for example.

      The frequency response is pretty strange though. The earphones offer little bass and play the higher end bass at arround 100 frequency a bit too loud, while not having a lot of low end bass. therefore they sound a bit cheap in the bass area. But all AKG i have tried now have sounded a bit simialr and those are not an exclusion. They are pretty good in the details area and much better then the cheap sonys. If you want good earphones for a few quid, try them and compare with the sennheiser Mx 660, they are similar in some ways, however I like the MX 660 a bit more.

      Wearing quality:
      The wearing quality of these earphones is not as good as of some Sony or Sennheiser models. They have a strange shape and the earphones are not staying in the ear very well. It is not too bad though and with some nice earfomas they wont fall out of your ears. So i would give the wearing quality a rating of 3,5 of 5 stars.

      The AKG K 314 earphones are very good for the price offered. They can compare with the Sennheiser Mx 660 / 760, altouhg the frequency response is not as linear here. The volume control works fine and there are no real negative aspects about them either. It is more about taste.


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