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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 21:21
      Very helpful



      Average earbuds with nice clarity.

      this review is concermed with the AKG K315 earbud earphones. these earphones have the classical earphone design and therefore don't go all the way into the ear. Some people find the new in ears to be awful, cause they isolate completely from outisde and you may hear your own breathe and your own steps when walking and music is paused or you set low volume on your audio player. For all users who do not want to use this kind of earphones the reviewed earphones here might be an option.

      General stuff about these earbuds:
      After having had good experiences with the AKG K314 earbuds, I exptected more from these, but I did not get what I exptected. These earphones are nice, but have all the defficiensies the AKg K314 have and even the sound is just as the sound of the K314 and even a bit worse. Even long burn in did not help improve the sound of these earbuds.

      The earbuds do not cost a lot and come with two foam pads and a plastic leather bag with a zip. This is a nice extra, cause you can carry your earphones and audio player in it unless it is very big. The earphones contain a volume control aswell, which you set by sliding the slider up and down.

      These earphones look similar to the older AKG K314, they have hard edges and a strange shape so the wearing quality is not very good unfortunately. It has not improved when comparing to the old AKG K314 so it is really a shame. But AKg is a strange company in general in my opinion, their products are generally good but do have some strange things about them. I think that is all I can say about the design of the earbuds, so let's look at the sound quality:

      Sound quality:
      The sound quality of the AKG K314 is nice. The listener will be able to hear a lot of details in his music, instruments will be seperated and the user will be able to hear small details in his songs. They have the same clarity then the old AKG K314. The frequency responce is very strange on this model aswell. The earphones play a bit on the brighter side, but not too much. They are just fine with good foam pads. What I do not like at all though is the bass. The bass is worse then on the old AKG K314 and sounds very strange. There is no low end bass at all and the bass arround 100 hz sounds very strange and not like it would sound in the song at all. It sounds a bit like the bass is set to "square", altough it is not on most songs and I do not like it. The bass is better then on cheap sony, since it is more detailed, but it is still very strange and worse then on the old model. So this is were these earbuds dissapoint me a lot. They are nice in clarity though.

      I have spoken about the wearing confort before and will mention it again. The wearing quality has not improved at all compared to the K314 earphones. I tmight be even worse and this is another dissapointment, when a new model is released the user will expect better sound quality and wearing confort of it.

      When you want very cheap earphones you might consider them, they are nice for clarity and instrumentals, but they wont deliver a great deep bass and loudness. For those who can listen to music at normal volume they might be suitable. But they sound a bit worse then the old K314 and worse then the MX 660 and 760 from Sennheiser. They have more clarity then the MX 560 though. Still dissapointing considering they are the update to the K314.


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