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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2009 12:56
      Very helpful


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      Brilliant headphone for a reasonable price

      *** Introduction ***

      AKG are one of the biggest companies in professional audio devices such as microphones and headsets but they have also branched out into personal audio for the normal consumer. AKG has been running for over 60 years and since they were founded in Vienna they have had a big effect on the audio industry. Companies such as the BBC use their equipment and microphones.

      I am reviewing the AKG K324p's, which are a set of in-ear headphones which are available in a couple of different colours; they are also very similar to the Sennheiser CX300's with a few subtle differences.

      *** Design ***

      I thought the most obvious place to start was with design of these in-ear headphones. I purchased the silver version of these headphones, they are quite small the small round piece has a diameter of about 1cm and off of this protrudes the ear piece that fits snugly into the ear. There are three different sizes of rubber ear pieces which are easily interchangeable, which allows you to pick the perfect size for you. Choosing the right sized ear piece is very important as it will insure a good fit, so that the earphone is positioned correctly and the sound quality will be better. They also help to block out other sounds from your surroundings meaning the volume can be lower and the music is even clearer.

      The headphones come with a good length of cable which will easily reach from a pocket or where ever you keep you MP3 player to your head. On the end there is a right angled plug for the connection.

      My only real grumble with the headphones so far is that chrome finish on the headphone appears to be peeling off just after a month or two of use revealing a black layer underneath. Also the reason that I bought these headphones was that on my previous pair I had lost the buds so you have to be careful when pulling them out of pocket that you don't also pull off the bud and loss it.

      *** Sound Quality ***

      The sound quality of these little headphones I found to be quite outstanding. Every sound is really clear and crisp; there are good levels of base. You may have to fiddle with the equalizer on your mp3 player though to find out what is just right for you are suits the kind of music that you listen to.

      I also found that with these headphones I needed to turn the volume down to about half of what it used to be with a pair of older conventional headphones that I had, so hopefully they are saving my eardrums as well. A lot of this is down to the tight fit that the in-ear headphones give you, these ones in particular seem to block out nearly all surrounding noise which can be a bit awkward if you realise somebody is trying to talk to you, but excellent for enjoying your music without the sound of traffic and other not so pleasant sounds as you enjoy your walk to school or work.

      *** Accessories ***

      The AKG headphones also come with a number of accessories to help you look after and protect your headphones as well as making them as enjoyable as possible.

      The first things that they come with are three pairs of different sized ear buds so that you can find the ones that fit you best and are the most comfortable.

      Also included is a small cylindrical plastic case which you are supposed to place the ear pieces in when you are not using them to protect them and stop them from being broken or sat on. To be honest I haven't actually used this as it is a little fiddly and time consuming getting the ear pieces in and out. It shouldn't really be necessary if you look after your headphones reasonably and are careful.

      Finally included in the box is a little cloth bag to put the headphones in when not in use. It has a little draw string. Unfortunately it isn't big enough to fit a decent sized mp3 player into as well so again I don't really use it as I rap my headphones around my mp3 player to stop them tangling as they would in this bag and I would have to get them out and plug them in every time I wanted to listen to something. So now I just keep my spare ear buds in plastic case and put that into the bag. They are very nice little accessories that makes the headphones feel more expensive and special but become a little gimmicky very quickly as they are not practical. If the bag was a little bigger i would have probably used it.

      *** Packaging ***

      The box for these is very nice it has a matte black finish with gold and white writing which gives a feeling of quality. There is a circular window in the box which clearly displays the headphones along with the other accessories.

      Inside of the box is a piece of clear vacuum formed plastic to securely hold all of the components in place and offer a bit of protection to the contents.
      Overall it is very nice, probably one of the nicest boxes that I have seen for headphones and definitely shows them off well and makes them appear expensive and a quality product.

      *** Conclusion ***

      Finally to sum up I was extremely impressed with these headphones, I purchased them from Amazon for £15.90 with the vouchers that I have got from here, so thank you dooyoo. They come with a 2 year warranty so hopefully they should last a long time. I would definitely recommend these if you like in-ear headphones and enjoy your music on the move, a great purchase and I wouldn't hesitate buying anything made by AKG again.

      Thank you for reading this review
      Hopefully you have enjoyed it; any questions don't hesitate to ask.



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        29.02.2008 06:39



        Sound: loud and clear. Superb, you hear ALL!Looks: Looking great, Desaing: 3 sizes of rubber for perfect fit and ambient sount isolationPrice: you get what you pay for.Overall: I using this headphones whit my N95 and its perfect for itThe only disadvantge is that its made in chana and i don't know how much time it will lust.PSSorry for my english :)


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