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    1 Review
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      07.10.2013 13:22
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      Great pair of headphones.


      I have a massive passion for Music and love listening to all kinds of Music, There's rarely a day that goes by when I don't listen to Music and I listen to music with my headphones in bed before going to sleep. A couple of years ago I bought a pair of AKG K450s which I am still very impressed with and after owning a few pairs of Sennheiser headphones in the past I am now a slightly bigger fan of AKG headphones, This increased when I bought my latest pair of AKG headphones, The K551s which were introduced to the market at £230 but are now widely available for around £150 and in some cases around £130 which is a massive trump card when it comes to the rivals like Beats Audio etc. AKG are made by Harman Kardon who are a premium Hifi brand.

      **My Pair**

      I enjoy finding out about new Hifi equipment and the latest audio products around and going to Hifi shows, I went to one in Bristol a while back with a friend and we had both bought headphones for under £50 but had bought good ones (I recommended the AKG K450s) to my mate and he really likes them but we wanted to take the next step to a more expensive pair of headphones for mainly home listening and he bought some Grado headphones, On returning home from the show in Bristol I thought about which ones I wanted to get and I decided on the K551s over their older brother the K550s as they are available for around the same price but are even better. I bought them on amazon for £129.90 which is a bargain price.

      **The Sound**

      These are the best headphones I have ever owned, the sound is absolutely superb and they sound wonderful with pretty much every genre. The sound is expansive and the bass is really solid and punchy. The detail they dig up is really exceptional and you will hear new things on pretty much everything you listen to. They aren't noise cancelling headphones but they are designed to block some noise out and give you the best possible delivery. They work with Android and Apple mobile phones with easy transfer when you make or receive a call. If you love music then it's worth spending a bit of money to get a quality product as the better the sound the better the impact on you. I love a great recording as much as the content and these headphones really let you hear everything.


      AKG have taken the Award-winning K550s and improved them in several ways to create a pair of headphones that sound truly superb whilst being well made and with a price tag that is attractive given how good these headphones really are. They comfortably beat headphones almost twice the price and are a significant step up from the headphones you'd find for under £100. These headphones are similar in price and style to Dr Dre's Beats but are far superior in sound quality, They produce punchy bass and you can actually hear a fantastic mid-range too. These are a fantastic pair of headphones that deserve to be heard. If you have enough cash spare then give these a go. They really are brilliant.


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    • Product Details

      High-Class Proformance Headphones / Clessd, Over Ear / Higher Comfort / 2D-Axis / Integrated Microphone and Remote Control / 6,3mm-Adapter / High Compatibility / passive Noise Cancelling / Mininal Sound Loss / 50 mm-Membranes / 12Hz to 28kHz

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