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    1 Review
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      30.01.2013 04:53
      Very helpful



      good headphones for many purposes, but not professional DJing

      To the uninformed they might just say headphones are headphones there are obviously things which make one pair more desirable- namely sound quality, comfort, build quality. But also headphones have different uses, for example you get headphones for home use, headphones for use out and about, and you get headphones specifically for DJing.

      Headphones for DJing are built tough, really tough, tough enough to drag to the club week in week out, and get trodden on, pulled by the cable, pulled on and off the head a million times a night, and never skip a beat. DJ headphones are also hinged at the ear so you can have them off your ears and swivel one cup to listen to a song you're cueing up.

      The are DJ headphones, but they don't really cut it for professional use- amateur use is fine, as is home listening.

      For Non DJing use:

      They are very comfortable phones, but after a while the strong clamping force does start to get excessive, these are headphones to wear for 3 hours or less.

      They block out noise ok, but since they don't cover the whole ear it's not a complete seal- essential for commuting phones unless you like being hit by traffic. They don't spill noise that badly, but again not being a total seal means that a person sitting next to you might have to listen with you.

      Sound quality is really good- you have to spend a lot more money to get a marginal increase in sound quality. Bass is strong and treble is sharp, but neither really sing to the highest or lowest notes, but for most music this won't be a problem, and if you're an audiophile listening to extremely dynamic music then you're probably not using these headphones anyway.

      For DJing use:

      they're sit on your ear rather than fitting over them, so they don't block out noise as well- if you play in loud clubs this is a problem, if you play at home on your own decks it's not a problem. They go pretty loud so for the sake of your hearing it's better to keep the volume low and keep outside noise at bay.

      They have a twin sided cord, which is a bit of a pain as to take them off requires you to take them off over your head.

      Bass is a little weak and can make cueing hard with lots of external noise- again fine for home use.

      in conclusion- good headphones for some purposes, but maybe not for professional DJing


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