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Beats By Dr Dre urBeats

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    2 Reviews
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      09.12.2013 14:47
      Very helpful



      For the price you pay you really do get a great all rounder headphone by a great brand!

      If you look anywhere for a Dr Dre review, your find mix reviews from awful, to the best pair they've ever had. This is my experience with these so far and please not this is being judged on one days use, but I feel like I can comment on everything apart from reliablity WHICH i will mention.


      There is no doubt in my mind that these give you a great all rounded sound. From pop, dance, vocals and piano, everything sounds great. I always test my headphones out on a certain song which is Lady Gaga Dance in the Dark. I use this song because it has bass at the start and there's a lot of depth to the instruments. The Lady Gaga Beats i had before did an amazing job of playing this song and nothing has matched that since, until now. The URBEATS are able to take apart a song and play it in a way that you've never heard it before. You start to realise there's a lot more to the songs and if you've purchased more expensive headphones before you will know what I mean. Otherwise you don't know what your missing out on!

      The bass is average to good. It has a great kick and it's not too much and not too little, it really is just right. I would like to be more bass but I have only had these for a day so they may need to be worn in a little - maybe a week? Before the bass can really kick in fully.

      From quite to the loudest, these headphones are very crystal clear to listen to. Previous headphones have too much bass or the vocals are too quite so you would have to put it up to the highest. Here this problem doesn't exist and I can put these to middle to high - which I think is where headphones should be - just below the warning of too high.

      IN EAR
      These do an amazing job of blocking out the sound and the ear buds fit are perfect for me which is great! These headphones do of course come with 3 different sets of size. They don't offer the 3 cone shaped thin that I know a lot of people like but if this is an issue for anyone then they can buy some extra ones! These headphones are very light and there is no doubt in my mind that they will stay there when running or doing everything! Some people mentioned the fact the metal touches your ear and it can almost hurt over long use. I did notice this feeling about an hour into wear and although I was very conscious of it, it didn't actually hurt or anything like that. No doubt I will ignore that feeling over more use. ALSO they have a little carry pouch which is great!

      THE WIRE
      This wire is the thinest flat wire I've had and some people mentioned cheap? It really doesn't feel cheap at all! The bonus of a flat wire is tangle free which is always a feature I need in headphones now! Once you've had a pair you don't want to go back!! The in line control is great. It's on the left side of the wire which some people have complained about which I think is a little weird because it's easier to access than the right side?? The downside of this wire is the fact there is NO L SHAPE plug. My previous headphones have had L shape plugs and the wire has ALWAYS messed up there and disconnected one of the ears. So maybe this straight plug is a way to make sure it doesn't happen. It really is quite small and looks sturdy!!


      Flat wire
      Great bass
      Plays all genres really well
      Cancels outside sound out
      Thin wire
      Multiple ear choices

      No L shape plug
      Only 3 sizes for your ears

      I'm going to say yes. Don't think your paying JUST for the 'dr dre' brand, your really not. Sony do have a great pair of headphones for about £9 - the downside of these are no flat wire, heavy bass and not as great as these. Maybe there is a mid range headphone around £30 but my previous experience has shown there isn't. These are a great pair of headphones and I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!! So relieved they really are good!!

      *** NOTE: Based on reviews and my previous experience of monster beats, I do expect these to break. How long i'm not sure so I suggest if your buying these OR ANY OTHER HEADPHONES that are expensive, then get a guarantee of them!!!!!!!!

      I bought these in SILVER. The wire colour is the same as an iPod lead and they look great!!! I didn't get the black as they had a red wire and I hate that fact!!! They also come in about 6 colours!!!!


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      21.09.2013 01:59



      Overall a good purchase.

      These headphones have very good sound quality and work well with Beats enabled devices such as a HTC. I found that the wire wasn't quite long enough and it kept tangling. The plastic in ear pieces wouldn't fit my ears properly even when I changed them for smaller and bigger ones, they kept slipping out of my ear and it was very annoying and it made my ear sore pushing them in harder to try and get them to stay in. They are very bassy as most in ear headphones are. I found that these had a little distortion at high volumes. The wire on the earphone kept rubbing my ear, but that all depends on the shape of your ear. The ones I have also survived a few spins in the washing machine so I have to give it kudos for surviving, that is how my apples ones broke.

      Over all, good sound quality but they can be a bit fiddly.


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  • Product Details

    Accessory for iPod / urBeats headphones deliver excellent quality and control for the music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Solid metal housing Precision-machined single-billet metal housing prevents vibrations and unwelcome sound from tainting your listening experience. Grid-iron tough Whether you keep urBeats pristine or throw them in and out of your bag, these earphones are built to last. In-line mic for calls Switch easily between music and incoming calls. No need to take off your headphones or talk into the phone like a walkie-talkie.