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Coloud Marvel Punisher Logo Headphones

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2012 03:09
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      A great marvel edition purchase that is affordable and provides great audio quality

      I have gone through a great handful of headphones over the years that have been undeniably shocking in quality despite paying high prices for them. I have usually opted for ear bud headphones previously but I always experienced them falling out of my ears easily or actually irritating or hurting my ears - it also didn't do me any favours in public as I have had people ask for directions or the time etc whilst waiting for a bus and listening to music, often giving the impression that I'm purposely being rude and ignoring them, not good!

      I've always wanted to have some over ear headphones that didn't make me look like I'd hijacked some DJ's headphones just to plug into my phone, so I was delighted when I came across these coloud punisher head phones on line a blogging site where a range of different marvel designs were available.

      See, I am a sucker for anything comic book related or designed with skulls so it was love at first sight when I saw these headphones. Although I did actually wish I could afford all of them as there were Wolverine and Star wars edition ones too! But I love the punisher logo because it looks sleek and modern.

      The wire/cable also impressed me as it appeared to look rather short, but then I saw that it was coiled so it saves you having to tuck away wires or have them hang freely and get caught on your clothes or a bag or something and instead coil up so you don't have any of these issues. Of course some are skeptical about these kind of features as they can be coiled too tightly and have a tendency to pull on the head phones and cause tension on one side - I can confirm that there is absolutely none of this and there is a lot of freedom and flexibility with it so there is no heavy dragging sensation on the headphones and you are free from tangled wires.

      The head strap is very lightly padded as the material is soft and smooth and provides basic comfort on your scalp - however it is not padded or sturdy as makes such as sennheisers where a lot are designed for professional and regular heavy duty use, however I have found that it is sufficient and doesn't cause me any problems. The head set itself is adjustable so you can tighten or loosen it to fit your head or keep it loose if that's what you prefer.

      As for the padded area on the ears; they are adequately padded with about an inch of material and are very light weight and doesn't leave you feeling like you've got giant ear muffs on or a pilot headset - they are smaller than most models but they generally cover the entire ear area which is all you need. They don't provide noise cancellation in the respect that they fit snugly around your ears and no one but yourself hears the music - unfortunately you have to be weary of very high volumes as with anyone whom is familiar with sound qualities on products such as an iPhone or iPod can be very loud at the maximum level so you probably won't need to crank it right up either as they are crisp and clear.

      Although they provide excellent quality in regards to the apple products and my hp laptop, I experienced a bit of disappointment when it came to my older phone (orange San Francisco or ZTE Blade) that a lot of tracks were significantly quieter than others and the headphones clearly are not made to improve or enhance the sound to any degree, but this was down to my phone and not the headphones themselves.

      Basically these headphones are standard ones and don't provide enhanced performance like you would find with a more expensive range and are valued more on their novelty side (being marvel punisher headphones). However I cannot fault them as headphones themselves, they aren't poor quality at all in fact they have lasted a long time, there have been no wiring faults or pieces breaking or falling off - they are still in tact and still work. But like I mentioned previously; the headphones are not intended to enhance sound qualities, so if you are plugging them into a media player that previously doesn't perform well, the headphones won't improve this, if you're looking for sound enhancement you're probably better off looking at a different range of headphones that offer HD versions or even switching what you use.

      The jack is a standard headphone size that fits practically every phone now available on the market and any standard mp3/mp4/dvd/cd player etc. so don't worry about having to buy an adapter or anything as this isn't necessary. Just plug in and you're good to go.

      The only downside I've found from these headphones are the easy wear and tear on the enamel coating where the punisher logo is seen; I am a full time student who walks to college and back every day and I always use my headphones and chuck them in my bag along with my other belongings when Im not using them. I also make use of them when Im travelling or even sat at home and they get dropped or just stuffed in a bag. So i've put them through a fair amount of wear and tear to gain some relative amount of damage in regards to heavy scratches. However I took a closer look at the area in question and gently scrubbed at part of it with my nail and sure enough it peeled away with ease. So I'm kind of disappointed that after 2 years the design is slowly disappearing, but generally I can't fault them as headphones themselves.


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