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Creative EP-190

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    2 Reviews
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      21.04.2012 20:53



      Not worth buying if you want a good quality sound.

      I have been through numerous pair of headphones over the years, some with bad sound quality, simply stopped working, some just didn't stay in my ears. That's why I decided I would try some that had these little over ear clips to hold them in place.

      Sound Quality -
      To be completely honest, the sound quality is pretty average. I would say that you get your moneys worth, but after recently buying a pair of in ear skullcandy headphones with a perfect, crisp quality audio for a similar price, that would be a lie. When music is played at a high volume, my pair of creative headphones even started to crackle a little.

      Noise Cancellation -
      Also average. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly good. I wouldn't want to use them in a busy public place in fear that I wouldn't be able to hear what I was trying to listen to.

      Fit -
      Good, but the clips were irritating. The actual headphone part sits in my ear, but would have easily fallen out if the clips weren't holding it in place. The clips sat over my ear fine at first, but as I moved around they did begin to feel like they were rubbing.

      Overall -
      I wouldn't buy them again. Buy a different brand for a similar price!


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      12.12.2011 16:32
      Very helpful
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      Not a product I would recommend

      ==Creative EP-190 Head Phones==

      I have been doing a lot of running of late and I have found that my trusty Apple IPod ear phones were just not up to the job of a constant use everyday and the friction that they seem to endure whilst out on a run. Therefore I had been looking for a product that was affordable to my pocket and at the same time would give me a nice clear crisp sound and a comfortable ride.

      I opted for this particular make and model of ear phones based on the mere fact that they did indeed look the part and the description of them on the Amazon website was pretty impressive and swayed me into giving them a try even though there were no reviews on the product at the time I purchased the set.

      For a little under £10 I didn't think that they were overly expensive and this was all I wanted to pay out for a set of head phones but I have to say now that I have been using them a while it really wasn't a very wise way to spend my £10 hard earned cash. Not only did I find the ear phones to fit poorly into and around my ears but I also found the plastic material that they are made from very uncomfortable to wear. Not only were they bad on general wearing but when running the comfort was even worse.

      The sound quality wasn't really very good either. I can't say that they were any worse than the free set of Apple ear phones that you get free when buying an IPod but to be totally fair they were not that much better either. The volume seemed slightly less when using these new Creative ear phones when comparing them to the old Apple ear phones and this understandably is a big down side.

      All in all I can't say that I am impressed with my Amazon purchase of these Creative ear phones. They are not very well made and I can't really find too many positive things to say about them. In fact I have found them to be so bad for the purpose I bought them for i.e. my running that I have even reverted back to using the old Apple earphones! Not very good at all.

      I think that an overly generous score of 2 out of 5 stars is more than deserved here and as you can probably guess I won't be recommending them to anyone!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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