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    1 Review
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      11.06.2012 20:12
      Very helpful



      A good, practical pair of headphones at a decent price.

      I usually find it hard to find a good pair of headphones. They invariably have something wrong with them. If I buy cheap they fall apart or are tinny and not of a very good quality but that stands to reason, that's why they were cheap. If I buy expensive I find it hard to handle if they are still not up to standard and I end up feeling ripped off. Believe me, even some expensive headphones can be tinny or the wire length too short or be ill-fitting, falling out of your ears all the time.

      So I usually end up going for a middle of the road price and a name that at least has some tendency to produce a quality product.I had read some good things about 'Creative' and their headphone range but I was still sceptical as, like I said I preferred s tried and trusted name or range such as Sony, Panasonic or Technics. I was still wary as I once purchased a pair of Bang and Olufsen headphones that were not cheap and they ended up being a pair of the worst headphones I have ever owned or used.

      So, what made me choose the Creative HQ 80 headphones?Well, for one, they were back headphones, which means that they didn't fit into the wearer's ears, but rested against them whilst instead of the frame being above or on top of your head it was moulded into a comfortable bar that rested at the back of your neck. This meant that you could sit back and relax or even lie down on a pillow without feeling the headphones on the top or even the back of your head. The neckband shapes itself nicely around your neck and you wouldn't even know it was there as it is light. The headphones as a whole unit are very light-weight and ideal for putting in a bag or suitcase when you go on holiday. They weigh in at forty-eight grams for those of you that are interested.I use it when I listen to relaxation tapes.

      I suffer from HVS so I have to retrain my breathing and part of this includes relaxation tapes. These headphones are perfect for this purpose and feel comfortable.The ear pieces themselves are really good and the sound is just as good as any headphones that you have to ram into your ear to give yourself tinnitus. There is no chance of damaging your ears with these headphones as even if you have the sound up loud they only rest against your ears.

      The lead could do with being a little longer but it is not too short at one point two metres in length. Another good thing about these headphones is if you do forget and stretch too far and they pull away from you, then they just slip easily off your ears. Unlike the earplugs that you push into your ears, they don't leave you feeling like your brain has been pulled out when the mentioned situation does occur.The foam covers over the ear-pieces are really soft, well made and durable. I have had mine three years and there is no wear on them, no rips or tears whatsoever.

      The adapter that fits into your computer, iPod or mp3 player is gold plated.

      They are relatively easy on the eye and are black and silver in colour. The neckband and wire is black, as are the foam ear protectors. The ear-pieces are silver with a black circle breaking up the silver in the middle. The name of the headphones is written across each ear-piece.The sound output is stereo. There is no Dolby sound or noise reduction fitted but you don't really need it as the sound quality is good enough for what most people will be looking to use them for.

      All in all I am very pleased with them. I personally wouldn't wear them outdoors with my mp3 player as I have other headphones for those. This is where the kind that plug in are more beneficial, but for sitting indoors or lying down and relaxing while listening to music or my relaxation tapes, they are perfect. The best thing about them is because of the soft foam ear-pieces and the fact that they only rest on your ears, you are able to listen for lengthy periods without your ears hurting afterwards.

      I purchased my headphones for six pounds, which is not a bad price to be honest. I've paid a lot more for a lot worse quality sound output and comfort.

      You can pick them up on most good websites that sell headphones for around eight pounds.

      I would definitely recommend them for comfort and a good sound. They are not the best headphones on the market by any stretch of the imagination but for the money you cannot go wrong really.

      ©Lee Billingham


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