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Creative WP-300

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    4 Reviews
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      13.08.2012 11:54
      Very helpful



      All round product that does everything you need

      These headphones are different to any that I have used before. They have the perfect balance of all the key features required.
      Firstly the build quality is good, they are flexible enough to adjust to all head sizes, but don't feel like they would snap in your hands. There is a cushioned padding both on the underside of the top part of the headphones (where your head would be) as well as where your ears would be making it comfortable to wear and use for long periods of time. The one problem is that they are over-ear headphones rather than around-ear headphones, so if you wear glasses it will put pressure on the frame and may become uncomfortable after extended periods of use. However, this is not a problem specific to this product, but exists in all over-ear headphones.
      To charge the headphones, plug them into your PC via USB and wait till the red LED light turns green. Setting the product up is fairly painless, first you simply turn on the bluetooth adapter of whatever device you want to link the headphones to. Then you hold the power button on the headphones for 4 seconds, last you click on the headphones on the connecting device to confirm the connection. Done! The device is now paired and connected with the headphones. To use them at a later date with the same device, all you have to do is, again ensure that bluetooth is switched on, and then simply press the power button on the headphones for 1 second. Since they are paired the connection will automatically be initiated. The headphones can only be paired to one device at a time, in order to pair them with a new device press the power button for 4 seconds again and select the headphones from the new device.
      The bluetooth connection is reliable and the sound quality is much better than most other headphones I have used. There is a range limitation of 10m, but in my personal use I have got a larger range than that, sometimes up to 20m. The range may be affected by concrete walls but in my experience I have been able to use them all around the house while connected to my laptop upstairs. The sound does occasionally get crackly when you are far away from the device, but at close proximity it is perfect.
      The only problem I would point out is that they are more difficult to pair when you use external speakers with your device as well. If you use external speakers rather than the built in ones, you must first disconnect the speakers and then connect the headphones, otherwise the connection will not be recognized.
      All in all though, a great product and a great price. Different to all other products on the market with the right blend of all key attributes.


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      02.05.2012 13:44
      Very helpful



      These headphones do everything I expected them to do. They're comfortable and great value for money.

      I'm not ashamed to admit that my iPhone has changed my life. I'll go further and say that my iPhone is my favourite thing that I've owned ever... in my whole life. It's better than any toy, gadget, car or item of clothing that I hve ever had. I love my iPhone. I write this not as an Apple fanboy, but as a regular user. Prior to getting an iPhone I had never owned another Apple product. I never had an iPod, I shunned iTunes, I couldn't get to grips with Mac O/S. As I say, the iPhone changed my life.

      Fairly soon into my time with my iPhone I felt the need to upgrade the earbud experience. To Apple's credit they make no great claims about the earbud user experience. They don't consider themselves audio experts and they don't make recommendations about preferred headphones beyond the simple white earbuds enclosed with the package.

      I had a look at different sets of headphones available, but as much as I covet a pair of monster Beats , I just couldn't see myself laying down the best part of a hundred and fifty quid for an accessory. Also, there was another problem that I wanted to solve. I find myself using my iPhone in bed a fair bit catching up with the week's TV while my wife sleeps next to me. I was growing tired of the whole umbilical connection between ears and iPhone. I decided that I wanted to go wireless and Bluetooth seemed the best option.

      After some Amazon-based research (sorry DooYoo, you're not there yet), I plumped for the WP 300 Bluetooth headphones from Creative Labs.

      Getting Started
      I began by charging the headphones. The headphones come with a USB cable so you can charge them via the USB port on your laptop or PC. I connected the USB part to the mains charger that I use for the iPhone. I guess it's a bit fiddly having to pull oe cable out and stick another one in, but it's not a deal breaker. The red light on the side of the headphones changed to green fairly quickly indicating that they were fully charged.

      Pairing with the iPhone
      The headphones also came with a small instruction booklet. For once this was an essential bit of kit as there is no way I could have know how to pair the headphones with reading it here first. I had to hold down the power button for four seconds until it flashed blue indicating that it was looking for a device to pair with. Then I went into the Bluetooth settings of my iPhone and found the Creative Headphones in the list. One touch and a few seconds later my iPhone told me that the headphones had been paired. If you have difficulty with this part, I suggest you get one of your children to help you. Honestly this was the first Bluetooth device I have ever used or paired and it was remarkably pain free.

      Pairing with Another Device
      When I got to work, I decided to try pairing the headphones with my laptop. Again the booklet revealed that I had to hold down the lower volume button together with the power button to remove the existing pairing and then go through the pairing procedure again, this time using the Bluetooth setup on my laptop. The light on the headphones was nt terribly helpful here. For example it turns out you can only unpair your headphones when they are powered down. If you hold the power button and the volume button down when the headphones are still on, nothing will happen. There is no indication that you are doing something wrong, but nothing changes. Without the booklet. I would have been lost. If I lose the booklet before I have memorized it, I still may be. Pairing the headphones with the laptop was not quite as instantaneous as it was with the iPhone, but this seemed to be down to the laptop Bluetooth setup rather than a problem with the headphones. It seemed to take some time and I certainly wouldn't want to be switching between the two devices the way I could with a normal headphones jack.

      Headphone Functionality
      There are refreshingly few buttons. I can turn the volume up and down. The volume function appears to run independently of the volume on my iPhone, I so I have effectively two sets of volume controls to help me find the perfect balance. As a perpetual volume fiddler, this is a comfort. when you pump the headphones volume all the way up, you hear a small beep indicating that it cannot get higher.

      The headphones also have a play/pause button so you can start and stop listening without touching your device. This isn't always ideal. For example when paired with my laptop and listening to some internet radio in my browser (RadioParadise.com, eclectic and gorgeous), hitting the pause button will not pause the radio, but instead launches Windows Media Player and begins playing a random track from my musical library simultaneously with the music I was already listening to. Not great, but easy to avoid.

      There is also a forward and back button that will jump forward a track or go back to the start of the last one. Again this will function differently depending on what app you're currently using.

      This kind of functionality lotto is the result of having devices, apps and accessories all made by different companies. I'm not too upset about some of the inter-company confusion, but I think it's important to know what you're getting into.

      Sound Quality
      I'm sure I'm not the right person to answer this question as it's the least important aspect for me. The sound comes through clearly enough but I can't comment on the specificity of the treble or the depth of the bass in a way that would satisfy a real audiophile. Sorry.

      I'm only mentioning range because it's something I noticed other reviews of wireless headphones have done. I left my iphone in my bedroom and wandered all over my apartment which has concrete walls. There were some distances where the sound just cut out intermittently, but basically I can imagine pottering about doing houselhold chores listening to a podcast with very little interruption. Certainly I can go out for a walk and put the phone in my pocket without the slightest concern about which pocket on which side of my body I need to put it in.

      Comfort and Ambient Noise Reduction
      These headphones are remarkably comfortable. I have worn them for hours at a time at work with little fear of my ears getting too hot or itchy. They are better than I could have anticipated on this score.

      One thing to note is that with the headphones on, even with no music playing, I was able to hear less of teh world around me. They don't reduce all outside sound, but they fit snugly and cover your ears enough to block probably more than 40% of the world from reaching you. This may either be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on what you were expecting. I would certainly never wear any kind of headphones while driving, but these would absolutely be a hazard limiting your ability to hear what's going on.

      Value for Money
      Amazon.co.uk are offering these headphones for £60.66. I had a friend flying to the US so I bought mine from Amazon.com and had them shipped within the US to his address for $63.63 which was significant enough of a saving for me to ask the favour.

      So far I am very pleased with my Creative WP-300 Bluetooth headphones. They are fulfilling exactly the function for which I purchased them. It's too early to talk about their durability but they seem sturdy and resilient enough so far. They are not fragile, but like all gadgets they should be handled with care and not slung around, dropped in water or trodden on.

      I'm please with this purchase. I think you would be too.


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      19.09.2011 12:47
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Brilliant headphones, a must have

      I have always thought that wireless headphones would be a brilliant idea, mainly gue to the fact that no matter what, earphone leads will get knotted, so when I recieved these as a birthday present I was over the moon.

      Setup is very simple, you just turn on the headphones and they instantly appear on your device (i.e. ipod touch). You then simply press connect and job done. They then auto connect whenever you turn the headphones on, as long as they are in range of the device. This is a brilliant feature as continuously having to reconnect is a pain in the neck.

      There are buttons on the right hand cup for play/pause, on/off, skip foward, skip backward and volume control. These feel of a very good quality (not like others, where they fall off after a couple of uses) and are a very useful feature, as you can control your music without the need to access your device.

      The headphones are very comfortable around your ears which obviously is a good feature, meaning you can wear them comfortably for a long period of time and enjoy your music. Battery life is also very good, advertised at 8 hours, but mine have lasted for over a day before. And if they do run out it only takes an hour plugged into mains via USB to fully charge them, with a handy green light indicating when they are completley charged.

      And most improtantly, the sound quality is fantastic! It competley trumps all other headphones, not only bluetooth but wired aswell. There is none of the crackle or buzz that you tend to get over time with other headphones. Not only this but they are great at keeping sound out aswell, allowing you to completley submerge in your music. Even when walking down the road you can't hear cars going past. And as far as i know they don't leak sound either, as I'm yet to get a funny look for listening to musicals on my way to work (something which used to happen quite a lot, as you would imagine).

      For the price, these are exceptional headphones, with astonishing sound quality. I would recommend these to anyone with a bluetooth music device. I have had my pair for coming up to 6 months now and they are yet to let me down, which I think is a personal record for headphone, normally needing replacing after about 3 months.


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        21.03.2011 21:00



        Great Bluetooth headphones for a reasonable price

        I bought the WP 300 headphone for a brief vacation. Being in a hotel room with my family can make listening to anything very hard! I did not want to annoy others who don't want to listen to my music around in the room. Setup was simple as any bluetooth device. It only takes a few minutes to set it up and batteries charge only via USB, taking some minutes to be fully charged. These headphones sound great when connected to a laptop to watch DVDs or listen to MP3s. Sound is very clean:no hiss or artifacts I have heard with other headphones. You can adjust the volume from the headphones themselves or the volume icon next to the clock, if you are on Windows. If you turn off the headphones, the speakers turn back on at the volume that they were previously set at. The range on these headphones are fantastic with no loss in quality because the audio is 100% digital. The signal is ok even if you are some metres away from the transmitter.


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    • Product Details

      Don't be tied down to your computer or media player. With the Creative WP-300 wireless headphones, you can move comfortably around in the room, lounge in the patio or stroll outside, while still listening to your music.

      Featuring apt-X codec for an enhanced streaming audio experience over Bluetooth, the WP-300 lets you enjoy outstanding CD-quality stereo playback and effortless wireless connection with Bluetooth mobile devices. What's more, superior sonic performance is assured by premium neodymium drivers that are accurately tuned by acoustics professionals; which makes it ideal for movie and music enjoyment. Regardless where you are, at home or traveling, the WP-300 headphones' lightweight and foldable frame, convenient usage controls on the earcup and ultra-comfortable ear cushions make them a joy to have on your ears, every time. Indulge in the purest audio experience - without the hassle of cords.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Creative WP-300 - headphones
      Product Type: Headphones - wireless - Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
      Recommended Use: PC multimedia, portable audio system, mobile phone , notebook
      Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural
      Headphones Form Factor: Ear-cup
      Connectivity Technology: Wireless - Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
      Sound Output Mode: Stereo
      Response Bandwidth: 18 - 22000 Hz
      Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty