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Creative Zen Aurvana In-Ear Earphones

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    3 Reviews
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      09.08.2010 04:57


      • Reliability


      A great set of higher range earphones, great quality but at a price!

      When I was looking for some new headphones, thanks to the cat having a happy time chewing through the wires after I left them lying around the house, I turned to the Creative Zen Aurvana earphones. I have the Creative Zen Stone MP3 player, and find it to be great, so thought I'd stick to the same brand when buying replacement earphones.

      I purchased my new earphones for £22 from eBay as I didn't want to pay the £50+ prices I'd seen in shops on the highstreet for these devices. I don't think speakers are worth THAT much!

      The quality and sound that you get out of these earphones was brilliant. I was just expecting a standard, very good earphone sound but they sounded fantastic, the music was clear and came through at a nice loud volume without distorting or sounding buzzy in the slightest. I found that they blocked out the ambient outside noises of traffic, roadworks and other people's conversations very well. The volume level can be adjusted by a little black gadget attached to the wires, which mean you don't have to keep reaching to your MP3 player to change the volume level.

      As well as being stylish with their all black finish, the earphones are really comfortable. I have found in the past that in-ear earphones can become annoying if using for prolonged periods, for over a few hours, but I found these to be really nice to wear, and half the time, were it not for the music I would have forgotten they were in my ears! I had no problem with them falling out, as they were a snug fit.

      These are the best in-ear earphones I've ever had and when I'm not using them they are locked far away from the cat! I would not pay over £50 for them, which many places sell them for, but that's not because they're not worth it, it's just that I have to prioritise my money and speakers aren't at the top of my list! They are of a very high quality though, and the £22 I paid for them was well worth it. I've had them a few months now and have had no issues with them at all, the sound is as good as ever, as is their fit in my ear. If you have the money to spend and want really good sound quality in a set of earphones, I recommend these.


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      08.08.2010 16:29
      Very helpful



      Very good set of earphones for every day use

      I purchased a pair of earphones as the ones I had to listen to music with had lost the hearing in one of the plugs. I purchased my set from Dixon's a while back and I was happy with the price that I paid for them and was told they were of a very good quality.


      I purchased mine for around £25 after using some gift vouchers I had recieved. I don't think I would of purchased these however if I didn't use gift vouchers as I could of found better ways to spend £50. Never the less I was happy with the price that I paid for them at the time.


      When I first tried these out the sound on them was fantastic and you will find people say earphones are just earphones but I don't believe that is true for a second. With these earphones you can really hear the music you are listening to and very clear. Another thing I found that with my old ones which were just a cheap pair I had to switch it up higher on my Laptop to get a loud enough noise out of it which is the total opposite with this pair.


      When looking to purchase earphones I always want them to fit nicely into my ears without falling out all of the time. This pair does exactly that which is a definate bonus because I find myself getting really annoyed and frustrated if earphones constantly keep falling out of my ears.


      I would say overall these earphones are one of the better pairs I have seen on the market. For the price they are currently at I would say purchase them because I honestly haven't had a problem with them and they are just as good as they were when I first purchased them. If your looking to spend around £50 for earphones then I would say without a doubt take a look at these ones and you could be pleasantly suprised at the quality of them.


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      25.04.2010 16:14



      A good pair, but ideally either spend £20 more or £20 less for best results..


      They sound great. Nicely bass-y which earbuds tend not to do well and make a clear sound, music I listen to can come out as rather murky instrumental mess on some earbuds but on these came out as clearly defined drums, keyboard, guitar and so on.


      They fit very snugly edging veering onto the point of being a little over tight - this was tricky for me as the size below were a bit too small for my ears so I couldn't get the perfect fit without feeling a little bit like I was in a swimming pool.


      I won these in a competition several months ago so I can't really speak as to the value - I liked the headphones but If I'd been asked to pay £56 for them I would most likely have avoided and gone for a pair at £20-30. So it's really a question of taste... plus I think if you're going to spend £60 on earbuds rather than over-ear phones you might as well go the whole hog and spend £80 on a pair of Shure branded ones like professional musicians use.


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  • Product Details

    Hit the streets with high fidelity audio. The Creative ZEN AURVANA In-Ear Earphones are premium earphones that significantly reduce up to 90% of ambient noise. Ergonomically designed, the ZEN AURVANA In-Ear Earphones completely transforms your listening experience. Powered by efficient Balanced Armature drivers, the earphones are acoustically tuned for exceptional audio performance.

    Technical Data

    Product Description: Creative ZEN AURVANA In-Ear Earphones - headphones
    Product Type: Headphones - wired
    Recommended Use: Portable audio system
    Colour: Glossy black
    Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural
    Headphones Form Factor: Ear-bud
    Connectivity Technology: Wired
    Sound Output Mode: Stereo
    Audio Specifications: Frequency Response 20 - 20000 Hz - Sensitivity 115 dB
    Active Noise Canceling: Yes
    Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty